Test Mercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic Plus

Mercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic Plus? There are models that in some way start a new era in the design of bodies with lines and details that had not been combined until the time but that if they are mixed correctly and executed as they play, they result in a product that sets a trend.

Mercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic PlusMercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic Plus

In 2003, Mercedes-Benz surprised us with a long bonnet model , low side windows without frames and an aerodynamic roof profile tilted backwards . The model in question was baptized under the initials CLS but the new body of sports sedan, did not know how to promote it and then it was born what they called the first four-door coupe (the four-door coupe is something as impossible as the Trifolium (clover ) of four leaves) under the German star. For years the CLS was the only one in its category, and from October 2004 to date s and have sold more than 170,000 units worldwide. This is the best system of Mercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic Plus. Read Continue Spanish Car Brands

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This week we decided to show you the second generation of this model that is committed to a completely new presence but that renews the concept completely.

CLS comes from Coupe Leicht Sportlich or what in Castilian means, Lightweight and Sport Coupé . The truth is that we could not be further from the definition of this car but apart from this, we are going to tell you what we thought this imposing model. This is the best Mercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic Plus.

Exterior design

Although the silhouette of the model has not changed in excess , the entire design has been completely retouched.

From my point of view, this is one of the most attractive models in terms of design, which the brand of the star offers in its catalog. The innovative design of the front has this time with the radiator grille independent, that is to say that it is not integrated in the hood. This is the best system of Mercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic Plus.


The grill, chaired by the big star in the center, reveals the kinship with other “coupes” of Mercedes-Benz and reinforces the identity of the brand. The large and wide air intakes of dark color with black grids, also give some aspect of sportsmanship.

Dimensions Mercedes-Benz CLS: 4,940 mm in length, 1,881 mm in width, 1,416 mm in height and 2,874 mm in battle. The model also has a track width of 1,596 mm front and 1,624 mm behind

Another highlight of the front are the headlights. The new model mounts bixenon headlights as standard , however, our test unit optionally mounted the LED High Performance headlights ( +1,975.63 euros ). This is the best Mercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic Plus.Mercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic Plus

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The headlights are composed, from top to bottom, of three planes with a fine finish. In the upper plane there is the LED indicator; below, the striking LED position light including the dipped beam function, also made with light-emitting diodes. In the lowest plane of the headlights are the LED road light and night vision “Nightview” functions.

A total of 71 light-emitting diodes give the vehicle an unmistakable appearance and increase its visibility in a perceptible way compared to previous systems. Studies have shown that artificial light tones less the view the more similar is its tonality to daylight . The light of the LEDs has a color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin , which is closer to daylight (6,500 K) than that of xenon lamps (4,200 K).

Its five lighting functions: road light, highway light, extended fog light, active lights and turning light take into account typical driving and climatic conditions.

The lower part of the front has an air intake under the license plate holder that mounts a honeycomb grid as well as the line of front parking sensors. At the lower ends, the CLS assembles the LED daylight (7 light-emitting diodes per headlamp). I can not understand why the models equipped with Full LED front lighting do not incorporate daylight in the main headlights and do not use these lower strips. This is the best Mercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic Plus.

The characteristic silhouette of the CLS with its elegant and slender proportions reinforce the athletic and dynamic effect of the body. The novelty that brought the first generation of the CLS to the doors of this model was the frameless design, something that reminds us of the coupes . The bulky wheel arches of our unit housed optional 18-inch wheels with a 5-arm design that mounted Pirelli P Zero 285/35 R18 91Y tires .

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The back shows us some well-known lines in which in this new generation we will meet some expressive rear lights in LED technology that cover a certain area of ​​the side view, establishing an optical link with the rear.

Viewed from above, our test unit mounted with a purely optional character an electric sunroof practicable, tinted and with PRE SAFE function at a cost of 1,698.44 euros.

The trunk lid is elegant but presents the typical problems when loading that presents any sedan of 3 volumes. In the central part of the boot lid we find a wide metal molding that highlights the lines of the rear.

The design of the bumper is simple and we will come across the line of parking sensors, the thin chrome line and a black lower diffuser escorted by two exhaust outlets. In the central part of the diffuser we find the pilot of the fog light.

Interior design

Mercedes-Benz has put a lot of care into the interior of the CLS, which forms a harmonious unit with the expressive, modern and elegant exterior.

When we get into the CLS we are struck by the incredible dashboard with the new molding that covers the entire width of the passenger compartment and emphasizes the habitability of the model. This is the best Mercedes-Benz Cls 350 Cdi 7g-Tronic Plus.

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