Father’s Day Gifts, 10 Ideas For HIM

Father’s Day Gifts, 10 Ideas For HIM

Father’s Day Gifts, 10 Ideas For HIM

Father’s Day Gifts? Finding father’s day gifts is not an easy task. If both he and you are tired of the classic colony, the unattractive socks or the spa voucher that you have been giving him for 3 years in an attack of originality, this time we want to give you 10 ideas to surprise you and spend the money on something practical at once for all.

When it comes to giving technology, it is probably the option that ensures success. In our selection of gifts for Father’s Day we are going to give you a lot of very cheap ideas, but if you miss some of your budget, you can always make money with your brothers.

10 Father’s Day Gifts

  1. Xiaomi Mi Band 1SXiaomi Mi Band 1S

Even parents less skilled with technology will appreciate this gift. It is extremely easy to use; the battery can stand without problems for at least a couple of weeks and it is very practical to measure your physical activity, the quality of your sleep and even your heart rate. Practically all the writing team of us, has it on and we have loved it.

If you still arrive in time to buy it in China, it will be much cheaper. But for the most clueless you always have the option to buy it directly in Spain with fast delivery.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

Cheap Father’s Day Gifts: Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

  1. Funny pendrives

The USB memories are a very practical and original gift at the same time. You can take advantage of Father’s Day to give him pendrives with funny shapes or with characters from his favorite movies. For example, is your father a Star Wars fan? We leave you a selection of USB flash drives from Star Wars that you will love.

Besides being a fun gift, it is also quite economical. These we show you are worth around € 5 for 16 GB and € 9 for 32 GB and you can choose between several characters in the movie.

Father’s day gifts

Father’s Day gifts set in Star Wars

  1. Smartwatch U8

The U8 smartwatch continues to sweep sales despite having already been on the market for quite some time. We already talk about it and it is not for less: it is a wearable that perfectly fulfills its function and costs around 10 dollars.

  1. iHealth blood pressure monitor connected to the smartphone

Does your father have a blood pressure monitor at home or is he thinking of buying one? We show you the one you like the most. This blood pressure monitor from the iHealth brand connects to the smartphone to keep track of its constants, send information directly to the doctor or control your medical history. If you want to make a pack that you will love, the same manufacturer also has a glucometer.

Do not worry about the delivery times, since you will find it for sale in Spain, but keep an eye on the stock as it can become a gadget quite in demand as a Father’s Day gift.

  1. GM60 projectorGM60 projector

The projectors are sweeping this year and it is probably one of the gifts that your father will like the most. You can watch your soccer games on a huge screen or, so that your mother does not throw furniture at your head, teach her also to play movies as if she were at the cinema.

One of the best known projectors this year is the GM60 , with an enviable quality price ratio. If you go well of time, ask directly in China to save you some eurillos . But if you prefer not to play with delivery times, you can also buy it on Amazon with shipping in 1 day .

  1. Powerbank or external battery

Among the most practical father’s day gifts, this year the powerbanks or external batteries will win the battle. We recommend the Lumsing Grand A1 Mini of 6,700 mAh, we have tested it personally and the truth is that it goes quite well.

You have it available on Amazon with ultra-fast shipping and at a very affordable price.

  1. Xiaomi GamePad

Your father has not banished his past gamer yet? The gamepad of Xiaomi is one of the best of the moment, another gift that will surely take a lot of advantage if he likes to throw his little games.

  1. Xiaomi Yi Action CameraXiaomi Yi Action Camera

If you like photography, sports or bicycle trips, your father will take advantage of a sports or action camera. Although there are many models on the market, one of the most complete and best value for money is the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Compact and lightweight, this is the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

  1. Tablet Cube T8

If your father has spent time putting eyes on a tablet, take a look at the Cube T8. A perfect content size whether you want to take it out of the house or only use it within it, some interesting qualities and a contained price are its main weapons.

The cheapest price we have found on creativeellements.com, very cheap but with somewhat slow shipping, so we advise you to place your order as soon as possible.

  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Although we have tried to make a selection of cheap father’s day gifts (from 4 euros), we left for the end the jewel in the crown, an idea that multiplies the price but that is probably the best option of the moment if you are generous and your pocket It allows.

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