What A Girlfriend Should Know Before Buying Shoes For Wedding

What A Girlfriend Should Know Before Buying Shoes For Wedding

What A Girlfriend Should Know Before Buying Shoes For Wedding

Buying Shoes For Wedding? Dressing as a bride is one of those classic dreams that almost all women have, those who have not yet lived that moment, think about what their dress will look like, their bouquet, their earrings, and of course which shoes they will choose.Since my shoe firm, there have been many designers with whom I have collaborated in photo shoots, fashion shows, etc.One of those designers, and of my favorites is Rosa Cuervas, who makes a tailor-made sewing very careful, full of details, practically handmade and of course, designed exclusively for each of her clients.Throughout her years as a designer, many brides have chosen her to shape her dreams on that unique day. So when I thought about going back to dress up as a bride to show you different styles with which to combine my collection of wedding shoes I thought of Rosa, as she had to adapt to very different tastes and women when designing wedding dresses.A bridal shoe has to adapt to the dress and style of each bride in particular, but must meet in all cases a series of fundamental requirements to help make that special day a great memory and not a nightmare, we go with them:

Girlfriend Should Know Before Buying Shoes For WeddingGirlfriend Should Know Before Buying Shoes For Wedding

1 Fundamental:

Buy a quality shoe, of course leather, do not make the mistake of being generous in all your preparations and want to save on the essential complement, on which you will walk many hours and that can make you bitter the day.In the photo I have the model Princess, one of the most comfortable of my bridal collection, has a fastened last that welcomes the foot of wonder, with inner platform and a very stable heel, also knotted at the ankle, thereby providing a Full feeling of security.

2 Make sure that the shoe holds your foot very well,Insecurity on a special day, when you already have more nerves than usual and you have to walk with a long dress you can pay dearly, the more feeling of fastening you have in the foot, much better.To do so, they are ideal models that knot or cross at the ankle. In my bridal collection always win classic like the Kenzo model, which I wear in the next photo, very comfortable and that holds perfectly to the foot. The same happens with the models Princess, Hope, Louis  or Cobo .

3 To be comfortable is not so important height of the heel as this is very stable and not too thin, that has a good base and holds your ankles firm, which gives you a feeling of stability. Of course it is very important that weeks before the wedding, walk with your shoes around your house and adapt it to your foot. This is one of the best way to Buying Shoes For Wedding.

4 For a perfect adaptation of the shoe,Smear the inner lining of skin with a little moisturizer and you put it on; you will notice how it becomes more flexible. I also recommend that you wear stockings on the day of the wedding, whatever the time, if it is summer, there are very thin and without a toe, favor, avoid chafing, and hold you for so many hours before dilatations and swellings by alcohol, standing hours, etc. This is another way to Buying Shoes For Wedding.

5 Take advantage of your bridal shoe after the wedding,Whether you have chosen a party shoe or dress in any color, or if you have chosen the traditional ivory or broken white color, this is a shoe that you can use in many other occasions. It is broken white and you do not want to keep this color, take it to dye a good shoemaker and you will have a wardrobe background for many occasions.

 For this it is important that you take care of this footwear on your wedding day, especially the heels, which tend to be the big ones damaged on the soft surfaces or on the lawn where weddings are usually held. I take advantage to remind you that there are some very useful and economical protectors that your heels, the Starlettos , will keep impeccable . This is one of the best way to Buying Shoes For Wedding.

6 The profile of the brides has changed, and they often look for their shoes, brides who are going to get married for the second or third time, others who get married civilly … therefore they can afford a somewhat different image than the traditional bride, for them I propose to carry a handbag instead of the classic bridal bouquet, it is a way to take the elegant and different hand busy. This is another way to Buying Shoes For Wedding.

In the photo I have the Monaco model, an authentic jewel to keep in our wardrobe.

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