DIY: Change The Refrigerator With Metallic Vinyl

Refrigerator With Metallic Vinyl

Refrigerator ? The DIY Today is one of those as simple crafts as economic . I’m going to show you how to change the fridge with a metalized adhesive vinyl or Línea Hogar Deco, a Spanish company with a recent foray into social networks but with years of experience.

DIY change the refrigerator with metallic vinylAs we all know, buying a new refrigerator can mean a large refund of money (especially if the one you have in mind is a Smeg like the ones we saw here ) and it is not always easy to have one that matches the rest of the kitchen. I had inherited my refrigerator from the old owners of the house, a typical white refrigerator. We had decorated it so that it had a little personality with magnets and photos, but still it was not convincing. So I opted for the easiest way to change it , disguise it a bit!

DIY change the refrigerator with metallic vinylI chose a vinyl from the My Way Inox collection , metallic and digitally printed, it is the most suitable for decorating appliances. The truth is that in a few minutes you get a completely different fridge and without much effort, you only need a pair of scissors and a sprayer (I leave a link to an explanatory video to place it ).DIY change the refrigerator with metallic vinyl

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