Nuria Cobo |What Would I Have Left Of The Sales?

Nuria Cobo |What Would I Have Left Of The Sales?

Nuria Cobo |What Would I Have Left Of The Sales?

Nuria Cobo ? Let’s see what it is for us to choose from these standing numbers to form a good wardrobe background at a bargain price.

Nuria Cobo

We will choose basics that combine well with everything, very versatile and that do not go out of style. And we will not forget the most important thing, comfort.

Nuria Cobo with the model MontanaNuria Cobo with the model Montana

If you want to give a more casual look to the clothes that you wear, if you need to support the whole sole of the foot, but with a good height, you have to choose this booty.

I do not usually recommend wearing such sport booty with dresses, but in the case of the Montana model, the wedge you have is so high, that you could perfectly combine it with a loose and casual dress.

We often have very formal shoes in the closet but when the weekend arrives we do not have something more sport, but that is also high and we are cute with it, well that is the case of this booty. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

Model Stiletto by Nuria CoboModel Stiletto by Nuria Cobo

This spring-summer you are going to see how the last ones come back to the 50’s to our feet, a pleasure, they are very elegant, they stylize the leg a lot and never happen.

So take advantage now to get the model Stiletto at a price of laughter, is to bet on a safe value in your wardrobe. Its last is very comfortable and you can use it well into Spring. I suggest you combine it to accompany very dresses arranged as with skinny pants and a silk shirt, then a large bag of another color and the street with a successful sport-chic look, the mix will be a success.

New Model

You have to have a high boot that serves us both to be arranged as to go with jeans, having a heel, wide enough to hold with it all day, enchanted by life, a rubber sole that isolates us from the soil and be comfortable for the sole of the foot, and a color that is a success with dark tones, with an air more Spring.

Here’s the New Boot, I say no more, I go every day to work with her and I’m delighted.

Bota Live by Nuria Cobo

If you have problems with the boots because they tend to be narrow, this model may be the solution. The back of the boot Live is lycra and fits very well to the leg, is a very comfortable boot (I tell you because I have it), and you know, I’m addicted to leather color, because it solves my days with any color that sight.

Color model boot by Nuria CoboColor model boot by Nuria Cobo

You always need a flat boot, with a heel that we can use all day and that accompanies us very well, both with a more casual, as for a more formal dinner. Here you have the Color and Iris models , with a small platform that makes them very comfortable, a wonderful skin, both exterior and in the inner lining, and of course, the basics, very comfortable.

Bootie Gray Dress by Nuria Cobo

If you want a medium heel, to walk all day, with a small platform that cushions the friction of the sole of the foot, and that you combine equally well with pants and skirts, here is the model Dressed in gray, and you already have another closet ground.

If there is a model that my customers have not resisted this season has been the model Shine , in fact only this 41. The legs that makes this model, are spectacular, I have worn with a skirt and I can tell you that it is a real canyon , and with pants is chic and elegant to the fullest.

You will tell me, yes Nuria, but she has a lot of heels, do not worry, she is more comfortable.

As for color, what to say about this vision that goes with what you wear.

Booty model in brown

The Botin model is one of the classics of my collections every winter, it can perfectly do four seasons that I always have this booty, and there are many that have it in several colors. It is simply very comfortable, a great way to wear a heel without being noticed and a booty that is a true wild card with all kinds of clothes.

Model Jasmine by Nuria Cobo

Perfect as a wardrobe background to mix with everything, an all-terrain half-heel and comfortable platform that you can take many hours and you throw every time you need a black shoe (you always need a black shoe).

Model nude Oscar

Elegant and super-favorable, its nude color makes it possible to combine it with absolutely everything, a basic that you can wear all the Spring and part of the summer. A true wild card.

Absolut model by Nuria Cobo

The typical comfortable heel shoe, with platform in addition, which makes it even more comfortable, and in a color to pull it on any occasion. A basic essential.

Black polo boot by Nuria Cobo

The Polo boot , the classic riding boot that never goes out of fashion and is also very comfortable, if you still do not have a classic like this in your shoemaker, now is the time, and at a bargain price.

Black Iris boot by Nuria Cobo

What do you want a boot that you can use all day, whether you go with jeans or if you want to fix more?

Well here you have the color models, in suede and Iris in leather, two basic for any look and any time, that do not go out of fashion and in addition to great comfort and quality, your skin is magnificent and if small platform cushions the friction of the sole of the foot. A boot for every day.

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