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Sunbathing? We do not have to always hide from the sun because it is necessary for our body to sunbathe, but properly protected. If we expose ourselves to the sun without adequate protection, we will be harming our bodies both in the short and long term. But any sunscreen or any way to apply it
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Emotional dependence on the couple is a natural state that is generated in any relationship of affection. Whenever there is an effective bond we will develop a state of emotional dependence towards that person. It is something that the human being has acquired since childhood as a subsistence mechanism, in the first place with parents
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The origins of the spas are not very clear. Some people believe that the term comes from the Belgian town of Spa, which in Roman times was very famous for its thermal waters; while others think it is. On the other hand, if we look for an official organism such as the Royal Spanish Language
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Lower Uric Acid Diet  Uric Acid Diet? The uric acid is a substance formed from the purines food. The purines are necessary to regenerate the cells of the organism; their excess is eliminated by urine in the form of uric acid. In this article we give you the keys to lower uric acid with a
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Diet For Allergy Diet For Allergy? In this post we give you the keys to make a proper diet in case of allergy or intolerance to cow’s milk. In the first place, it is necessary to clarify the differences between both situations.

Cancer and Diet Cancer and Diet? Cancer and diet should go hand in hand to activate the immune system and deal with the associated complications of cancer such as loss of appetite, taste change, gastrointestinal disorders, pain, highs and lows, etc.

Sports Hydration Sports Hydration ? In this post we give you tips on sports hydration. For any athlete it is very important to establish some hydration guidelines because in the course of physical activity you can lose 1.5 to 3.5 liters of fluid per hour through sweating.

Consumption Of Pulses  Consumption Of Pulses ? The latest research has proven that helps achieve and maintain the ideal weight, are satiating. Regulate intestinal transit, blood sugar and cholesterol. In previous articles We proposed recipes for vegetable stews or “spoon dishes” and vegetable salads, in this post we will delve into its health benefits.

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