How To Dissipate The Symptoms Of Depression After A Separation

How To Dissipate The Symptoms Of Depression After A Separation

How To Dissipate The Symptoms Of Depression After A Separation

Depression After A Separation? Every day I receive messages from people who are emotionally distressed after having finished a separation. And this is probably the number one reason why people get depressed in the world: for not seeing their dream of true love fulfilled after witnessing the end of that relationship of great attachment or of many expectations.

Depression After A SeparationDepression After A Separation

But it is more curious when they get depressed when they have just finished a harmful relationship, even destructive, instead of celebrating and announcing to the whole world their new singleness, these people begin to curse their “unfortunate” situation: “I am a failure, nobody wanted, nobody will love me. ” But the years go by and they realize that all this was a hidden blessing and they deduce that it was the best thing that could have happened to them.

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Now, the reason why I barely touch the subject of depression after six years helping through this website is because of the care I have always had for him. Not everyone can treat a depressed person. Well, it has a slow recovery process and still leaves sequels and it is preferable that the person is always under psychological supervision.

However, I want you to discard the symptoms of depression once, because probably 90% of people who think they are depressed are actually experiencing a difficult time in their lives that will eventually become a lesson that will strengthened

Are you really going through the symptoms of depression?Depression After A Separation

Recently talking to a guy who was looking for a job he felt bad because he could not find the right one. He said that he felt “depressed” and it seemed that, immediately after, his posture changed, his expression paled and his gaze remained always down. It was as if by mentioning the word depression he invoked a negative spirit that seized him at that precise moment.  This is one of the syndrome of Depression After A Separation.

Two weeks later he managed to find work and his life was going as well as ever.

What I’m going for is not the popular and exacerbated way we use a word like “depression” in our vocabulary, but how we get on paper when we mentalize with the idea that we’re depressed.

It is clear that depression, once diagnosed, we must pay special attention to the sufferer; but we go to the fact that it seems that this word is becoming so famous that when we live a moment of tension we verbalize: ” I find myself depre ” and once your brain listens to this expression it perceives it as an order and acts accordingly. This is one of the syndrome of Depression After A Separation.

Recently, while I was giving a personal advice to a reader of mine, she told me that she had been “depressed” for several weeks because of their relationship that could never be fulfilled, to which I immediately asked: “Are you really depressed or is it just that you Do you feel frustrated because it was not formalized? “She responded almost immediately:” Yes, I think I feel very frustrated. “

  • Do not confuse being depressed with having days of high stress and stress.
  • Do not confuse being depressed with the frustration of an unrealized expectation.
  • Do not confuse depression with the feeling of being used and mocked by someone who came all the time with lies.
  • Do not confuse being depressed when you simply need to vent the anger you feel because that former love never told you that he fell out of love with you months ago.
  • Do not interpret being depressed by not being understood by others, being without emotional or emotional resources to face this difficult moment in your life.
  • Do not associate being “depre” with the simple fact of having a bad day.
  • The symptoms of depression you can propitiate or obstruct with your internal and external vocabulary
  • Yes, you have the power to eradicate them or to increase them with just your way of expressing yourself. Your brain is a machine that obeys orders, especially the unconscious.
  • And each of the words we say in our daily life sends orders. So we will begin to pay special attention to each of the words that we express ourselves when we verbalize our state of mind.

Saying: “I feel depressed” disables the person who recites it. Do not send orders to your brain to offer a solution. On the other hand, if you say: ” Today I do not feel so energetic “. Here you are not sentencing, you are just being realistic because you are feeling down, in other words, with little energy. Some days you are very energetic; other days, with little. And that is mentally easier to cope with. In addition your brain will know that at that moment you need to replenish your vital energy deposit and you will immediately come up with ideas to stop being like this: a nap or a deep sleep to get up with more spirits, buy vitamins, perform cardio in the gym, eat more healthily , meet with friends that make you laugh or watch an inspiring movie. This is one of the syndrome of  Depression After A Separation.

Or you can adopt the position of Facundo Cabral: “You are not depressed, you are distracted.” This video helped me years ago to stop feeling “depressed” because the perspective I had of my situation in those times:

There are words that have a lot of power in our daily life and the word “depression” negatively affects the way we perceive what surrounds us.

You know, from now on to eliminate those symptoms of depression you must use phrases like: “Today I feel little understood” and immediately you go to that person who can understand you a little better. “Today I have the need to vent my anger” and write all of it on a sheet or tell someone you trust.

You can also use the following phrases:

If you are like 90% of the cases that you are worried about if you are depressed because you recently broke your relationship, in reality you are only living a natural part of your process of loving grief. And now I’ve just shows you the immediate solution so that you are more aware of the power of your words …

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