How Should My Pillow Be?

How Should My Pillow Be?

How Should My Pillow Be?

How Should My Pillow? The pillow is the perfect complement to rest. It is the element that minor importance is usually given and the reality is that a bad choice can cause us pain and long -term health problems related to the cervical area mainly.

The function of the pillow is to provide a correct alignment of the spine in the cervical part. It must reduce muscular tensions, allowing the maximum resting state of the muscular area of ​​shoulders and neck. Therefore it is very important to take into account the position we adopt in bed when we sleep before buying a pillow. According to this, our pillow will have certain characteristics of height and firmness that will help us to obtain a perfect rest and a correct alignment of the cervicals:

How Should My Pillow BeHow Should My Pillow Be

Sleeping on the side: 65% of the population sleeps in this way. In this case, if we use a pillow that is too thick or too thin, it will cause the neck to lose alignment with the back, which is perfect to avoid pain. To get the perfect pillow to sleep in this posture we must measure the distance that goes from the shoulder to the face. The result must be added between 2 and 4 centimeters depending on the hardness that each one needs in the pillow, it will not be the same for a person with broad shoulders than another with these smaller ones. It is the best way to sleep because it allows the spine, legs, and head to be relaxed. It also favors breathing.

Sleeping changing position: 19% of the population moves at night changing their posture, this makes the most recommended pillow is one of firmness and average height. That’s like How Should My Pillow Be.

Sleeping face up: The ideal pillow for this case will have an intermediate firmness and thickness. Only 8% of people sleep in this way that favors that the legs and back are aligned and that an important part of the musculature is relaxed. The drawback is that being fully stretched can cause lower back pain, to avoid this it is best to place a cushion under the knees, this will relieve lumbar tension.

Sleeping on the stomach: the least recommended position for the health of our spine Because of the cervical tensions that it causes, it affects 8% of the population. For this position the pillow should be as thin and soft as possible.


The material that carries the pillow inside is another aspect to take into account when you have to choose a pillow. There are mainly three materials: fiber, viscoelastic foam and latex.

Fiber: It is a material that is very comfortable and with great capacity for recovery. They are also fully breathable because they allow the flow of air inside. Some models are washable.

Viscoelastic: high adaptability material whose firmness is modified by the heat of our body becoming softer as it heats up. This material is perfect for those people who have greater sensitivity in the cervical area or who may need to maintain a therapeutic position when sleeping. That’s why Should My Pillow Be.

Latex: Slightly more adaptable than viscolatex but with a soft and pleasant texture. By having an internal structure of open cells allows good ventilation.

Whatever our final choice, it will have a useful life of between 1 and 2 years , at which time we will have to consider the change of pillow again. If we do not sleep alone, it is advisable that everyone has their own pillow that suits their needs.

Finally, if we have a baby, it is not recommended to put a pillow. After 3 years we can put a small, fluffy and made with hypoallergenic material like the one that Pikolin has designed. That’s why How Should My Pillow Be.

We want to convey the importance of the dream on our health. The dream is the true “workshop” of our organism. If you are interested in learning about the recovery processes that take place during the night visit this page.

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