Iupay, The Spanish Alternative To Paypal For Everyone


Every day millions of online purchases are made and for several years we have several tools available and totally free as like is Iupay. That make it easier to make these purchases. Which make them more secure, the most known that is Paypal. for faceing it, yesterday iupay was launched, the Spanish alternative to Paypal.

Yesterday, this system began to operate, driven by the large financial institutions in Spain. For example, BBVA, Caixabank, Bankia, ING Direct, Banco Popular, Cajas Rurales, among others.

IupayWhat is it and how it works?

Iupay is a payment system, where we create an account and associate it with bank details such as a credit or debit card. Once this is done, when we enter an electronic commerce in which this means of payment is available. We will select it and it will direct us to the iupay page. Where we will login with our username and password.  We will process the payment without publishing new bank details.

According to those responsible, “iupay stores in one place cards. Never asks the user for their data in a purchase. But only their username and password, defined by them in the registration process”, they also point out that the experience is so simple as “choose iupay, identify and pay” . That is, it works in exactly the same way as Paypal. Without the need to send personal data regarding payment to the merchant.

IupayAdditional services

The merchants and consumers, who adhere to the iupay service, will be able to consult the register of purchases. The movements have made with the cards associated with the service. On the other hand, the system also offers additional services such as postponement of payments. Before formalizing the purchase or the incorporation of other means of financing.

From my point of view, the system already implanted in 30,000 stores.  Make that expansion palpable for it to be successful (we do not know if those 30,000 represent 0.01% or 10% of the electronic stores). There is another requirement for iupay to make a minimum of shadow to Paypal.  It is to offer some guarantees for the consumer when making the purchase, guaranteeing different solutions. As like as the refund of the amount when a problem arises . Mediation in more complex cases between the commerce and the customer.

IupayElectronic commerce

Growth of electronic commerce

E-commerce grew 13% in the last year and online purchases grew almost at par. With a turnover of almost 12,400 million euros. This upward trend is obviously a sign of the direction that trade and user purchases are taking. Where both large multinationals and small businesses are taking advantage of the tools provided by the network of networks and current technology.

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