Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0 TDI 184 Hp Manual

Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0 TDI 184 Hp Manual

Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0 TDI 184 Hp Manual

Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0 ? As we said a few minutes ago, at the beginning of last week we had a very special appointment in Malaga in which we were lucky to meet the last three members of the Golf family. We have already told you about the most radical variant – See Test Golf Variant R  and now it’s time to talk about the Golf Variant GTD , an interesting and reserved bet for those who look for an aesthetic very much in line with the GTI but are more bullies with kilometers and They intend to save in this section.

Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0 TDI 184 Hp Manual

The Golf is a model really settled in almost all markets worldwide and is presented with a family tree of no less than seven generations. His experience on the roads around the world dates back to 1974 and his great success can be measured thanks to sales that exceed 29 million units worldwide.

The brand now brings us to this magnificent C segment vehicle in a really powerful diesel variant to which the benefits of space of the Variant body are added. The  Gran Turismo Diesel or GTD for the friends, is visually a twin of the bearer of the iconic acronym of the brand, the GTI, but it comes with excellent consumption under the arm.

Volkswagen variant GTD

For the first time, since the Golf GTD premiered in 1982, the most sporty version of all the diesel compacts is available as a Variant version.

Exterior designVolkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0

The new Volkswagen Golf VII is presented on the market with  a continuous design  that the brand protects arguing its development in what they call  “historical DNA” , a set of lines that convey to the buyer a progressive and modernist feeling but that at the same time produce that family effect that makes so similar to the most modern generations (Golf V, Golf VI and Golf VII).

Like the GTI, the GTD has:  additional air inlets in the front spoiler, a honeycomb structure in the grilles of the air inlets, vertical fog lamps, xenon headlights with LED signature and a larger rear spoiler.This is the exterior design of Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0.


One of the most notable characteristics of the design of the seventh generation of the Golf are  its completely redesigned proportions resulting from the application of the Modular Transversal Platform (MQB) . The new Golf GTD has been created on the basis of the new transversal modular platform aspect that not only allows to save costs of development to the brand, but allows the designers to develop a completely new proportions.

The dimensions of the Volkswagen Variant GTD are: 4,679 mm long, 1,799 mm wide, 1,470 mm high, 2,631 mm wheelbase

The height of the interior ceiling still leaves  enough headroom in the front seats and in the rear increases significantly with respect to the variant hatchback. This is the parts of Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0.

Gtd Variant LateralGtd Variant Lateral

Thanks to the reduction in height, the model improves aerodynamics. The front face of the car decreases its size by 0.03m2 and the dynamic coefficient of resistance (cw x A) improves by almost 10% .

On the front we find a very pronounced fall of the bonnet that flows towards a new design headlights  arched upwards  as well as towards a narrow grid with the  initials GTD .

Under the grille, on both sides of the emblem is located a chrome rib that, in our case (to be equipped with the model with xenon headlights) extends to the carcasses thereof, dividing the pilots into two parts:  a top with new design LED daylight in the form of “U” and the lighting system and a lower part with the indicator. This is another parts of Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0.

The front bumper  seems to divide the front of the vehicle into two heights

In the upper part we find the previously described, while in the lower part, there is an air entrance framed by an area of ​​body color, an aspect that gives the model the characteristic  “smile”  that incorporates the new DNA of the brand. As a differentiating aspect of the GTD versions, on both sides of the lower air intake (with honeycomb mesh grid) we found some vertical fog lights (in our unit they had LED technology)

These vertical fog lights are further enhanced on the front thanks to three high-gloss black side aerodynamic blades. Another characteristic feature is the black Splitter (lower edge of the front wing).

Looking at the side we notice the  concise column C whose design creates the visual effect that the new Golf moves forward while standing.

The lateral edges and the exterior mirrors give the new model a muscular and sporty look. The GTD seems even longer due to the incorporation of a wider rear spoiler. In the side view we highlight the aerodynamic mirrors (with optional electric folding) with built-in LED indicators and the GTD logo on the fins. This is also another parts of Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0.

Gtd Rims

Finally, we can highlight the role played by the bulky wheel arches that add  extra robustness to the overall aesthetics of the vehicle . Our unit included imposing 18 ”  alloy wheels  in a bi-color design with 5 double spokes that mounted recommended Bridgestone Potenza  225/40 R18 (Norgaro wheels) tires (The standard tires in the GTD would be 17″).

In the rear we find  some of the  typical details of the Golf   as the clear geometry of the rear lights but lack the technology FULL LED, the rear windows that extend to the C columns and the large and homogeneous surfaces around the emblem of the mark that also serves as a shooter.

Rear Golf Variant GTDRear Golf Variant GTD

The rear lights  aim to be the distinguishing element of the model by being equipped with a concise contour light in the shape of  “L” . The boot lid is now wider at the bottom and offers the low load edge.

Unlike other generations (Golf V), the bumper has been painted completely down, being the only element of contrast, is the  diffuser integrated in the center of the bumper. This diffuser integrates, in turn, the exhaust pipe that in our case, when treated a TDI 184 hp unit  , had a double chromed output.

Interior design

The new Golf is much  more spacious and comfortable and its  interior design is committed to clarity, elegance and Premium quality.

The slight increase in length, width and battle, as well as the optimized wheel arches are clearly reflected in the dimensions of the interior, offering the occupants of the rear seats  more space for the legs .

The width at the height of the front shoulders increases by 31 mm (1,420 mm) and the height of the elbows by 22 mm (1,469 mm), while the width at the height of the shoulders behind increases by 30 mm and at the height of the elbows in 20 mm. The cargo volume of the boot is 605 liters expandable to 1,620 liters . This is the interior design of Volkswagen Golf Variant GTD 2.0.

Interior Volkswagen Golf Gtd

The driver’s position is characterized by being spacious and ergonomic. Large drivers will benefit from a position of the seat that has been displaced backwards by 20 mm.

Thanks to the MQB Platform, the distances between the pedals have also been optimized; The space  between the accelerator and the brake pedal, for example, has increased by 16 mm.

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