Hisense U966, One Of The Cheapest Cell Phones In The Market

Hisense U966

Hisense U966? Every day the technology is cheaper and the lower ranges have lower prices. Not long ago to find a mobile with optimal specifications for day to day we had to spend at least $ 150 in a Chinese store where it could possibly add customs charges and we had no guaranteed compatibility with the networks of our country. Fortunately those days passed and today we can find very cheap devices. The Hisense U966 is one of the best examples of this and that is why this time we will talk about this smartphone.

Design and materials: Sobriety and elegance

There are many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers who, to make their devices more attractive; copy the designs of the big brands, especially Apple and Samsung. It is very common to see low cost devices of Chinese origin inspired by the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S range, some like it a lot, however, others, as in my case, prefer a device with a certain personality of its own, since It transmits a greater dedication in the device on the part of its creator.

The Hisense U966 will not win any phone prize with the most groundbreaking design, nor beautiful, but cannot be accused of being a copy, it is simply and simply a standard design phone, built in matte plastic that will help when grabbing the phone with correct edges and proportions.

Hisense U966, One Of The Cheapest Cell Phones In The MarketThe white version of the Hisense U966 still has the black front

 The front of the device is dominated by the screen, which is accompanied by the touch buttons below and the sensors, the loudspeaker and the front camera in the upper area. The back part is quite depopulated, just the camera and the second microphone as well as a small speaker and the Hisense logo. Finally on the right side includes the 3 classic POWER buttons and volume.

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Technical specifications of Hisense U966

Display : 5 inches TFT, FWVGA (854 × 480)

Processor : “Qualcomm” MT6582M, Quad-Core CPU, 1.3GHz


Storage : Expandable 4GB with a MicroSD up to 32GB

Operating System : Android 4.2

Rear camera : 5MPx with autofocus

Front camera: 0.3MPx (VGA)

Networks : 3G WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA 900 / 2100MHz and 2G GSM / GPRS / EDGE 900/1800 / 1900MH

Connectivity : Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS

Sensors : G-Sensor, Proximity sensor and light

SIM : Dual SIM (3G + 2G and 2G)

Weight : 140gr

Battery : 2000mAh

First of all, I would like to comment that although the official page, as well as that of the sellers, says that the Hisense U966 includes a “Qualcomm MT6582M”, this data is not true, since the prefix “MT “In the model number of the processor is used by Mediatek and Oh surprise! The MT6582M is a concrete model of this manufacturer, so, the processor of the Hisense U966 is the Mediatek MT6582M. From we recommend you check the data yourself, because to say that a processor is Qualcomm adds attractive, but if you do not follow a “Snapdragon” or a name that starts with MS or MSM, surely it is not.

Hisense U966, One Of The Cheapest Cell Phones In The MarketThe Hisense U966 hardware is modest but sufficient for basic use

Add also that in Pccomponentes it says that the screen is qHD and it is not, as it is in the list of specifications (that we have extracted from the official page of Hisense) the screen has a resolution FWVGA that is, 854 pixels high by 480 wide, which is somewhat smaller.

Despite this, the Hisense U966 hardware is quite powerful considering its more than adjusted price. A quad-core processor, which together with 1GB of RAM should not have many problems to work without lag.

But of course, not everything is good, this device has some drawbacks, the biggest of the drawbacks is that it includes Jellybean, there is no excuse, especially in a low cost device. It would be understandable not to see Lollipop, since the performance of this leaves to be desired, but Kitkat, with its compatibility with 512MB of RAM should give better performance, besides being a more updated operating system, which offers greater compatibility with certain applications and functions. In addition, the 4GB of storage, not only make it almost mandatory to use MicroSD, but it will not allow us to have many applications. He also misses the flash, as a flashlight, especially.

Hisense U966, One Of The Cheapest Cell Phones In The MarketHisense U966 Vs Leotec Argon S150B

Next we compare two interesting devices for less than $100.

In the market there are certain devices below $ 100, more and more and better and better. Undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, is the Moto E 2014 that can be found in some stores for about $ 80, but, the two devices that we will compare below have certain characteristics that should be an alternative to keep in mind if you are looking for a simple and low-priced device.

Hisense U966, One Of The Cheapest Cell Phones In The MarketIf we compare these two phones we find the same SoC, same resolution and screen size, same amount of RAM, same cameras, etc. However, there are certain differences, the Leotec Argon S150B includes 8GB of storage, something really important and that together with its latest software (KitKat) and LED flash, puts you in an advantageous position. However, the Hisense U966 includes a battery of greater capacity, with its 2000mAh is placed 200 above the Spanish smartphone. Both phones are available in two colors, black and white; include touch buttons and the same connections.

The Leotec was released to the market with a price somewhat higher than € 100, however recently it has suffered a downturn and has remained at $90 , 5 over the Hisense U966, so the decision remains in your hand, although the Leotec after this decline in price remains in a superior position, especially for storage and software; On the other hand, there will be users who prefer a battery with more autonomy.

Conclusion: A perfect option for children or adults.

It is obvious that you cannot ask for a pointer hardware or premium materials to a device of about $ 85, but the Hisense U966 offers a really powerful hardware in that price range and becomes the perfect choice for our elders or children start in the world of mobile phones, since they can use without problems social network apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook (better if it is Lite) or Twitter and some little heavy game like Pixel Dungeon, as well as surfing the internet.

The best option to buy the Hisense U966 is PC Components, where through this link we can buy it for $ 85 plus $3 shipping. We also have it available in white. We can also buy it on Amazon for $ 90 with shipping included.

So if your grandmother does not let you ask if she has Whatsapp or your son, nephew, etc, and starts asking, the Hisense U966 may be the ideal gift.

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