Spring Shoes : Advance Of The Shoes That We Are Going To Wear

Spring Shoes : Advance Of The Shoes That We Are Going To Wear

Spring Shoes : Advance Of The Shoes That We Are Going To Wear

Spring Shoes? Well, we are almost … awakening to color, and preprimaveral light, and as no I have to tell you where the shots come this year in terms of designs, lasts, and colors.

Spring ShoesSpring Shoes

Besides explaining the novelties of this season, I wanted you to see how you can combine the same dress with different colors in shoe and bag, making successful and elegant mixes, that you may like.

So we started, I’m looking forward to tell you everything.

The clothes that you are going to see is from The Cabinet of Wonders, I’ve already told you about this Sevillian firm, which sells its great designs in many parts of Spain.

Simply, I love what they do, easy to put on, very flattering, versatile, sober, and at a great price.


This Spring we will see fine toe shoes again, already appeared in the Winter, and will be consecrated in Spring, much less the platforms disappear, which will continue to share protagonism, but if you want to return to classicism and elegance in state pure, a sober shoe with a fine tip, will be your best ally.

I know you are going to tell me that you are used to platforms and that you fear for the soles of your feet, because they are more unprotected in a thin sole without a platform.

Quiet, the plants of the shoes that I am going to show you are padded, but if you want to reinforce that feeling even more, use with these shoes some templates (the only ones that I recommend, because they seem to me the best ones), that are called  holy hand. This is one of the things of Spring Shoes.


As for materials, you already know that I am passionate about suede, to which you are so afraid of many of you, because for me it is the skin that brings out the most beautiful colors, and if you accompany festive fabrics (chiffon, satin, silk … ) with suede, the mixture seems spectacular and very elegant.

The colors are soft on the one hand, very powdery tones, which lengthen the legs because they are almost confused with the tone of our skin, a lot of lightness, nudes, clear taupe’s, beiges ..

On the other hand, more ground-breaking tones, such as the classic black, which cannot be absent (what woman does not have a black dress shoe in her closet), or cardinals, magentas and bougainvillea’s.

This shoe has been made in two heel heights, the Dorian model, with a higher heel, and the Verdi model, with a medium heel, so you can choose the ideal height for you.


In these two photos I wanted to show you the same dress with different color in shoe and bag.

I have chosen the Doria model as a shoe, a must of the season, because it is the typical undercut room that you can wear the same for a wedding or a formal dinner, but if you combine it with more casual pants, you go to the cinema.

The toe and the last extend the legs a lot, it is comfortable, because it fits fantastic, and has a padded plant.

 An essential wardrobe background of Primavera.

I combined a red dress, in the first photo, with the black shoe, and to get away from the red-black topic, I put a green Borlon bag, and thus I broke the bicolor simplicity, giving it a more original touch and It looks very good

The keys to avoid mistakes mixing these colors are to take very few accessories, skin color socks, and that the dress is smooth, that is not stamped.

In the second photo, the same shoe in bugambilla, to combine it with red (I love the combinations of reds or roses with fuxias, with oranges, with bugambillas, close colors but that create an atmosphere of strength among themselves, and relate well), and I also accompany it with a circle2 bag in pink nude.

 The three are very close colors, but together they have a good harmony, .You know, as long as we respect, the sobriety in complements and we go very monochrome in clothes, as if the dress were a canvas and the complements, brushstrokes of color on the same. These all are the things of Spring Shoes.

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