8 Books On Employability And Outplacement That You Should Read

8 Books On Employability And Outplacement That You Should Read

8 Books On Employability And Outplacement That You Should Read

Books On Employability And Outplacement? Books are not going to make you get work overnight, but can increase your chances of finding one if you follow some advice and learn to highlight your skills. Each book is the experience that the author has compiled throughout his career as an expert on issues of employability and outplacement.

8 books on employability and outplacement that you should read8 books on employability and outplacement that you should read

One of the activities that causes more frustration in people is the search for a job . While there are several tips that can help improve the process, no one can solve the problem for another, it is a personal matter. But one of the best ways to increase the possibilities to get a job is through the experience that some experts on employability issues put into books, which in many cases become a “best seller”.

This is a list of some works that can contribute to professionals or people looking for work:

1.- The secret of the seven seeds

It is the story of a businessman with a lot of money who felt unhappy, because under that layer of success, the character discovers that despite having many material assets, his personal and spiritual assets are very deteriorated, but he manages to change after a difficult process but necessary, that leads him to become a better person and entrepreneur. This is a good Books On Employability And Outplacement.

2.- Start fucking!

This is a book that every entrepreneur is obliged to read if he wants to convert his desires into projects, and projects into realities. This manual combines timely advice and useful advice with the parable and moral reflection, making this the first book that teaches how to start from the birth of an idea to the cash flow. This is another Books On Employability And Outplacement.

3.- You SA

The author points out that the most important business of a professional is the same. With that impressive message, developed from its more than 20 years of experience helping thousands of people to become more employable, Inés temple has become a classic of employability and personal branding, with more than 80,000 copies sold in the Peru and Latin America. This is also Books On Employability And Outplacement.

4.- What Is the leadership? What Is the leadership

This work narrates how, throughout history, many academics have tried to explain what leadership consists of, defining those skills that a character should surely have to convince his peers to endorse the goals of this character or the Organization to which everyone owes. What Is the leadership? He goes in the opposite direction, because he talks with renowned Peruvian leaders with thousands of people in his charge, the book tries to find through his own words what a successful leader should be like. This is another Books On Employability And Outplacement.

5.- Social perspectives and employment in the world 2018

The Social Perspectives and Employment in the World 2016 report shows that decent work is a key factor in the fight against poverty. This publication indicates that poverty has tended to decrease in many emerging and developing countries, while in most developed countries poverty and active poverty have been increasing. The report also examines the role of international labor standards in reducing poverty and inequality.


The best thing about this work is that it discovers you as a professional. The road to personal satisfaction proposed by Alfonso Alcántara does not demand that you become someone else. In the book there are six signs that can help you identify your powers: SuperHaztitud. The best attitude is to do. SuperCambio. Change is inevitable, transforming is a decision. SuperMethod Manage well to live as you want. SuperMarca Position yourself in the minds of the clients you want to be found. SuperInitiative If you want to be followed, go ahead. SuperSocial Stop looking for opportunities and start meeting people. This is one of the Books On Employability And Outplacement.

7.- Personal Brand for DummiesPersonal Brand for Dummies

This book tells all that the author has learned over a decade of study and application of the concept, which implies successes and mistakes. The book is full of information and exercises. It is one more book of concept, in which the philosophy and the foundations of Personal Branding are explained from the point of view of Pérez Ortega, offering a close vision in front of the Anglo-Saxon literature on this matter.

8.- The map of your talent

The Map of your Talent is the reference book to ensure the success of professional adaptation to the 21st century. Its author is Arancha Ruiz, headhunter and renowned specialist in personal branding in Spain for more than eight years giving professionals advice on innovation and visibility. “We live in a complex and accelerated world and books like this become indispensable tools to survive and stand out in this race towards personal and collective success,” says Ruiz.

These are some alternative works that can be useful for some people. Not always what an author points out in his book is the absolute truth, the idea is to compare the concepts and adapt them to each situation of our working life.

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