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Attractive Curriculum Vitae

Attractive Curriculum Vitae should be clear, concrete and complete. The time of the recruiter is very short. Therefore, if in the first 20 seconds a CV does not capture their attention, it is left aside and another one is reviewed, said Dr. Augusto Cáceres Rosell. Dean of the Faculty of Business from the Universidad Privada del Norte (UPN). According to the specialist, the ideal CV does not exceed two pages and should directly highlight the contact information. Academic training, Professional experience, achievements and knowledge of foreign languages. In addition, it must be presented in a graphic manner. Also highlighting aspects that contribute to the recruiter forming an idea of the personality of the candidate.

 Curriculum Vitae“There are different points of view on whether it is advisable to attach a photo in the curriculum vitae. CVs that do not have photographs are not discarded. However, placing a photo shows that the person accepts himself / herself as he / she is and denotes a good way of presenting himself / herself before a possible employment “, clarified Cáceres Rosell. In addition, it is important that the candidates have developed soft skills in their university education. That they constitute ethical professionals capable of providing solutions in organizations and positively impact society.

Currently organizations are looking for highly competitive professionals. With skills for the analysis of information and good oral and written communication skills. In this vein, recruiters do not expect candidates to send their CV, but rather they look for suitable candidates through digital tools and their profile profile and LinkedIn service. “These professional search tool are very fast and effective. That complements the CV. They have the advantage of being online, with which you can have the information constantly updated, which allows the recruiter to interact with various profiles for a job position. Do not be present at or on LinkedIn represents a disadvantage for the candidate, “said the expert.

 Curriculum VitaeIn this job search it is important that candidates take into account the appropriate use of their social networks. As recruiters enter them to obtain more information, reviewing the publications they make, receive and share, of any kind. They give the coach an idea of the personality, style and integrity of the applicant.

 Curriculum VitaeThe professionals need to know in detail the data they place in their Curriculum Vitae. It is recommended to keep in mind the dates of beginning and end of their work stages. The functions they developed and the achievements obtained. These data will be very useful in the job interview.

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