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Best Alarms? Security is becoming more and more important every day. Only in the first quarter of 2017, crime increased by 7,448 crimes, compared to 2016, of which 70% are thefts and 15% forced access to housing. But not all of us can afford to pay a monthly fee for having an alarm connected to
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When it comes to finishing or refinish a house just about everyone starts with dreams that most closely resemble an episode of Home Improvement or even MTV Cribs. The only problem is that few people have the salaries of NFL quarterbacks or successful recording artists, and thus more than a few concessions have to be
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The Case Of Project Maya The Case Of Project Maya? In Planet we also want to accommodate those projects that we consider different and novel in terms of environment and sustainability. The world is full of truly inspiring projects that promote a shift towards a more equitable, just and responsible lifestyle. We want to start
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Versisure Alarm? I’m going to release the blog analyzing one of the great security systems at European level (and probably worldwide). And when I say big, I mean the number of systems installed. It’s the Security Direct alarm.

Start A Garden At Home? For the initiated in the gardening sometimes it can be complicated to take into account all the necessary factors at the time of taking care of an orchard or garden. However, with some simple guidelines we will get the most out of our crop without going crazy.

Refrigerator With Metallic Vinyl Refrigerator ? The DIY Today is one of those as simple crafts as economic . I’m going to show you how to change the fridge with a metalized adhesive vinyl or Línea Hogar Deco, a Spanish company with a recent foray into social networks but with years of experience.

The Apartment Of Hydraulic Tiles Hydraulic Tiles ? We are going to welcome summer with this apartment full of color thanks to the hydraulic tiles that flood its walls. This house located in Vietnam was renovated by the architectural firm Landmark. Which had to adapt the space for a family of seven people.

Decoration Of Your House Decoration Of Your House?  This week my head asks for clean and relaxed spaces, places that transport you to rest, that do not stimulate the senses too much. But invite you to make a parenthesis and breathe. All this is given to me by this house in Mexico by Brittney Borjeson.

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