Best Alarms Without Fees To Start 2018 | Best Home Security

Best Alarms Without Fees To Start 2018 | Best Home Security

Best Alarms Without Fees To Start 2018 | Best Home Security

Best Alarms? Security is becoming more and more important every day. Only in the first quarter of 2017, crime increased by 7,448 crimes, compared to 2016, of which 70% are thefts and 15% forced access to housing. But not all of us can afford to pay a monthly fee for having an alarm connected to a central monitoring station. Or, maybe, we just do not want to pay the said fee. That’s where the alarms without quotas come into play.

Best Alarms Without Fees

We are in 2018, and the reality is that the number of people who follow the “do it yourself” procedure is increasing at an unstoppable speed. If you can install a security equipment that you have purchased online and that will give you the functions you need, why not buy and install it?

Next I am going to show you 6 models of alarms without quotas, with different characteristics, qualities and prices. And I’m also going to add a “bonus track” for cheap alarm for the home. We can all find them in Amazon, a web that I totally recommend to make purchases online. It offers unrivaled guarantees and quality of service. And without moving from home you can have everything in less than two days; a single day with amazon prime, which you can try without compromise and without cost through this link. Great, right?

I have not included the alarm without MyFox quotas , whose analysis you can read in this post. .

I have only included alarm models that work, and I tell you my opinion about the good and the bad. I have put them exclusively of amazon for a very specific reason: if you do not like it, you return it and everything is fixed. They do not ask you, nor do they charge you postage for return.

Best Alarms

# 5 Eray M2G, M2BX and GT1, GSM and SMS alarms Eray M2G, M2BX and GT1, GSM and SMS alarms

They are practically the same in their operation; The only thing that changes is the design of the keyboard. The kit has Central Alarm, Siren inside, magnetic contacts, volumetric presence, and external siren in the extra model. The number of magnetic and voumetric sensors varies according to the kit we choose. The price goes from 99 euros for the basic kit, and for about 259 we can have the model with exterior siren with solar panel. This is one of the best alarms.


Warn of alarm jump when there is an intrusion through call and SMS to the 5 telephone numbers that you have previously programmed.

It allows to have installed up to 99 zones, number to which surely you will never arrive. And we can also install 2 additional wired zones, 10 remote controls and 99 RFID cards.

5 Ways to control the alarm: RFID card, SMS, telephone call, remote control (command) and smartphone App.

You have to install a SIM card, which is not included. Make sure you always have balance. However, I recommend putting a contract, the cheapest that exists, to have it controlled at all times.

You have to take into account certain conditions before purchasing the product apart from what has already been said. The distance between the panels is maximum 80 meters without obstacles, which means 20 meters at most in normal situations. If it is a stone house, or with a lot of concrete in between, try not to have the sensors very far from the central one. In addition the batteries of the sensors come to last 6 months. They carry AAA batteries, so maintenance is not going to be very expensive.

ERAY M2G Wireless GSM Alarm System, 2 RFID Cards, Anti-tampering, Service + Warranty, Voice and Manual in Spanish, 99 Zones, Multi-Accessories and Batteries Included, Powerful App, 433MHz, Black -26%

ERAY M2G Wireless GSM Alarm System, 2 RFID Cards, Anti-tampering, Service + Warranty, Voice and Manual in Spanish, 99 Zones, Multi-Accessories and Batteries Included, Powerful App, 433MHz, Black

The control panel is incorporated in the keyboard.

The siren must be wired to the keyboard . The solution to this is to install the keypad / switchboard next to an input light switch, and pass the cable through the tube to the nearest register box, usually above the switch, and install the siren there.

In general I think that this alarm equipment covers basic needs and is a good choice . It is not the best in security systems, but surely they can give you some peace of mind against possible thefts in your house, flat or storage room. Although it is not the most beautiful in the world, the keyboard tries to maintain a minimalist and modern design.

To make matters worse, the after-sales service of the manufacturer is very good, which is appreciated. Thanks to this we will not be left at any time. This is one of the best alarms.

# 4 Ezviz Alarm

I have used something from Ezviz before, and the truth is that it is not bad at all. It is a well-known brand in security cameras, and now also has an Alarm Kit. The most basic kit consists of a control unit A1, a remote control, a magnetic contact T6 and a PIR anti-bullet sensor T1C.

Control through the ezviz app

The EzVIZ brand gives me confidence, above all because I’ve known it before. Quality of good material, with elegant design and very careful. In spite of everything it is not my first choice, and I prefer one of the following ones.

We can also perform partial, total, and have pets at home without the alarm (eye with cats). And the truth is that the connection via WiFi is a point in favor.

Summarizing and without giving more returns: it is good, relation quality price quite good, but the truth is that I expected something more from Ezviz. I think it has to improve.

# 3 Blaupunkt SA 2650, 2700 and 2900R

Blaupunkt SA2700

The alarms for the home of Blaupunkt is something that could not be missing. If you did not know, Blaunpunkt is a well-known German electronic equipment company. An important brand with quality products. And the alarm for Blaupunkt’s house was not going to be less. The level of satisfaction in amazon of the SA series of Blaupunkt is very good (a score of 4.4 stars).

  • I include 3 different versions. All belong to the SA series and are quite similar but with nuances.
  • Control through the Connect2Home app.
  • They are already programmed from the factory in the basic kit.

And I’ll list the main differences between the 3 models:

Blaupunkt SA2650 : Central without keyboard or display. It requires the use of an app to set the alarm, which for some users is somewhat tedious. The keyboard goes in separate device.

Blaupunkt SA2700 : Central with keyboard and display. You can make almost all the programming from the central. In the kit, however, it includes a remote control and not an additional keyboard to place at the entrance of the house, which is a point against. The additional keyboard KPT-S1 costs more than 100 euros, which I think is a bit excessive.

Blaupunkt SA2900R: Central with keyboard and display. Transmission by GSM and GPRS and possibility of connecting to the central station (transmission by ContactID). You can also add fire, smoke and flood sensors, as well as home automation modules and turn your home into a smart home.

If I have to choose I stay with the SA2650 for having the keyboard separated from the control panel in the initial kit. But if you consider having a somewhat more serious alarm equipment, I would choose SA2900R. And if you ever want to connect it to a central alarm station, do not forget you can do it! This is one of the best alarms.

# 2 Panasonic Smart HomeBest Alarms

Smart Home Panasonic

The alarm system for home without monthly fees from Panasonic. Specifically, it is the KX-HN6011SPW kit . Robust, with quality materials, and with a brand that supports it. Customer service quite good, and we have a variety of elements to connect to the alarm.Characteristics:

Panasonic’s own very powerful app

I have not had the pleasure of trying it personally, but it looks incredible. It is not just an alarm system; it is an access control, it is a domotic central, a video surveillance system … in my opinion tranquility.

The app is incredible. It is very well made and thought. It shows that they have dedicated time and money. We could not expect less from another electronics tycoon. It allows to control absolutely everything from a single app, without messes or coplications.

What I like about this team is the variety of uses that can be given to the team. Not just an alarm for a home that rings, it calls you and that’s it. You can exploit it far beyond what you expected.

Converting your home into smart home or ” Smart Home ” is the trend for from now on.

The truth is that I have nothing to say against. It has everything: brand, quality and price, which is not expensive for what it offers . It also has a lot of elements that we can expand little by little. This is one of the best alarms.

# 1 Blaupunkt Smart Home Q3200Best Alarms

Blaupunkt Q3200

The truth is that this model, the Q3200, is much more professional than the previous ones. In this case, we can say that it is one of the best alarms without quotas in the market. Personally, I fell in love and it must be your choice if you want to have something serious, robust and powerful.

IP cameras

Blaupunkt Q3200 – Intelligent IP Alarm Kit.  Includes Camera of verification, sensor of movement, among others.  NO MONTHLY FEES, free APP, 100% wireless, easy to install

Blaupunkt Q3200 – Intelligent IP Alarm Kit. Includes Camera of verification, sensor of movement, among others. NO MONTHLY FEES, free APP, 100% wireless, easy to install

I love. The quality of the elements is incredible. The material is plastic, but it shows that it is not made in any way. They have taken care of every last detail, it is beautiful and works a hundred wonders.

On the one hand Blaupunkt gives a very good after-sales service, you have a very detailed manual in Spanish, and the app works very well.

But to put a point against, is the price . It is something higher than what you can find in the competition. But the quality has to be paid. I really like a comment from a customer reviewing this product in Amazon.

Some very clear instructions come along with a video that I found on YouTube sucked (without calling the technical service or anything). It is a pass like on the web page you can configure all the functions. The application of the mobile is milk,. […] A part when the motion sensor is activated by intrusion makes three pictures and sends them to the application and by email. With the app you can also activate and deactivate the alarm in 3 seconds; Come on. It is worth what it costs. Security direct there you stay!!! This is the best things of Best Alarms.

The price-quality ratio is unbeatable and after-sales customer service is the best : they take it seriously.

They have provided me with a discount code to be able to use it on their website so that you can benefit from a better price.Discount coupon!

And after copying the code, apply it to the purchase you make on your website. You can use it as many times as you want. This is one of the best alarms.


First of all, Marlboze is the best in security. It is a decent alarm at a very economical price. They are much cheaper, but they look horrible and of terrible quality.

This alarm system is quite basic, but it does its function correctly. It sends you an SMS and telephone call to numbers that you can configure through the app you have.

The basic kit includes a central, 1 volumetric, 2 magnetic and 2 remote controls, although you can have 1 volumetric pir and 3 more magnetic for 15 euros extra. Product – Marlboze Wireless Home Security GSM WIFI GPRS Alarm System IOS Android APP Remote Control RFID Card PIR Sensor Door Sensor kit

If you are determined to save some money and buy the alarm by AliExpress, I recommend this and not another. I’m sorry to say it but the others we can find are pretty bad and sloppy. this the best things of Best Alarms.

Privacy, the best alarm without fees is …

… the truth is that nothing is white or black. Everything has its good side and its bad side. Its pros and cons. At the time of choosing, we take into account the needs and the money that we want to spend.

My personal opinion: I prefer to buy through Amazon for the advantages already mentioned at the beginning. Now, if it were for a storage room I would settle for any of the cheapest, for example the Kit GT1 of Eray. But for my home I would want the best for my family. I prefer to spend money on something that is going to work for many years. Panasonic would be my personal choice (smart plugs and the app I love), even though the panel has no integrated battery.

And if you buy an alarm and you want to complement it with video surveillance, I recommend reading this post about IP cameras for 2018 . An analysis of the best options in the world of video surveillance at a personal and non-professional level.

The alarms without quotas are the trend, it is not necessary to be tied to companies like Securitas Direct . The fact of being connected to a CRA has obvious advantages, and you do not have to pay too much. If you are considering an alarm with connection to CRA I recommend Tyco: very good value for money. This is one of the best alarms.

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