Short Income For Real Against Krasnodar (1-0)

Real Against Krasnodar (1-0)

 Real Against Krasnodar (1-0)? The Royal Society had to suffer to get, thanks to a goal from Xabi Prieto 71 minutes. A short income for the second leg of the final qualifying round of the Europa League against Krasnodar in Russia. But at least I managed to keep their goal to zero.

He sealed the Real to the Russian team from the minute one, in search of that result that would allow him to manage a good advantage within seven days at home.

He had a great opportunity to put the San Sebastian team in front in the minute 5. A corner kick taken from the small area by Markel Bergara point-blank before Dikan, but he took a prodigious hand and avoided the goal.

Short Income For Real Against Krasnodar He played and played the Real against a reserve Krasnodar. Again had another great opportunity to move the score of Anoeta in another header without opposition from Xabi Prieto that the captain sent off.

La Real, who exhibited brilliant football during the first half, insisted. Chory Castro gave continuity to the cascade of realistic opportunities with a shot touching the stick that almost goes to goal.

Short Income For Real Against Krasnodar (1-0)In the final section of this first part the blue and white balloon was deflated and the best Russian version emerged. To put Zubikarai in serious trouble on a couple of occasions.

Short Income For Real Against Krasnodar (1-0)The leads came to San Sebastian in the second half, which was again at the mercy of many times in a Krasnodar almost scored by Joazinho in the 66th minute.

When the match was thicker, he broke the Russian can Xabi Prieto, taking advantage of a defensive error in the clearance of Captain Granqvist to a previous center of De la Bella that seemed inoffensive.

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