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Signature Books For Wedding

 Signature Books For Wedding?  Today I want to tell you about some original ideas for weddings. So let’s go to it. Lately in all the weddings that I go I see that an idea is repeated that the truth is. That I like a lot and is that the couple are increasingly in favor of asking their guests to leave a memory in writing on that special day Surely you have seen it, right?

Signature Books For WeddingThe truth is that this could be the signature books of a lifetime, the novelty comes in the way that each couple does. Either asking us to dedicate a few words or writing a message in the most original ways, or even in the form of photography.

Signature Books For WeddingLet’s go over some of them so that you can count on them in the preparations for the wedding!

Signature Books For WeddingAmong these original ideas for weddings we have the option of leaving a dedication for the bride. Groom written on a cardboard or paper that we will then place in such a way that it will serve as decoration: On a tree, in a painting that can be framed or like some butterflies hanging of a rope. Which one do you like the most?

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