Promotion Of Physical Activity : Educating With Sports

Promotion Of Physical Activity

Physical Activity ? Sport undoubtedly brings enormous benefits for children and adolescents. On the one hand, as a habit of healthy living, the performance of physical activities accompanied by a balanced diet is a clear element to keep your fitness in shape and ensure your health.

In addition, most educators recognize other virtues in sports, such as their ability to transmit values ​​such as friendship, companionship, respect, solidarity or tolerance, among others, thus contributing to the development as people of the youngest.

Promotion Of Physical Activity  Educating With SportsIn this sense, numerous investigations highlight the benefits of sport entering the school environment acquiring an educational nuance. The so-called school sport, which encompasses numerous physical activities and is managed by schools, is a good initiation for its pedagogical approach and should enhance the stimulation of the child, providing a basis that allows you to be in optimal conditions for any further learning and inculcating those ethical values.

Promotion Of Physical Activity : Educating With SportsGiven the enormous consensus on this type of activities from an early age, the Higher Sports Council has drawn up the Comprehensive Plan for Physical Activity and Sport in School Age (which you can consult here). The document defines the objectives, strategic axes and action programs needed up to the year 2020 with the objective of establish a clear criterion about the needs and benefits that occupy strictly school sport.

Promotion Of Physical Activity : Educating With SportsIn this line, the Planet Group, together with the Valentín Fuster Foundation, is carrying out educational awareness actions in schools through healthy habits workshops that take into account physical activity as an element to be enhanced. Also, the complicity of the Sesame Street characters in the publication of the work Supers an Monsters by the same publisher is a great initiative by which the friendly characters of this series change their eating habits and exercise to set an example to children. According to the Association of Friends of Sports, the leading institution in this field in our country, there is still a lot of work to be done in this area, especially from the social point of view. The acceptance of sport as a healthy and non-competitive activity in itself is still a pending issue for much of the Spanish imagination. Therefore, we offer you a series of tips on how to focus your children’s school sports practice. This is a good type of physical activity.

Promotion Of Physical Activity : Educating With SportsThinking the possibility of pointing your children to some school sports activity even if you are not or have not been an athlete in your youth.  Try different sports to find the one that can contribute the most to your children. The adaptation experience obtained as a result of having tried different extracurricular activities is always positive.  It promotes respect for sports rules and the values ​​of fair play, solidarity and teamwork at all times.  Teach your children the value of training and sports preparation as a form of physical and mental self-improvement.  Think on the court as another stage of the educational process of your children. There, in addition to staying fit, they will also learn very useful attitudes and values ​​for their full development.

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