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Mango? If we recently announced the presentation of Mango Kids, the collection that the brand has made for the youngest of the house, today it is the turn of Mango Sports & Intimates with which the Catalan firm starts in the world of sports with a line of clothes for fitness, running and yoga, as well as intimate lingerie for our day to day and seduction, for more special occasions. This new collection will be available in the stores of the chain for the next season autumn-winter 2017.

Focusing on the Mango Sport collection it must be said that the garments destined to practice fitness and running use fabrics such as lycra, for its elasticity and adaptation to the body, while for those who practice yoga the garments will be lighter, made mainly of cotton. The colors in general are neutral like black and gray, combined in many occasions with purple, which is the main color of this sporty line . The truth is that when it comes to clothing there is nothing new: hoodies, other without it and zip, mesh, shorts, tank tops and oversize and sports bras, but the truth is that everything looks very good , that makes you want to try it on yourself and go out to the gym. They have also created some accessories such as the bag you can see to go to the gym, but we will have to wait for the collection to be in stores to be able to see it in full. The New Mango Sports Line The New Mango Sports Line The New Mango Sports Line

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