Juan Carlos Milla De León Has A Business On Wheels

Juan Carlos Milla De León Has A Business On Wheels

Juan Carlos Milla De León Has A Business On Wheels

Business On Wheels? The manager of Human Resources of Automotive Gildemeister, Juan Carlos Milla de León, explains the challenges of forming an area that keeps its employees motivated and offers them the opportunity for professional growth, putting first and stepping on the accelerator.

“What we look for as a company is that our collaborators are at their best”, says Juan Carlos Milla de León, manager of Human Resources for Automotive Gildemeister. In order for everything to work properly, this organization has the best talent and offers them the space to demonstrate their capabilities. “That is the secret to becoming one of the best companies to work in the automotive industry,” adds the executive. And its figures show: the turnover rate of its employees is 1%, when in the automotive sector it is 14% per year. This is what we are talking about Business On Wheels.

Milla de León assumed the company’s Human Resources management five years ago. Since then, he has encouraged his area to have a direct relationship with the core of the organization, that is, with retail. Gradually, incorporated new processes within the firm. The Salary and Professional Development area was created, and with this, the departments of Internal Communication, Organizational Medicine, Risk Prevention, and Training and Selection.

But the strongest work, which generated immediate results, was the change in the company’s salary structure. “What we did was establish a fixed and variable salary for all the jobs. Variable land is associated with management indicators, and this has had direct impact on the business and, of course, on the performance of our employees, “says the manager, who details that the variable salary depends on the number of goals that each worker comply These goals are related to the core of the business. “Thus, we give the possibility of each person demonstrating what they are capable of doing,” says Milla. This all about the system of Business On Wheels.

Get The Best Out Of Each CollaboratorGet The Best Out Of Each Collaborator

From the selection process, Gildemeister Automotive implements a meticulous policy to select its workers; They do not just handle traditional exams. Each candidate goes through the evaluation of a selection committee, who determine the profiles and competencies they need for each position and also cross-check information. “The selection processes are also aligned with the management processes. For example, for a person to be selected, they must have at least six months experience in the same position (and in another company) “, emphasizes Milla de León.

The responsibility to get the best out of each employee falls on the direct boss. According to Milla de León, it is proven that 90% of workers do not renounce the organization, but their bosses. Therefore, Gildemeister Automotive has chosen to conduct leadership surveys and define the styles of each leader. The result of this survey translated into the regrouping of the staff with a leader who could further exploit the strengths of each worker. In this way, all branches were strengthened. “With this, we obtained the best results for both the business and the personal development of each collaborator,” says the Human Resources manager. That is another system of Business On Wheels.

Withhold or not withhold?Withhold or not withhold?

For Gildemeister Automotive, the main mechanism of retention is the motivation that the boss provides to his staff, as well as maintaining a correct salary equity, opportunity for development plans, participation of collaborators in multi-area projects and, in addition, the possibility that their associates migrate to another area of ​​interest. “A very important aspect to retain talent is to allow employees to grow in their profession and they can do so in this company, either horizontally within the same position or vertically becoming bosses,” says Milla de León. Another tool to retain talent is to enhance the skills of each employee. Thus, Gildemeister Automotive offers them agreements in various universities. They develop internal learning and have a team of trainers who are dedicated to dictate various subjects such as, for example, Purchasing Process, Operations, among others. All in order to have first class staff. This is one of the best system of Business On Wheels.

Tips to manage talent:

1.- Leadership: It is basic and must exist among those responsible in each business unit.

2.- Opportunities for growth: The collaborator must feel that it is tangible, which serves as a retention mechanism.

3.- Motivation: This practice has to be constant. Workers must be rewarded so that they feel more valued.

4.- Recognition: To the extent that the established expectations are exceeded, a monetary or non-monetary recognition must be granted.

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