Diet For Contact Sports: Judo, Karate, Taekwondo

Diet For Contact Sports Diet For Contact Sports ? In this post we explain the keys to a diet for contact sports, so you can optimize your performance. The physical and psychological preparation of these athletes is crucial because they are subjected to great efforts, impacts and emotional stress.

The Atlantic Diet  The Atlantic Diet ? We are Galician and proud of our land and gastronomy. Today we are discussing a scientific study that has recently been published about the benefits of Atlantic Diet foods. The Atlantic Diet is heart-healthy, reduces cholesterol levels, protects against cancer and is one of the best diets to
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 Parkinson’s  Parkinson’s ?In this article we treat the characteristics of Parkinson’s disease recommended foods and tips for good nutrition of these patients.

Feeding of the baby Since the child is born and until his first year of life, it is when he grows and increases in weight. The feeding of the baby is very important.  Approximately in the first 4 months. it will double its weight and triple it when it reaches its first year.

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