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Extensive Reading Program

Extensive Reading Program? The pedagogue Frank Smith already asserted it in 1975: ” Ap we re-read reading “. How simple it seems! However, this philosophy does not coincide much with some work dynamics that have been applied for some time. How? For that, in the teaching of foreign languages. Also in the one of the own languages. It is customary to entrust to children and youths a scheme that is reduced to. Few books and a lot of work on them. This approach bored students and often makes them lose interest in such a special pleasure is reading.

The library carts of the Extensive Reading Program of the Joaquima Pla i Farreras institute act against this tendency. They are like the “battle tanks” in an educational battle whose main goal is to inspire young people with reading as a tool for entertainment and learning. The person in charge of the project, Jill Simon, an American professor settled down in the Barcelonan town of Sant Cugat del Valles. He Decided to organize this initiative to favor the formation of her students of English of secondary school.

Extensive Reading ProgramExtensive reading programs, as opposed to intensive ones, are based on the principle that the more exposure there is to the language being learned (input). The more the student’s skills and abilities are developed. This is one of the reasons why extensive reading is highly recommended for the learning of foreign languages. While intensive reading can be more useful to deepen knowledge of one’s own languages ​​at a higher level of complexity.

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1- The extensive reading, and in particular the foreign language programs. Have the mission, that the student is able to advance through the text.  Grasp the general sense despite losing part of the content. What is pursued is a relaxed reading. In which you do not need to resort to a dictionary or other support more than very occasionally. So as not to spoil the reading process. Thus, we avoid converting reading into a heavy and difficult task.

Extensive Reading Program2- However, to achieve success in this company. It is very important that the level of the books is appropriate for each student. A higher level than necessary can lose the reader in the process, as well as a lower one. Which will end up losing interest because it does not involve sufficient intellectual challenge. Likewise, the variety of literary themes and genres is another determining factor in motivating students. Involving them in this type of program. In this sense, the configuration of your own library can take time and money, but it will be key to make it effective.

Extensive Reading Program3- Initially, the person in charge of the project began by exploring the capacities of their students and experimenting with the genres.  Topics that could interest them the most to find a balanced formula. Now, after several years of experience and with the treasured knowledge. The project has a small funding from the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and seems to like the students.

4- One day every two weeks they devote time to return their book, comment on recommendations. With their classmates and choose a new one to take home. As a control mechanism, they fill out some cards where they answer some questions.  Make their personal assessment, which in general is usually quite positive. It is the good thing to read together: they can advise each other and, at the end of the course, without realizing it, they have read more books in English than in Spanish. What an invention, is not it?

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