How To Combine Colors In Clothes

Combine Colors In Clothes? How many times has it been said that “dressing well is an art” and this is well known by fashion designers. When I see what the designers offer us on their catwalks, I often let out a big laugh and think, but is there really someone who puts on those dresses?

In my opinion, what you want to convey in fashion shows, are the new trends on textures, colors and shapes. However, I have never seen anyone on the street wearing dresses or shoes that look more like carnival costumes.

What I want to say, is that, fashion runways are used to gather information about what will be in the new season, new trends, color combinations and textures.

How To Combine Colors In Clothes

In the previous post, we explained “what colors tell us” and in this I want to tell you how to combine colors in clothes correctly.

First of all remember, we’re just trying to touch on the basics that will help you experiment with the rules and calculations that make fashion work. This is the system of Combine Colors In Clothes.

Theory of the color wheelTheory of the color wheel

Surely you’ve ever heard of the color wheel. The color wheel is essential for stylists, designers, painters and everything related to graphic design.

This tool is not only reserved for stylists and designers, it is a tool that everyone can use and understand it is essential to properly combine our clothing.

The primary, secondary and tertiary colors

First of all, it is good to know that there are many theories of color. The color black and white, are considered color or not, depend on the theory applied.

Color wheel

So we leave them out of this matter because in fashion they are considered neutral colors.

The colors blue, red and yellow are the primary colors, these cannot be done by mixing other colors. When these colors are mixed together, a new color called “secondary” is obtained.

For example, the orange color is achieved with the mixture of yellow and red in equal parts. However, when a secondary color is mixed with another primary color, different shades are obtained according to the mixing percentage.

Thus, a yellow-orange color can be brighter if it contains more yellow in the mix, but if instead we mix more orange, we will get the tone darker, since the orange tone is darker than yellow.

That said, let’s move on to the basic rules that you can use to combine these colors with your team.

  • Rules and mixtures of colors
  • These are some rules that will guide you when it comes to combining clothes so that they fit together.
  • Analogous colors
  • Similar colors

They are colors of the same family; the analogous colors are divided into groups of three. Choose any key and move to the right or left, this combination is quite simple and always looks good. That is the reason of Combine Colors In Clothes.

Combination of similar colorsCombination of similar colors

Complementary colors

They are the colors that are measured diagonally and are opposite each other, in the wheel they are defined as complementary colors. These colors create a high contrast and if they do not blend well, your outfit may look more like a coloring book.

Complementary colors

But this should not be a reason to abandon the mix of complementary colors. In the photo below, you can see a combination sample that is not bad at all.

  • Combination of colors in complementary clothing
  • Divide the complementary colors.
  • Enhance the high contrast; what is done is to combine the colors to the right or left with opposite diagonal.
  • Complementary colors fashion woman
  • Triad of colors

These are the colors that are spaced apart in the chromatic circle. If you look at the drawing, you will see an equilateral triangle. This is a much more saturated combination and there may be difficulties in combining them.

Color triad

Shades and tonalities

You can combine the tones and shades of the same tones to achieve a harmonious team. The values ​​must be well separated to do wonders.

Read what comes next, if you do not know what it means.

Color options table

Once you get to apply these simple rules, it’s time to go further. As you may have noticed, the color wheels above are quite basic and only show a couple of high saturation colors .

But when you go to buy clothes, you find that there is a wide variety of colors available.

Therefore, now we show you the extended color wheel. To get nuances of special colors it is necessary to understand that within a color there are different shades.

For example: from the darker red color to the lighter red color. This is due to the fact that each primary color, combining it with a secondary one, achieves a tertiary color. Hence its brightness, cakes and everything else. This is the way Combine Colors In Clothes.

How many colors can be combined in the clothes?How many colors can be combined in the clothes

This is an important issue for many women, what amount of color is enough in a team? Usually, three colors are enough; you can also add neutrals such as black, white or beige.

Keep in mind that one color will always be the most prominent, and the next will be used to complement or contrast with the first. The third color can be used to highlight the first two. That is another system of Combine Colors In Clothes.

Combination with more than three colors

So, monochromatic costumes and looks with two colors also work well. Anything with more than 3 colors, it may take a little more experience, but you can start with the combination of pastel shades , as it will be less likely to go wrong. These are the systems of.

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