How To Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs | Good Career

How To Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs | Good Career

How To Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs | Good Career

 Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs? I will show you how to avoid being automatically discarded in Infojobs,  avoiding the most frequent errors. Not in all cases we can avoid being discarded because there are variables that do not depend on us, but a large part of them do.

Avoid Being Discarded In InfojobsAvoid Being Discarded In Infojobs

For this I want to show you how is the control panel of “company” in Infojobs, specifically I am going to focus on the part of Candidates Enrolled to a job offer.

In this first screen I am simply interested in having a general look. We are in the tab “Your offers and candidates” and within this section in the sub-section Manage Offers and registered CVs . The position he was managing was Customer Service (Dutch-French). In the offer I have 59 registered candidates.

This is how the company sees the candidates registered in their offers (for reasons of confidentiality I have shaded the names of the candidates), then the coach can enter each of the candidates that interests him and see his CV in detail, but you have to avoid certain errors if you want the company to see your profile and avoid being automatically discarded in Infojobs. This is one of the system to Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs.

Let’s go to the points that will interest you the most: In the left margin you will see a series of filters , as you can imagine they serve to facilitate the job selection and quickly filter  candidates for different concepts (Country, Province, Age, Professional category, Degree, Years of experience and Gross salary / year).

The coach can discard candidate s simply by applying any of these filters without having to see his CV, for example: imagine that he only searches for candidates with a specific age range or candidates with a certain training level, he would simply apply the filter and eliminate those that do not they meet the criteria.

You may have noticed that there is no gender / gender filter, as it is illegal. But this does not mean that the selectors do not take it into account, if for a position they look for a person of a certain gender they will simply have to look at the name to sift through.

In the description of the offer gender-sex cannot appear as a requirement, it would be discriminatory, but for practical purposes if it is used as a filter. Similar to age, it is not usually included as a requirement in the offers, but this does not mean that it is not taken into account as a filter criterion; these two variables explain why it is discarded in Infojobs in many cases.

Before going on to examine the “company” control panel in Infojobs, just tell you that another case where you can be discarded without the company reading your CV is because a valid candidate was found   and paralyzed the selection process without have been able to evaluate all the candidates (in offers of more than 500 people it is very difficult to evaluate them all). This is one of the system to Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs.

If you look at the widest part of the Infojobs control panel, you can also see all the candidates registered to the offer in reverse order of registration, that is to say, the candidate will appear first the candidates who have registered last. .

On this screen the coach can see at a glance a summary of each candidate without entering his profile:

With the following screenshot I will explain each of the different information that the coach will see in this first candidate summary , how important they are and what are the most common   errors (real errors):

AdequacyHow To Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs

As you can see this functionality is in BETA phase, it means that it is a functionality that is still being tested in Infojobs. The aim is to evaluate the suitability of the candidate for the offer, considering variables such as location, knowledge, experience, working conditions and key words of the offer. To this functionality the selectors do not usually make many cases because they do not trust the criteria that follow Infojobs to evaluate the candidates and prefer to do it themselves.

Signed up

Date of registration. As I said before, the candidates are displayed in reverse order of registration, seeing first the last inscribed. This makes sense for the selector since it allows you to see the most recent profiles without having to change pages.



Only the last highest-level training that you have incorporated in the section “Regulated Studies ” will be displayed. There are these categories: Higher Engineering, Technical Engineering, Diploma, FP, Master, Baccalaureate, other courses or without regulated training.

This screen does not show what type of degree or engineering you have done. That is to say, if you are a Bachelor of Economics, only Licensed will appear. When the selector enters your profile you will see the information of your complete training. This is one of the system to Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs.


In offers with many candidates registered, candidates who do not belong to the province of the vacancy have many possibilities of being discarded automatically. The reason is that it is usually more complicated to arrange an interview with someone from another province (availability and transport) and the hiring-incorporation process is extended (search for accommodation and other logistical issues), and having many candidates easily accessible The simplest and most comfortable process will always be sought.

If you belong to a province in which there is not much job offer and your goal is to move to a big city like Madrid or Barcelona to look for more opportunities I recommend you to modify the address in your Infojobs data if you want to have more options to be contacted.

Exp. (Experience)

This section shows the years of experience of your entire career (not only in the position offered). It is important that you have completed this section correctly, there are candidates who do not fill out the professional experience sections, they just copy their CV in the plain text section, this is another error that you should avoid because in this screen “summary “It will look like you have no experience.

Gross / year

Wow, we have reached one of the hottest spots. In this section you will see the data that you have entered as ” minimum acceptable salary “.

Aspects to consider:

When entering the data, the portal allows you to do it in gross / month and gross / year. Insert it always in rough / year. A frequent error (in the screenshot you can see an example) is to get confused and think the gross amount / year but mark the raw option / month. I explain with an example that you can see in the screenshot, the second candidate has marked a gross amount of $ 324,000 a year, clearly is an error, what the candidate wanted to indicate was $ 27,000 gross / year, and marked this amount but indicating gross / month with which the Infojobs system recalculates this amount for 12 months to pass it to gross / year and display it on the screen.

If you fall far below you run two risks: that the coach believes that you do not meet the required experience because you do not value yourself depending on it. Or that they summon you for an interview with the disadvantage of having marked a salary that will limit your possibilities of salary negotiation before an offer of incorporation.

If your expectations are very high you run the risk that the coach does not even go to see your CV or if he does decide not to call you. This is one of the system to Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs.

Last place

This fact is very important. The coach will pay attention to the affinity between your last position and the position offered . You must be very careful when defining the title of your last position and as far as possible should be assimilated to the maximum position offered.

An error and reason for immediate dismissal is that your last position differs greatly from the position offered, because on many occasions (especially with a high volume of candidates) the coach will not enter to see your CV. In the screenshot you can see a candidate who has marked as last position “Photographer” with what has little chance of being contacted for the position of Customer Service. Another mistake is confusing position with sector, as the candidate who has defined his last position as “IT”. These all are the system to Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs.


This section appears in the control panel of the selector only when this activates the option ” Killer Questions ” (filtering questions). In this offer I needed professionals with a high level of 3 languages ​​(Dutch, French and Spanish) so I inserted a question for each of the languages: What is your level of Dutch? And I defined 4 response levels: native-bilingual level (10 points), high level (9 points), medium (excluded), low (excluded). With which I can see at a glance and directly if the candidate meets the minimum requirements or not.

I recommend that you carefully complete your profile, incorporating the information in a precise way in the corresponding section. Use the functionality of creating different resumes in your same infojobs account , it will be very useful to improve the results. Follow the advice and information of this post and keep an eye on the small details to avoid your candidacy being discarded directly, such as: province, experience, degree and salary. These all are the system to Avoid Being Discarded In Infojobs.

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