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International Youth Day International Youth Day? There are more than a billion young people in the world. Many lack basic rights such as freedom or equal opportunities, and often face problems such as poverty, war or the inability to access education. However, they are the most capable to undertake a flight forward and fight for
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BMW X6M  BMW X6M ? It was the year 2009 when BMW presented us for the first time the high-performance SUV concept on the basis of the BMW X6. For that then it was a beast without equal that the certain thing is that it did not finish finding its hollow in the market, but
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Bridal Hairstyle Bridal Hairstyle? Yes, today I bring you doubts about my bridal hairstyle, maybe I would have to open a section on the blog that was ‘ Dilemmas at my wedding ‘ because even though I have dedicated myself to it for 3 long years, when one touches it It is not as easy
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Arabs And Their Footprint In Spain Arabs And Their Footprint In Spain ? The cultural heritage product of the domain of the Arabs that exists in Spain is impressive. They left as legacy monuments with an architecture rich in artistic refinement that represents all the splendor of a civilization.

Wave V820w Wave V820w ? I think many of us will agree that a tablet should be halfway between a laptop and a smartphone. The possibilities and comfort of a large screen without losing the mobility of a mobile phone, Apple’s iPad achieves this purpose quite well. However both iOS and Android have always lacked
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Villarreal Returns To Europe Three Years Later Villarreal returns to Europe, after two years of absence in the continental tournaments, with the intention of taking the first step towards the classification in their group of the Europa League for what they will look for a favorable score in their visit to Borussia Möenchengladbach.

Mango Mango? If we recently announced the presentation of Mango Kids, the collection that the brand has made for the youngest of the house, today it is the turn of Mango Sports & Intimates with which the Catalan firm starts in the world of sports with a line of clothes for fitness, running and yoga,
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Hired By A Dream Company Hired By A Dream Company ? If a professional seeks to be hired by a dream company must be aware of all the movements that is made. Social networks are a good way to be aware of the activities they develop. It is necessary for the candidate to periodically review
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The Apartment Of Hydraulic Tiles Hydraulic Tiles ? We are going to welcome summer with this apartment full of color thanks to the hydraulic tiles that flood its walls. This house located in Vietnam was renovated by the architectural firm Landmark. Which had to adapt the space for a family of seven people.

Sports Hydration Sports Hydration ? In this post we give you tips on sports hydration. For any athlete it is very important to establish some hydration guidelines because in the course of physical activity you can lose 1.5 to 3.5 liters of fluid per hour through sweating.

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