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Small Spaces: Bathroom

Mirror and sink

If there is something difficult to find in an apartment today, it is a big bathroom. And even if you are lucky enough to have one of those bathrooms that fit two people, you may also have a toilet that defies human action.

BathroomWith this post I will try to give your ideas to turn a cubicle into a place with storage and at the same time with details that fill it with personality.

To start decorating your toilet I recommend making a small inventory of the things that really need to keep in it. It will depend on this the amount of storage you put. No need to overdo it and, of course, do not miss it. I will show you what I chose in another post. Today I will focus more on the small details.

BathroomSmall spaces bathroom I chose the colors that my toilet would take buying this bath mat with blue, beige and brown . The colors, the thickness and the texture help to give warmth to the room, besides delimiting the area of ​​the sink, since I do not have furniture underneath (it is one of my pending tasks ).

BathroomPut towels that go with other things in the bathroom. You will become in favor of the decoration when the toothbrush, the soap and the sponge, also go to play. Test it! It is an easy and cheap trick.

If, like me, you have no space to lay the soap, use a wall soap dish , it is very practical and gives a different touch.

BathroomReduced bathroom space One of the strengths of a bathroom is the mirror. I gave more personality to the bathroom with one that has a clock up and some hooks down. Both are useful and eye-catching. Taking advantage of the industrial touch that gives the watch, I completed it with a metal bulb and a hanger with similar colors.

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