The Secret to Forget a Love | Simple Math For Everyone

The Secret to Forget a Love | Simple Math For Everyone

The Secret to Forget a Love | Simple Math For Everyone

The Secret to Forget a Love? I have to admit that, somehow, I am pleased to say that I know the secret that many people search the Internet about how to forget a love. I have not kept this secret, I say it many times in my book “7 Steps to Forget a Love ” and maybe once or twice I have subtly released it in some article of this blog; but today I will emphasize enough on that subject.

Surely at the end of this article you will say to yourself: “Wow! How I did not know it before! “Is that the intention with this article is that you realize in a very simple way and apply the ONLY thing that will help you overcome a past relationship once and for all.

The Secret to Forget a LoveThe Secret to Forget a Love

Before telling you the secret I will tell you how it is that I have reached this conclusion or my MAGIC FORMULA. In this influenced two things: First, my personal experience. Second, the experience I gained by helping many other people who, like me, went through the same pain. This is The Secret to Forget a Love.

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Now, today I decided to write about this topic because I got this message from a faithful reader of my blog. This message will undoubtedly make many women (and men) feel identified.

“Hello Rolandox:

It’s been a year (since August) that the boy with whom I was and whom I loved left me for another, and broke my heart in a thousand pieces (…) The problem is that after a year I’m still the same as before, thinking in it every day and every hour, yearning for it and dying of pain when I know that another person occupies my place. Still, at night, I dream that we are together again.

We always maintained contact by email; He wanted us to see each other, for a long time I resisted, but a month ago I was weak and fell into temptation: I stayed with him, and we had sex … And with that my doubts dissipated, he only has an interest in me sexually. He told me that he wants me now more than ever; that he would like us to continue watching him secretly, that we continue to have sex, but only that. He does not feel any love for me. This is The Secret to Forget a Love.

I do not understand Roland0x, how can you wish a person and not have the slightest feeling for that person.

All this hurts me a lot, but I feel so much in love that sometimes I think of going to see him secretly, even if it’s only for sex to see him and to be, in a certain way, in his life. Other times fortunately I recover the lucidity and I tell myself that I’m crazy for falling so low.

The truth, Rolandox, is that I am in a bottomless pit: I want to forget that person, with all my soul, but every moment of the day is in my mind.

I feel if I have bored you or if I have extended a lot; but I already feel you as a friend, a friend who knows how to listen.

A hug”

In this case we can rescue the following information:The Secret to Forget a Love

1) A year has passed and he still cannot forget it.

2) He still has the hope that everything will be the same again, even though that person only wants him sexually.

3) Deep pain due to not being reciprocated emotionally.

Here are played three things that very few people can control. But all this arises as a result of a main problem:

The origin of the “Secret to Forget a Love”

To understand the secret, you must take into account one very simple thing: ” Life is simple but it is the mind that complicates things “. When I understood this, I knew that all the problems in life were simple to solve, but many times we do not let our mind be on our side. This is The Secret to Forget a Love.

The secret that I will bring you later in a conclusion is so simple that your mind will make you believe that it is impossible to achieve it. Maybe in the end you feel like commenting below saying: “But Rolandox, my case is different. Mine is more complicated. “

Well, just there is one of the problems that prevent you from overcoming it once and for all: You always allow your mind to complicate things. What’s more, simply by letting your mind do the work in that moment, you are condemning yourself to suffer all the time.

More than two years ago when I felt terrible not being reciprocated by a girl in whom I had placed all my hopes, I had realized a terrible reality: I had stopped living to start thinking about her. This is the The Secret to Forget a Love.

The worst of all was when before I met her I enjoyed a very active social life, had dreams and many goals. When I fell in love with her, all that was left aside. At that moment I only imagined the rest of my life at his side. I was glad that I was finally with someone special, someone who would make me very “happy”.

The problem was that my life was stagnating. I stopped being ME. My life and my experiences were nothing and that girl filled me with a tremendous positive charge (effects of falling in love) … Which I very rarely provided myself.

I began to depend on her to make me feel good, to be motivated, to make sense of my life. As if she was an injection that was going to cure the ROUTINE disease. This is The Secret to Forget a Love.

Now, I want to put a lot of emphasis on the word ROUTINE. Routine is what you always do, that which is repeated day after day, what your BRAIN does automatically, in an almost robotic way.

ROUTINE AND BRAIN … Now we only needs one more word to complete my formula…

Let me explain you better.The Secret to Forget a Love

When you have broken your heart, not only have your illusions been taken away, they have also taken away those positive emotions that you used to feel alongside that person. As I told you in my personal case, I began to feel a POSITIVE LOAD for the fact of being in love with someone.

Our BRAIN is not designed to do ROUTINE things. Imagine how it would have been if we had not had this same BRAIN thousands of years ago to hunt animals, to survive, to protect us from predators.

Our ancestors lived in a DANGEROUS WORLD, an ANTI-ROUTINE world.

The current life of an average person is very routine and boring. Normally the only good days he has are only the SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS, when he finally clears up from work, when he can finally get rid of the studies and of so much stress.

Currently we are all HYPNOTIZED IN THE ROUTINE and we want to leave that MENTAL STATE to enter an EMOTIONAL STATE (that is the reason why we want to find the LOVE OF OUR LIVES).

Curiously your EX-BOYFRIEND (A) has that key that will make you escape from the ROUTINE … And it is for that same reason that you are still hooked or hooked.

Until you leave the ROUTINE or the HYPNOTIC state in which you are currently, you will always wait for someone else to do it for you and, therefore, if that person leaves your life, you will suffer a lot because you You will not know how to recover all that POSITIVE LOAD on your own. This is The Secret to Forget a Love.

Now, let’s consider the 3 problems of the case that came to me and that I initially classified:

1) Why do not you forget someone after a year? Because you just still hope that I will rescue you from that routine life. You want to make you feel POSITIVE EMOTIONS, which you cannot provide it on your own.

2) Why are you still maintaining the hope that everything will be as before?  Your brain will always look for the best for you but at the moment you do not know any other option than YOUR EX. Just think that the best thing for you is that person who in a PASTED gave you a bit of happiness … Something you did not give it on your own.

3) Why does it hurt to not be reciprocated? Because now that you’ve gotten involved in just one person, you have not had time to meet more people and, therefore, it hurts a lot that one person rejects you. I bet if you had at least 5 people at your disposal you would not have a bad time.


Anyway, what would have happened if all that year, instead of continuing with that ROUTINE LIFE, you had given it a tremendous GIRO and now you were another person, with many positive experiences, having met many people, having achieved many of their goals, being Now a more independent person? The is The Secret to Forget a Love.

As you have been able to see, my dear reader here I have not put any advice, any TECHNICAL, or any popular saying that abounds on the Internet (“Time heals everything”, “In the sea there are many fish”). All that I have exposed to you in this article is not more than a couple of years of research and experience both personally and of other people.

There are people who, despite having spent 10 years, cannot overcome a past relationship … And the worst of all is that they will never find this EQUATION to forget a love.

Hasibul Hasan Jini

Hasibul Hasan is a qualified journalist. He writes on varied topics and carried out extensive research on various topics on his blog

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