BMW 530i Steptronic Sport Line | Spacious, Powerful And Touching

BMW 530i Steptronic Sport Line

BMW 530i Steptronic Sport Line? There is no doubt that the new BMW 5 Series was one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Among other things, It comes to the replacement of one of the most important business saloons in the history of the brand  and the segment. Keep in mind that in the first six generations of the model more than 7.6 million vehicles of the BMW 5 Series were sold. But it was time to renew and technological leadership, a highly emotional product and abundant digitization were determining factors to maintain its success.

Thus, the renewed saloon attacks again with a surprisingly increased driving dynamism.  A high level of assistance systems.  A high degree of network integration without comparison.  An innovative control system. Along with them, there is also a more aggressive exterior design with different finishes and an interior design. Although it does not risk too much compared to what we already know, is much more modern thanks to the replacement of the buttons with various tactile elements. So think about BMW  530i.

BMW 530i Sport Line

Let’s think that after all the competition is strong and the new Mercedes-Benz E Class came stomping.  Its   design is nice and a technological cast of driving assistants that surpass the S-Class itself. Next Audi A6. Therefore, for the development of the new Series 5 and its Touring variant had to create a saloon superior to the 7 Series.  I’m not deceiving you if I tell you that they really have succeeded. Because this new  BMW which is better equipped than any other member of the range to continue the unsurpassed success of its predecessors.

To put it to test we went up to the variant of access of the range of gasoline. The version 530i with 252 horses linked to the eight-speed automatic transmission. Rear propulsion (optionally you can also choose the all-wheel drive xDrive) and Sport Line finish. In principle it might not seem too much power for a car with its dimensions, but the truth is that this sedan is a box of pleasant surprises.

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Let’s meet him!

There is no doubt that any generational change brings important changes in terms of safety, equipment, technology and dynamics. But if we stick to what has been the design we realize that there are brands that evolve their lines very little with a view to not  ” scare “customers, not destroy the residual value of previous generations and do not alter much what works.

On the front, with clear reminiscences to the elegance of the 7 Series. The characteristic grille that is now active and opens depending on the engine cooling needs, gains in width and is attached to the LED adaptive headlamps that, optionally. They can also count on laser technology and a range of 600 meters. This active control of the grid opens the inner parts of the kidneys and the lower air intakes when more cooling is needed. Otherwise, it keeps them closed to optimize aerodynamics.  Along with the ‘ Air Curtain ‘ and the front wing, the ‘ Air Breather’ produces a significant reduction of air turbulence in the wheels, as well as a directed channeling of the wind flow.

BMW 530i Steptronic Sport LineBMW 530i Sport Line

In the side view, the protagonists are a side air intake in the wheel arch, a 19-inch multiradio wheels and a pronounced nerve under the windows that integrates the door handles to give. That dynamic touch is so personal of the brand. In fact, from BMW they call it ‘ Business Athlete ‘, and if we combine their powerful presence with their behavior, they are not at all misguided.

The new 5 Series is developed on the CLAR platform (CLuster ARchitecture) that was already used by the BMW 7 Series. BMW 7 series manages to reduce its total weight by 100 kilograms thanks to the consistent use of the BMW. Efficient Lightweight light weight design concept. It integrates carbon fiber and aluminum in various parts of the vehicle such as the hood.

It is probably when you see it in profile when you perceive that the model grows slightly in its dimensions.  For offering more space both in the passenger compartment and in the cargo space. It is 36 millimeters longer, six millimeters wider and two millimeters higher. In total we speak of 4,936 mm long, 1,868 mm wide and 1,479 mm high. Its wheelbase has also grown 7 mm to 2,975 mm and its tracks are 1,605 mm on the front axle and 1,630 mm on the rear, with a turning radius of 12.05 meters. The aerodynamic coefficient is only 0.24.

The rear, meanwhile, inevitably reminds us of the Series 4 by the shape of the headlights with LED technology. Sporting counter point of the elegance of front that likes by the customers of the German firm. In the lower third we find a contrast trim and two exhaust outlets that seem somewhat inconspicuous given that we speak of a sporty finish. Although depending on the version they vary in size and shape. Finally, on the roof, there is no lack of a shark fin antenna and a sunroof practicable. So Think about BMW 530i.

A technological showcase

If we go to the interior, this time there are great news, with a new design steering wheel and multiple buttons. For controlling all the functions of the vehicle. The roof is not totally panoramic. It only occupies the two front seats and the dashboard. On the other hand, remains in line with BMW, with a large 10.25-inch central screen that now incorporates a new touch interface that shows the driver’s preferences. In addition to the well-known gesture control and all the new connectivity features of the BMW 7 Series.

It is also a novelty control of the dual-touch conditioner totally tactile and the joystick of the automatic change. That takes a new form somewhat bigger. It also includes a new driving mode called ‘Adaptive’ in the selector and an active steering.   Four-wheel steering system, counting the most powerful versions with a directional rear axle that improves its maneuverability.

Everything is within the reach of the driver and the perceived quality is superior. Your design may like you to a greater or lesser extent, but personally the feel of the materials seems superior to that of, for example, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Among the driving assistants, apart from those already known as the  Head-Up display, full color third generation that increases its size by 70%, or  remote parking in 3D, The key of the car is like that of the 7 Series  highlights the  adaptive cruise control  with “stop-and-go” function. Assisted braking and the possibility of semi-autonomous driving for 25 seconds up to 130 km / h , of which I have to say that it did not finish convincing me. The lane assistant acts with excessive delay and abruptness even when the lines of the road could be read perfectly. After that time we will miss a warning so we can take the reins of the saloon again.

BMW 530i Steptronic Sport LineBMW 530i Sport Line

In terms of habitability, the new 5 Series offers extremely comfortable cushioned seats that also grip in a remarkable way on both the bench and the backrest. The growth in the outer dimensions translates directly into a greater interior space. Especially noticeable in the rear seats, where three adults can travel moderately comfortable in short and medium distances. But back to the old problem, the invasive transmission tunnel and the rear vents are too prominent for a long trip. Likewise, the softness of said Central Square is somewhat harder because of the armrest.

Yes, it is worth mentioning the good interior soundproofing. Because this model has a novel acoustic concept with integrated sound damper on the roof and an acoustic windshield that make it unnecessary to raise your voice when there is noise on the outside or we travel light on the road. Finally, worth mentioning is also the boot, with very regular shapes in its central part and two holes in the sides next to the gate. Now it’s 530 liters, 10 liters more than its predecessor , which puts it ahead of the Volvo S90 (500 liters), along with the Audi A6, but slightly behind a Class E (540 liters).

Mechanics for all tastes

Although this month of March will expand the range of engines of the BMW 5 Series with the arrival of the 520d Efficient Dynamics Edition (190 hp), M550i xDrive (462 hp) and 530e iPerformance (hybrid plug-in with 252 hp). But for now the range is It consists of two diesel options and two gasoline options. We speak in any case of mechanics of four or six cylinders and rear-wheel drive, although optionally you already know that xDrive all-wheel drive is available as an option.

The petrol variants have direct injection, turbocharger supercharging of double entry and variable distribution in phase and height. The access version is the BMW 530i / BMW 530i xDrive , a four-cylinder petrol 2.0-liter associated with the Steptronic 8-speed gearbox. It produces 185 kW / 252 HP between 5,200 and 6,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 350 Nm between 1,450 and 4,800 rpm.

During the presentation it was the motorization that I chose and I have to tell you that it offers power for much more than a normal and rational use of the Series 5. Push with energy from low turns and reach 100 kilometers per hour in 6.0 seconds with Sport mode. So you’ll never miss any more power, either in mountain passes or overtaking (you do not even need to sink bottom the accelerator pedal). In addition, the change management is effective, smooth and fast both when we want to move quietly and when we want to take advantage of the good dynamic qualities of the saloon.

Above is the  new BMW 540i / BMW 540i xDrive with a six-cylinder 3.0-liter, 250 kW / 340 hp between 5,500 and 6,500 rpm and a torque of 450 Nm between 1,380 and 5,200 rpm. It like the previous one is always accompanied by the automatic box. It reaches 250 km / h of top speed and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds.

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BMW 530i Sport Line

In diesel the offer starts with the BMW 520d / BMW 520d xDrive that mounts a four-cylinder 2.0-liter with 140 kW / 190 hp at 4,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 400 Nm between 1,750 and 2,500 rpm. This block is already known in many models of the brand and in this case comes with six-speed manual or automatic, being possible in the latter case to opt for the all-wheel drive xDrive. The Efficient Dynamics Edition variant will come associated with the automatic change and will reduce consumption to 3.9 liters / 100 km.

Finally,  the BMW 530d / BMW 530d xDrive – six 3.0-liter cylinders, completes the offer with its 195 kW / 265 hp at 4,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 620 Nm between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm. It is linked to the automatic eight-speed gearbox and the option of four-wheel drive.

BMW 530i Steptronic Sport LineA saloon that looks like a sports car

Admittedly, the weight loss cure has been really good for the new BMW 5 Series. While it is true that a pneumatic suspensions is not offered as we would find in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class or an Audi A6. The Suspensions of the saloon is new construction. Now it has a double wishbone front suspension and five-link rear suspension, optionally being able to choose the Adaptive Drive suspension that has active anti-roll bars that vary their resistance to torsion by an electric motor.

If we add to this a lower center of gravity in the vehicle, the weight distribution in the axles is well balanced. The typical of BMW and a body highly resistant to torsion, the result is a highly dynamic driving experience with comfort typical travel of the BMW 5 Series. In our case, we finish the ‘play’ with a very solvent mechanics as is the case of the 530i, although perhaps for consumption is not going to be super sales among those who like to travel frequently. These are not too high to judge by the contact I could make, but logically far exceed those of a diesel, especially when we weigh the right foot.

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Although we are talking about a matter of personal taste, I must mention that the thick steering wheel of the Series 5.  Its pleasant touch is two of the aspects that make the driving of this model special with respect to its competitors.

The ride comfort already mentioned for its technical characteristics.  The comfort of its seats is coupled with an improper direction for a saloon of almost five meters that puts the icing on the cake. And I say improper in the good sense, because we speak of a car that seems to go on rails, allowing you to make a step by reference curve in the segment and treading with aplomb kilometer after kilometer on the highway. The variable hardness direction and the directional rear axle make it comfortable to move around town or park and, at the same time, fast and precise in response on mountain passes or twisty roads. The truth is that with such a set-up it will be difficult to get bored behind the wheel. So think about How much improvement has done on BMW 530i.

When we drive below 60 km / h, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front, while above 60 km / h they do so in the same direction. To all this there is four driving modes that act on the behavior of the engine, suspension and transmission. As well as varying the appearance of some elements of the instrumentation. These are the Sport, Comfort, ECO PRO and the new Adaptive. What did not convince me, as I have already mentioned, is the operation of the semi-autonomous driving assistant due to its abruptness and delay in correcting the trajectory despite the good conditions of the road. We will have to wait to try the model more in depth to get all the conclusions right.

Well-equipped as standard, but somewhat expensive

From the new seventh generation BMW 5 Series you can order several levels of finish: the standard, the Sport Line or the Luxury Line. They all include the automatic two-zone climate control, partially electric seats, push button start, cruise control , travel computer, 5.7-inch screen, multifunction steering wheel, rain sensor, automatic lighting, four power windows , bluetooth, USB port, hill start assistant, full LED headlights, electric handbrake, collision alert , pedestrian detector, 17-inch alloy wheels, interior photosensitive mirror and ISOFIX anchorages.

The Sport finish highlights the dynamic character and is characterized by numerous decorative elements in highly glossy black. As well as 18-inch aluminum rims specific to the line in two-tone (optionally 19-inch). After opening all the doors, they attract the look of the aluminum moldings with lighting with the BMW emblem and the Sport Line brand. For the interior space, the BMW Sport finish has front sport seats with fabric / leather upholstery, a BMW sport steering wheel and specific moldings.

The Luxury finish, on the other hand, accentuates the elegant character, among other things with chromed bars for the kidneys and the Air Breather. As well as chrome frames for the windows. The aluminum rims specific to the line (18-inch serial, optionally 19-inch) highlight its exclusive appearance. The entrance moldings with the BMW emblem carry the Luxury Line brand. The leather upholstery with contrasting stitching, as well as specific decorative inserts, further emphasizes the sophisticated character of the interior. The instrument panel is upholstered with Sensatec.

Additionally, since the launch last February, the M sports package for the new BMW 5 Series is also available. It contains the M aerodynamic package (front spoiler with larger air intakes, side wings, rear spoiler with diffusive optical elements.  An exhaust system is with two quadrangular silencer tubes. An M sports package with a low body, as well as aluminum rims 18-inch M (optionally 19 inches). In the interior, the M sport seats with Alcantara upholstery highlight the sporty design. Complemented by the new leather M sports steering wheel, exclusive floor mats, interior trim and aluminum pedals.

BMW 530i Steptronic Sport LineAs a good German model, the list of optionals available is considerably extensive and everything will depend on how much we want to increase the final bill. But we must mention the Diamond Surround sound system by Bowers & Wilkens. The multifunctional seat is with 20 air chambers, the wide range of assistance systems of the Driving Assitant Plus. The intelligent key is with remote parking and the integral active steering. tThe four-zone climate control, the auto-adaptable LED headlights and the gesture control, the TV tuner or the navigation system Professional, between much other.

Regarding prices, the BMW 5 Series now starts at 49,400 dollars with the standard finish and 520d mechanics, a really high figure for most mortals. The different levels of equipment represent an increase of 3,077 dollars in the case of Sport Line and 4,394 dollars to enjoy the Luxury Line.

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