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Wedding Look? Hello girls! How are you? Today I do not bring a look that has not stopped raining and I’m half bad I have not seen the time to go out and take pictures, so as I’ve been doing wedding lately and we have received many mail asking for your wedding looks , I I have been with one that I found difficult.

Wedding LookPaula wrote to us and told us that she has a wedding in June, in the north and that she is a casual with a barbecue, and that she would like to wear a short dress and flat sandals, and she told us that she did not like printed dresses, so I’ve gone to the shops and I’ve seen what look I would have if I had a wedding, taking advantage of Paula telling us that she liked all my wedding looks, and that by the way from here I tell you that I’m very happy, and here I bring you How many looks to see what you think:

Wedding LookIf you want to see all my wedding looks and all the looks I have published so far you can do it from here  or directly in the menu at the top of the page where it says ‘streetstyle‘  Here I leave you a review of my wedding in case it serves as inspiration.

Wedding LookWell girls I hope you have a good weekend, relax and have a great time. I hope to recover completely and the sun comes out a little bit.

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