Misspellings In The University Can Become Suspense

 Misspellings of Secondary and university students have become a major concern in the field of teaching. There are frequent failures such as “habrir” or “haver”. This is an aberration for many teachers and experts of the language. Flor Salazar, professor of Hispanic Philology at the Completeness University of Madrid, says that “the problem is not just deortography. Also, or more, of prosody. That is to say, the organization of the syntax, the points, the commas ,I understand ‘baca’, but I cannot understand the discourse if it is not well organized. It’s hard to score, but they do not try. ” In this article we will talk about misspellings in the university.

According to the latest report of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Spain obtains 513 points in reading, below the 538 points on average and also of the 534 in the European Union. The lack of habit in reading, therefore, could be one of the factors that influence the writing of students.

MisspellingsHowever, some professors and experts attribute spelling and syntax errors to the intensive. Use of new technologies such as mobile phones. Text messages are usually synthesized in symbols and abbreviations. Words without accents and without punctuation to save time and space. Hence, many think that the spelling suffers. Some teachers have even decided to lower the grade or suspend if they find errors in an exam. The physicist José Manuel Sánchez Ron, professor of the Autonomous University of Madrid and academic of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language. He has decided to lower the score in the subject of History of Science, to those who require spelling mistakes. “I have taken this individual decision at the sight that it does not lead to anything to tell them to pay attention because they will come out better prepared […] I tell them that I am not their colleague and, therefore, that they cannot write as an SMS to friends”, explains Sánchez Ron .

MisspellingsHowever, there are other views on the effect of new technologies on learning and, specifically, on the ability to write. Clive Thompson, Canadian journalist expert in science and technology, says that the explosion of ICT has increased the written production in a dizzying way. Nowadays children write more than ever, which allows them a great ability to express themselves. Thompson ensures that children are able to distinguish in which context they are writing and not make mistakes.

In this sense, aulaPlaneta is proposed as a learning platform that helps teachers and students to be trained through the use of new technologies. On the web you will find many resources to encourage reading and practice spelling using the computer. In the article reading as an axis of the classroom educationPlaneta proposes a website where you will find specialized articles on the promotion of reading and various educational resources. The PlayComic resource: learn language by creating your own vignettes is also presented as a useful application for children and teenagers to improve their spelling.

MisspellingsAulaPlaneta also proposes real experiences carried out in educational centers that can be used as models for other centers or families. For example, the article Photography is written with an accent. Hunters of orthographic errors in the stree. Tells how the students of an institute work in a blog in which they show misspellings that they find on the street.

In the same way, the Great Encyclopedia Planet has numerous articles and activities related to the subject of Language. Literature that can be very useful in your classes.

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