Sunbathing: The Best Sunscreen | Best Health Tips

Sunbathing: The Best Sunscreen | Best Health Tips

Sunbathing: The Best Sunscreen | Best Health Tips

Sunbathing? We do not have to always hide from the sun because it is necessary for our body to sunbathe, but properly protected. If we expose ourselves to the sun without adequate protection, we will be harming our bodies both in the short and long term. But any sunscreen or any way to apply it does not work. Here you will see how you must do it to really serve you.

Sunbathing: The Best SunscreenSunbathing: The Best Sunscreen

Among the points in favor that this star gives us is to synthesize Vitamin D or to strengthen our immune system. Not to mention the benefits on our skin in cases of vitiligo or psoriasis. In addition, it acts positively on our state of mind giving us more vitality and energy and making us feel better, and this is due to its effect on the neurotransmitters of our body.

But not everything is always as beautiful and has its negative side as burns or erythemas if we talk about negative effects in the short term and even vomiting, nausea, fever, loss of consciousness … in more extreme cases of sun exposure. In these cases you should go to the doctor quickly.

 Another problem of sun exposure is that part of these short-term negative effects also cause long-term effects producing degenerative alterations of the connective tissue of the dermis. It has been shown that 80% of aging in humans is due to sun exposure and is one of the main causes of cancer (skin cancer).

When we look for a sunscreen we have to keep in mind two types of protection, UVA and UVB. This is the best tips of Sunbathing.

What is different about these types of ultraviolet rays and how do they affect us?Sunbathing: The Best Sunscreen

 The UVA rays are more intense than UVB and affect the deeper layers of the skin. When we talk about UVB protection, we refer to the protection of the solar from burns or reactions of the skin to sun exposure and UVB refers to the effect of rays on the deep layers of the skin that affect our aging and spots, to say it in a more general way.


 Another important thing to know and that is rarely commented is that the protection that comes out in the products sold is the protection against UVB rays (sunburn and solar reactions) but not UVA. And how do we know the UVA protection, remembering that it is always 1/3 of what the UVB protects. That is, if we take a 50 protection cream we will be protecting 50 of the UVB and 16.666667 against the UVA rays. This is the best tips of Sunbathing.

 What should be clear about this that I just said?

 That those people who want to protect themselves from the sun by having spots or so that they do not appear and to reduce the effect of aging caused by the sun should always opt for creams that put 100+.

 Apart from sun protection, we must also remember that it is advisable to use other protective measures such as :

Do not expose ourselves to the sun between 10 o’clock in the morning and 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Use protection even when going for a walk on cloudy days. Neither fog nor clouds protect us from the sun’s rays.

Also, remember that the higher the altitude, the faster the skin burns with the sun. And even more when summer begins because that’s when UV rays can cause the most damage to the skin.

Avoid surfaces that reflect light, such as water, sand, concrete, snow and areas painted white.

Use hats, hats, sunglasses, shirts and white clothes … Remember that glasses should protect both UVA and UVB rays.

Do not use sun lamps or tanning beds (tanning salons). Spending 15 to 20 minutes in a tanning salon is as dangerous as spending a day in the sun. In the video you can see that it is one of the leading causes of cancer in both women and men.

It is important to remember that we should wear sunscreen several times a day , usually every hour and a half or every two hours. And more in case we get in the water.

 And it is recommended that we never use protectors under 30 FPS. It is not only about avoiding burning but about protecting our skin and our organism.

There are sunscreens with anti-mosquitoes on the market but it is better not to use this type of product because the protector must be applied several times a day and yet the repellent should not be used many times. It is counterproductive.

If there is sensitivity to sunscreens, a mineral such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide can be used .

You have to use sunscreen whenever you go outside, not only when you want to go to the beach or sunbathe. If we walk down the street or sit down for a drink on a terrace, the sun also touches us and affects us just as if we were lying in the sun by the sea. And you should always put 30 minutes before going out to the street to have effect. It is the time that the skin needs to absorb the protector and thus protect it. This one of the best tips of Sunbathing.

We must not forget the lips , that we also have to protect them. There are many lipsticks that carry sunscreen so we can moisturize, repair and protect our lips at the same time.

Nowadays there are many products on the market that contain several phases and that is why they must be shaken before using, so that the phases mix and take effect. This is important to know for when you have to apply the sunscreen. Always look if you should mix the product before its application for correct use and protection. This is one of the best tips Sunbathing.

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