Best 3 Smartphones To Keep In Mind For Black Friday

Smartphones To Keep In Mind For Black Friday

Smartphones To Keep In Mind For Black Friday? This week is the one of the purchases in Internet, we have presented 3 portable to us with an interesting discount. But Black Friday is not limited to laptops, it extends to any type of product. It does not even have to be technological, although most offers reside there.

BQ Aquaris E5 HDBQ Aquaris E5 HD

BQ is a brand that has grown a lot in 2018, in the explosion of the mid-range has been able to offer reliable phones with balanced specifications without firing prices. A peculiarity of this manufacturer is that they do not have a great Flagship Killer like other brands. Since they have always moved in environments under $ 300, but neither is really missing.

The Spanish brand has grown a lot in 2018; it is not difficult to see a BQ down the street.

The BQ Aquaris E5 HD has been a phone that has spread like wildfire among users of all ages. Its Mediatek Quad-Core processor along with 1GB RAM and 16GB of storage (which we can expand by MicroSD) are enough to not suffer lag and enjoy a good experience of use in Android Lollipop (5.0).

As its name suggests, this smartphone has a 5-inch HD screen. It includes a 13MPx rear camera, capable of recording in FullHD with a double LED Flash and a 5MPx front. The 2500mAh battery guarantees that it will arrive at the end of the day. All this comes inside an aluminum body.

The offer includes a cover with support function. You can find the pack for $199. This is one of the smartphone which Smartphones To Keep In Mind For Black Friday.

LG G4sLG G4s

The strength of LG are its Flagship, from the G2 to the G4, without neglecting the Nexus, has been reaping success and receiving very good reviews from the public. However, this brand has not neglected the mid-range, offering very good devices at really competitive prices.

The design of the LG G4s is very similar to that of his older brother, which is a great success.

The LG G4s incorporates a very powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, octa-core to 64 bits and 4G. We have seen for example in the Xiaomi Mi4i . Being accompanied by 1.5GB of RAM (the favorite amount of certain manufacturers for phones that are reduced editions of a flagship). The screen of this LG has a FullHD resolution of 5.2 inches, thus reaching a pixel density of 423 dots per inch, one pass.

As for cameras, we have an 8MPx rear camera with laser focus and a 5MPx front camera. On the storage side, in this case are 8GB, but also expandable with a MicroSD, in this case up to 64GB. The 2300mAh battery is removable and we have NFC connectivity.

This smartphone we can find for a limited time also $199, a real bargain. This is another smartphone which Smartphones To Keep In Mind For Black Friday.

Huawei G Play MiniHuawei G Play Mini

We left for the end a powerful smartphone from the big Asian manufacturer Huawei. It has managed to eliminate the fear that people usually have to Chino smartphones. The Huawei G Play Mini is the bet of this brand for the mid-range segment.

The Huawei G Play Mini has off-screen buttons and very small edges

The G Play has a Kirim 620 processor, a 64-bit octa-core processor that we see exclusively on Huawei smartphones. This powerful SoC is accompanied by a not inconsiderable 2GB of RAM. It will make us not see lag on Android with a relatively intense use. The Huawei falters in storage with 8GB of storage, not expandable.

On the other hand we have a 5-inch HD screen, a 13MPx rear camera, a 5-inch front and a 2550mAh battery. All this working under the layer of Emotion UI 3.0 in Android KitKat, a software perhaps somewhat outdated. But that has proven to be able to guarantee a great stability. It is still used by many manufacturers who prefer to ensure a system without lag, such as Xiaomi.

The Huawei G Play Mini is available for only $ 135, if you do not need more than 8GB is the best option. That is also another Smartphones To Keep In Mind For Black Friday.

Mid-range smartphones for everyone

There are three excellent options to renew your smartphone, especially with discounts like this week. Personally I prefer the LG G4s, its FullHD screen, the Qualcomm processor and the NFC leave it in a very good position at that price; a post that would be Huawei if you had the possibility of adding a MicroSD. This is also another Smartphones To Keep In Mind For Black Friday.

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