Audi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp | Most Beautiful Car

Audi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp | Most Beautiful Car

Audi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp | Most Beautiful Car

Audi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp ? Like Mercedes-Benz with the CLA, a version that presents certain aspects in common with the compact Class A, the German brand of the four rings showed us a few months ago the variant three volumes or sedan of its well-known hatchback, the Audi A3.

Audi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 HpAudi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp

Today we welcome in the testing section to Audi A3 Sedan, a model that recently landed in a premium market that remained somewhat desert, we refer to the compact saloons.

Discussing and in my humble opinion, getting the first place in the so-called premium compact saloons, the Audi A3 Sedan comes to the market with an attractive design, generous standard equipment and exemplary behavior. This is the things Audi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp.

Exterior designAudi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp

With the Audi A3 Sedan, the brand of the four hoops seeks to give the final bell with a polyvalent, attractive, sporty and technological model that reflects in a compact size all the character of the German brand.

Although it may seem strange, between the Audi A3 Sedan and the models of the same family A3 [ See test Audi A3 ] and A3 Sportback [ See test Audi A3 Sportback ], there is not a single piece of sheet in common . The brand boasts that even the hood is newly designed and has pronounced contours that adopt the layout of the new lines of the headlights. These are the finest things of Audi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp.

Daytime running light led Audi A3 sedan

On the front we find the already known Singleframe grill that the brand mounts in each and every one of the models of its catalog (with more or less variation). Being the test of a unit equipped with the outer package S line, the grill has a chrome frame and a glossy black interior structure that welcomes, in a privileged position, the four rings of the brand. At the upper ends of the front of our impressive test unit we come across a technological solution “Made in Audi” , we mean the optional FULL LED headlights.

Highlights of the Full LED: With a color temperature of approximately 5,500 Kelvin, its light resembles daylight, and allows the view does not get tired so fast. The diodes are practically guaranteed to offer illumination during the useful life of the vehicle and are extraordinarily efficient. As a curiosity we can tell you that the low beam only requires 40 watts per unit. The LED headlights also incorporate special functions for city, crossroads, roads, motorway, left-hand traffic or bad weather. I forgot to mention that the headlights incorporate daytime light of arrow-shaped light diodes.

Thanks to the design of the diruna light, the model has an unmistakable signature light during the day and night.

The Audi A3 Sedan has the following dimensions: 4,456 mm in length, 2,637 mm in battle, 1,796 mm in width and 1,416 mm in height.

The lower part of the grill houses the adaptive cruise control radar that equipped our unit. At the lower ends, our unit mounted false air intakes with a blind honeycomb grille.

The concentrated front design is transferred to the rest of the vehicle through the lines of the retouched bonnet. This all are the finest things of Audi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp.

Audi A3 rear sedan

Seen in profile, the Audi A3 Sedan has a strong design in three volumes. Its sports court is highlighted by a bulging and bulging wheel arches that in our unit housed some impressive alloy wheels in 5-arm design and bi-tone finish that mounted Continental ContiSportContact tires in dimensions 235/35 R19 91Y.

The exterior mirrors, equipped with LED indicators integrated in the housings, are mounted on the doors. As it is a unit equipped with the optional S Line package, the widened heel pockets stand out.

In the back we find that the short bonnet of the trunk ends in a marked arch that acts as an aerodynamic edge.

The large and flat rear wedge-shaped optical groups, in combination with the xenon plus headlights or the Full LED headlights, with partial LED technology . A series of optical drivers draw the position light and adaptive brake as standard, which flashes rapidly when braking hard.

The lower part of the bumper of our unit mounted an embellisher for the diffuser that in turn served to house the double tubes of the exhaust system of our engine. In the lower corners, just below the line of parking sensors, the model assembles the retro-reflectors. These all are the finest

Interior designAudi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp

The interior design reminds us of the Audi A1 , yes, to scale and much more refined. [ See Audi A1 test ]

The instrument panel has been drawn following the profile of a wing. Its shape is thin and flat, and seems to float on the center console, which leans gently towards the driver. The keys in its center are reminiscent of traditional switches. This design has been possible thanks to the transfer of the central unit for infotainment systems to the glove box.

The console of the central tunnel is also more open, which on both sides incorporates knee pads in the purest style of the Audi TT sports car.

Thanks to the new electromechanical parking brake it has been possible to dispense with the handbrake lever, thus obtaining space for the terminal of the control unit of the optional MMI. The armrest can be adjusted in length and height.

In our unit, we had a sporty three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with cams and flattening at the bottom . The large instruments with their black scales and their red indicators can be easily read at a glance.

The newly developed front seats and generous cut provide excellent grip and grip that is partly provided by the mixed upholstery .

Access to the rear seats is comfortable thanks to the generous opening angle of the rear doors. The rear seats homologate space for 3 people, however, only two occupants will travel comfortably.

The space at the height of the head has grown significantly in the A3 sedan compared to the model 3 doors, and in the rear seats is more than enough space for two adults at the height of the head, elbows, knees and feet . The L shape of the head restraints prevents visibility when being lowered.

The comfort automatic climate control regulates the temperature of the passenger compartment in two zones and can work in two different climatic modes, called eco and normal . In eco mode , the automatic climate control system is based on an optimized consumption characteristic line to set the selected interior temperature, thus increasing efficiency even more.

At the request of the customer many control elements can be made in aluminum. The optional interior lighting package that mounted our unit gives the cabin small luminous touches . Integra small LED lights. It should be noted that if the light is being used by passengers in the rear seats, this light does not bother the driver because it is very focused and its temperature is not uncomfortable. These all are the finest things of Audi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp.

The two large round instruments behind the multifunction leather steering wheel can be read quickly and reliably, and among them is the 3.5-inch display of the driver information system (FIS). This system presents important indications and, with its efficiency program, offers advice for a more economical driving; In addition, it incorporates the rest recommendation function. These all are the finest things of Audi A3 Sedan Ambition 1.8 TFSI 180 Hp.

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