Rwatch R10, Very Complete Smartwatch At Content Price

Rwatch R10

Rwatch R10? Friends followers of us , who more and who less, has been tempted to buy one of these watches coming from the East sometime without having to spend a large amount of money. Today I bring you the analysis of one of those devices, each day more demanded and which more and more people are willing to try; the smartwach.

The smartwach we will be talking about today is about the Rwatch R10 from the Rwatch brand, donated by our friends from Gearbest , so we can do an analysis for anyone who may be interested in buying this weareable.

Box and markings of the Rwatch R10

As the heading of this section indicates, here we will see what is hidden inside the box of the RWatch R10 inside itself.

I will begin by saying that the box of this smartwach is rigid and well-constructed, with its hard and very robust edges . Even if we left some considerable weight on it, I doubt enough that the integrity of our RWatch R10 would be in danger.

On its front, you can read its brand RWATCH (bluetooth international watch) at the top and a couple of phrases in oriental on its bottom. A sticker tells us which the languages it has are, including in this case Spanish, which is what interests us.

Rwatch R10Rwatch R10 case cover

If we go around the box we will see that the description of what we can find inside this one begins , by means of another sticker as it happened to us previously with the languages. This second adhesive, will bring us up to date on the smartwach model, bluetooth version, battery capacity and other specifications more than due to my low level in the eastern language (potato level or underground) I can not detail. You will also leave a record of your web page. Following with the stickers, just below it we will find another one in which we will see the IMEI and the SN (serial number) , which I have deleted for security reasons.

On the sides we will also see the Rwatch R10 web page , which for my taste leaves a lot to be desired, since being only in Chinese and not giving another language as an alternative (English, Spanish …) forces you to use a translator or click indiscriminately your links until you find what you are looking for.

When opening the box we find the smartwach, which is accommodated as is customary in most Asian watches (I do not know if all) in a bed of a kind of foam rubber, which prevents him from moving and protects him partly against any unforeseen event that may arise in your shipment or handling. Its screen has a protective plastic sheet , which lets us intuit what kind of icons the operating system will carry.

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This is the content that we will find inside:

This smartwach has a simple and elegant appearance; it has a metal box with what will make it more resistant to the possible blows that it will receive while we use it. On its left side we will find the microphone, loudspeaker and Micro Usb charging input, which has a rubber cap that seals the input when we are not using it. On its right side, we will have its on and off button next to its Micro SIM card port , which also has a rubber protection cap that leaves it completely sealed.

And here, the right side of the RWatch R10, with its Micro SIM port and it’s on / off button.

Rwatch R10On the back, as in the box, we will start by saying that it has various stickers such as; CE (European Certification) QC02 (Quality certificate) and another that tells us what month and year the Rwatch R10 was issued to us. To finish with so many stickers, the latter will be the one that tells us how to insert the Micro SIM card inside our device.

It is also located in the back as in most of these Chinese smartwaches, your heart rate sensor, which we will see how it is handled later.

Its strap is silicone , which will adapt perfectly to any wrist. The closure of this strap is nothing new that we do not know already, because it is the typical buckle that has been used here since the world is world. In favor of the closure I will say, that even being a traditional buckle, in comparison with other smartwaches such as the Iradish Y6 that we could see what it was like in another analysis and even having a very similar closure, that of the RWatch R10, seems to me more wide and strong giving it, thus more durability and hardness. The strap has the standard of 22mm so we can exchange it if we are a handyman or if we take it to the watchmaker of our neighborhood.

Rwatch R10It has a 2.5D capacitive screen of 1.54 inches and 240 × 240 pixels . The brain of this smartwach is a processor MTK6261 to 364MHz which is accompanied by a Ram memory of 32 megabytes and 128 megabytes of Rom, without the possibility of expanding it by storage cards. The bluetooth version it has is 4.0 and is compatible with Android operating systems from version 3.0 onwards or IOS from version 5.0. Inside, it has a 380mAh lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 3.7 volts, enough to spend the day without having to worry.

It is a device that is not relatively large or heavy since its dimensions are 38 x 52 x 12 mm and a weight of 64 grams. Its screen is rectangular and its corners rounded, giving it a good finish and a very elegant touch. At the bottom of the screen, we find a touch button that will make the function of accepting in the most bearable menus.

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Specifications of the Rwatch R10

Technical characteristics of the Rwatch R10.

  • Display : Capacitive 2.5D and 1.54 inches with 240 × 240 pixels resolution.
  • Processor : MTK6261 at 364MHz.
  • Ram : 38 Mb.
  • Rom : 128 Mb.
  • Battery : 380mAh and 3.7 volts.


  • Anti-lost.
  • Sleep monitor.
  • Remote camera
  • Music player.
  • Reminder of sedentary lifestyle.
  • SIM: Micro SIM.
  • Bluetooth : Version 4.0
  • Compatibility: Android 3.0 and higher and IOS 5.0 and higher.
  • Networks: GPRS and GSM 580/900/1800 / 1900MHz.
  • Genre: Unisex.
  • Dimensions: 38 x 52 x 12 mm.
  • Weight: 64 grams.
  • Colors: Silver, black and gold.
  • gizlogic-rwatch-r10-colors
  • The Rwatch R10, we can find it in the colors: silver, black and gold.

Here you can see the use of the heart rate sensor, measuring my heart rate

One of the most striking or most sought after by new users of smartwaches are spheres, dials or also called watchfaces . Needless to say, when going to buy a watch to use, apart from the functions that we can look for we will also look for it to be attractive to the eye and it is here (in part) where we should emphasize. The RWatch R10 that we analyze today has three watchfaces; One analog and two digital.

The RWatch R10 has three watchfaces, 1 analog and 2 digital.

For many (including myself), this amount of watchfaces will be insufficient, lacking any square or more traditional analogue sphere.

Continuing with the menus, we will see that the friends of Rwatch have opted to integrate some spherical icons that form a circumference, which we were not used to until the first news of Apple’s smartwach , giving it a more “amanzanado” appearance to the subject. , wanting to break with the line in smartwaches based on Android.

Rwatch R10Same menus but this time it changes the design to octagonal

As you can see in the two previous photos, the only change that exists between these two themes or styles is the shape of the icon going from the circle to the octagon, keeping the same image.

In this third theme you can already see a total change of icons keeping its spherical shape.

These are some of the most important functions you can find in the RWatch R10:

  • Heart rate sensor: It will take our pulsations per minute once we start the application.
  • Pedometer: Putting in the clock data such as kilograms and distance between steps, will help us count the steps, distance and calories burned.
  • Compass: The typical positioning tool we all know.
  • Alarm: Alarm or reminder.
  • Anti-loss: With this function, the watch will warn us if we move away from smartphone x meters or he moves away from us (for friends of the alien).
  • Sleep Monitor: Monitors the time and quality of the hours of sleep performed.
  • Remote camera: Through its bluetooth connection we can control the camera of the smartphone to which we are connected.
  • Music player: We can listen to the songs that we have stored on our smartphone.
  • Reminder of sedentary lifestyle : It depends on the parameters entered, it will warn us if we have been sitting for a long time, lying down etc.

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Connectivity of the Rwatch R10

Who has never wanted to leave your smartphone at home because it hindered him when running, cycling or any other activity? Surely everyone and for that reason this smartwach has the trait of being able to leave our phone at home. We will simply have to introduce our Micro SIM card and we can use it as if it were our smartphone, being able to make and receive calls interacting with its microphone and speaker, receive messages, whatsapps , etc.

We can also use it by pairing it with our smartphone, which will be very useful when receiving notifications without having to be aware of taking our phone at all times and see if it is something important or not.

Screenshots of Rwatch R10 notifications

While it is true that in both ways the RWatch R10 responds correctly, I have to say that the quality of the calls and the conversations with the interlocutors becomes more tedious in the bluetooth call mode since I have been able to notice cuts and Noises, that did not allow to have a conversation as clear and calm as I would have liked. On the other hand, with the Micro SIM card, without any problem, as if it were my own smartphone.

Then I leave a video in which you can see the quality of the realization of a call in the mode paired by bluetooth to give you an idea. As you will see in the video, it will give us two options:

Our chosen option will be the second one

The application that we must use to link our smartphone with the RWatch R10 and thus be able to carry a better count of activity and sleep will be SmartBlue (although I have linked it without installing it).

Arriving at the end of the analysis of the RWatch R10, I have come to the conclusion that this unisex smartwach , could be compared to the Zeblaze Rover in certain aspects because although the clock we are talking about today has better performance in terms of processor, Ram, Rom and battery, if it is true that the Zeblaze Rover compensates with some extra function and its dimensions.

The Rwatch R10, we can find in Gearbest at the low price of $ 54.99 , a more than reasonable price for the benefits it offers, that without being a high-end smartwach will make life easier and will help us in the choice of future devices.

In my opinion, it is a good smartwach for a user who wants to start in the world of weareables to later see if he wants to get older or stay with a simple but functional smartwach.

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