Best Leather Bags For Everyone For The Whole Year

One of you wrote us an email asking us for suggestions on leather bags and we thought about sharing it with everyone.

The truth is that it is a good time to give you a whim or to decide to invest in a good leather bag.

Best Leather Bags

This is what she told us: “I am writing to ask you for help. I want to buy a bag, but a real one. I’m sick of the plasticuero because they last me very little (normal, you cannot ask for pears to elm). I want to take advantage of the sales and buy a leather one that lasts for several seasons, that I can use in winter and summer and that it has capacity for day-to-day things. He had thought of black, gray or leather, simple not to bore him fast. I think I feel grayer, and it is also more suitable for winter and summer, right? And of price? Well, I do not know, I do not mind paying a little more provided they last me. I had thought about keeping an eye on Maje, Comptoir des cotonniers … but surely you know more brands. I need ideas I do not live in Amarica, if they can be international brands, then better “.Leather Bags

I’m in the same. I have not wanted plastic bags for a long time. And I’ve spent a lot of time wanting to buy a bag of garnet leather (which I have not found yet). I have taken a look at brands like Michael Kors, who lately is super fashion. Coach, who has crossed the pond to conquer Europe; Bimba & Lola, Comptoir des Cotoniers,¬† Everything depends on what we want to spend and on what we appreciate quality and design.

Best Leather BagsIn addition, I would look at brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, which quality price are super good, Su-shi have vintage style designs between 150 and 200 euros … And I hope the rest can also help you !!!

Best Leather Bags For Everyone

Best Leather Bags For EveryoneBy the way, bet on leather! The black in summer almost will not use it and the gray I do not think it looks much this season because I have not found almost anything! The leather never fails, nor the nude!

And my favorite big tip is: A Louis Vuitton, the speedy! Wonderful! Perfect for the whole year and all life! It’s not leather but I have it for 3 or 4 years and it’s still new and look like I’ve given it a trot. Its 500 dollars or something like that but it’s something your daughters can inherit! And after this, here goes our selection of leather bags!



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