Dilemmas For My Bridal Hairstyle

Bridal Hairstyle

Bridal Hairstyle? Yes, today I bring you doubts about my bridal hairstyle, maybe I would have to open a section on the blog that was ‘ Dilemmas at my wedding ‘ because even though I have dedicated myself to it for 3 long years, when one touches it It is not as easy as some believe, and yes, I also have doubts and dilemmas that I need to consult with everyone, although it is true that as far as weddings are concerned it is sometimes better to consult a little.

Even so, and you who know me, I’m going to allow myself the luxury of asking about my bridal hairstyle. It’s true that it will have a lot to do with my wedding dress, and that will be a well-kept secret.

Dilemmas For My Bridal HairstyleThe thing is that, as you know, I always wear my hair loose, although in many weddings I have picked it up, I do not like girlfriends with loose hair, nor do I like semi-escorts, nor the super-groomed ones, so it starts to complicate the thing, because one of the three things I have to carry.

However of the three modalities, I have seen brides that I love, I tell you.

Dilemmas For My Bridal HairstyleI do not like loose manes for brides, but Angelica fell in love with her romantic waves, her crown of Suma Cruz, and an ideal Nihil Obstat dress.

I do not like semirecogidos, in fact I think they are the ones I like the least, although there are always exceptions, although in this case few and all brushed by Marieta HairStyle seems fine and elegant, as well as youthful.

Dilemmas For My Bridal HairstyleThe collected very combed I do not like, I like informal, somewhat disheveled, and very natural. However some more hairstyles with braids, bless them! That they manage to give to the collected ones more ‘repeinados’ that informal touch that I like. To show a button.

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