Teclast X2 Pro, Power And Windows 10 With Stylus

Teclast X2 Pro? “If you see a stylus, they’ve screwed it up” – Steve Jobs, 2010. With this famous quote the Apple co-founder made clear his intentions regarding what the tablets should be like. At that time, many brands were betting to include a stylus with their touch devices, since their screens were, in most cases, resistive. For a while, with capacitive screens, few tablets have had a stylus, however, today many brands are returning to bet on them, as is the case of the Teclast X2 Pro that we analyze today. This new trend has also affected Apple who with their Pencil has raised criticism, even among their regular fans.

Teclast X2 Pro, Power And Windows 10 With StylusTeclast X2 Pro, Power And Windows 10 With Stylus

This time we talk about the Teclast X2 pro, a powerful tablet with a desktop operating system (Windows 10) and a large screen, as well as two accessories that are almost essential, including an interesting stylus.

Teclast X2 Pro: Not without my accessories

When we choose for a Chinese device, often we do not have as many accessories available as in the case of major brands. That’s why e n sometimes we have to opt for universal accessories that do not take all the juice to our tablet or mobile.

However, Teclast is one of the few exceptions, since most of its devices, especially large models, have at least one case with an official keyboard.

Official covers with keyboard of the Teclast X2 Pro

Writing with a virtual keyboard on an 11.6-inch tablet such as the Teclast X2 Pro is quite uncomfortable, so it is appreciated to have a physical keyboard to perform office tasks or simply for the normal use of the operating system.

The official cover of the Teclast X2 Pro is made of artificial leather, has a self-locking system and uses a magnetic connector located in the center of the bottom edge of the tablet, so when using this case we will not have to take any of its ports or keep the Bluetooth connection activated . In addition this case has a flap that is deployed to get the tablet to stand, the shape of this support is very reminiscent of the Microsoft Surface.

The magnetic connector makes it more convenient to connect or disconnect the keyboard case of the Teclast X2 Power

The magnetic connector makes it more convenient to connect or disconnect the keyboard case of the Teclast X2 Power

EYE! In principle we cannot find the keyboard with the letter Ñ, however, having an Fn key , it would be possible to map the combination  Fn + N  to write a Ñ.

Official Stylus of the Teclast X2 ProOfficial Stylus of the Teclast X2 Pro

Today there are two types of Stylus, assets and liabilities. As it happens in any technological component in which these two types of format exist, the active stylus uses energy to manage to carry out its operation, while the passive one obtains without it. The best example is refrigeration, the active one has fans or a water pump (liquid cooling) and the passive uses dissipaters, usually metallic, in contact with the heat source.

Generally the active Styluses, like the one of the Teclast X2 Pro, manage to offer greater precision and functions, although at a higher price and with the inconvenience of having to be attentive to the batteries (or batteries)..

An active Stylus like the Teclast X2 Pro guarantees a much higher precision than the usual passive stylus.

The Stylus of the Teclast X2 Pro has a tip of only 1.2 mm in thickness and a chip capable of detecting 256 levels of pressure, we also have two buttons, one that double clicks left and another that double right clicks.

It uses a AAAA battery (it is not an errata, 4xA, they are not as easy to find as AAA, but if smaller and lighter), with it we will have up to 250 hours of continuous writing . It also has an  auto-sleep system  with which to save energy. So the stylus battery should not be a real concern.

Technical specifications of the Teclast X2 Pro

  • Display: 11’6 inches IPS, 1920 × 1080 (16: 9)
  • Processor: Intel Core M 5Y10C 64Bits Dual-Core 800MHz (up to 2.0GHz)
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5300
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB SSD expandable to 128 / 128GB SSD; expandable with a MicroSD of up to 128GB.
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Rear camera: 5MPx signed by OmniVision
  • Front camera: 2MPx
  • Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi b / g / n, Wi-Di, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS
  • Physical connectivity: HDMI, 2xUSB 3.0, MicroUSB OTG and Jack 3.5mm
  • Sensors: Gravity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Hall Effect sensor
  • Weight: 844gr
  • Dimensions: 303 × 185 × 105mm
  • Battery: 12160mAh

This is not a normal tablet; its processor is Intel’s Core range, including the famous i3 / 5/7 and previously the 2 Duo and Quad. The latest addition to the Intel Core was the M collection that includes the Teclast X2 Pro, which gave us the controversial Macbook (2015) and we have seen in the Cube i7 tablet .

The Teclast X2 Pro mounts an Intel Core M. A processor based on Broadwell:

The Intel Core M 5Y10C, like the entire M family, is designed to offer a very low power consumption, a philosophy that clashes with the idiosyncrasy of x86 architecture that unfortunately has never been an example of efficiency. The speed of this processor is 800MHz with a turbo of up to 2GHz, some will think the Samsung Galaxy S2 had higher speed or something like that, and this is on paper, however, neither the architecture is the same nor that simple It is the matter. And is that although their speeds are lower, the performance of each core is much higher than those found, for example, in an Intel Atom.

The GPU of this processor is no wonder, however this Intel HD Graphics 5300 will allow us to watch videos in 4k and even run a large list of games that Intel gives us , including the classic League of Legends, CS: GO or Starcraft 2 among others, and more that do not appear in the list and that will be compatible. That list works under the premise that the system has 4GB of RAM, the same as this Teclast X2 Pro, an amount that doubles the minimum requirement of Windows 10 and that leaves us a good room for maneuver when it comes to using heavy applications

With its two USB 3.0 ports, the Teclast X2 Pro will allow us to use external hard drives without problems:

As for storage we find a pleasant surprise, since the Teclast X2 Pro has in its entrails a 64 or 128 GB SSD. If we choose the version of 64 and we are short, nothing happens; we have the possibility to change it to another up to 128GB. In addition, we have a port for a MicroSD of up to 128GB, as well as 2 USB 3.0 ports of type A and a MicroUSB OTG port, which is not charging.

Finally highlight the battery, 12160 mAh, a very respectable figure that guarantees a good autonomy, although we must not forget that it is an Intel Core M and not an Intel Atom that always has a lower consumption.

Teclast X2 Pro vs Teclast X16 PoweTeclast X2 Pro vs Teclast X16 Power

The Teclast X16 Power has, in addition to Windows, Android, which runs impeccably with its 8GB of RAM.

A few days ago we talked about the Teclast X16 Power, a very powerful tablet with very vitamin-like characteristics that surprised us being very particular to have 8GB of RAM and Dual-Boot. That’s why it seems interesting to compare these two tablets of similar characteristics, price and size.

They are tablets from the same manufacturer and both the Teclast X2 Pro and the X16 Power have a similar design although in the case of the first, its body is made of aluminum, a material that provides strength and acts to some extent as a heat sink. Undoubtedly, the materials are a point in favor of the Teclast X2 Pro.

If we go to the internal hardware we find another important difference. In the first place we found two very different processors, in the case of the Teclast X2 Pro the aforementioned Intel Core M, while the X16 Power mounted an Intel Atom X7-Z8700 of the Cherry Trail range. If we look at the cold data, the Atom is much higher than the M, however, the benchmarks bring to light very different data, which, especially the Single-Core performance, in which the Intel Core M 5Y10C remains very above.

There is also a difference in the graphics, the Intel HD 8th Generation is a powerful GPU, and however, the Intel HD Graphics 5300 has a more advanced character, is capable of working in 4k and incorporates a number of Intel technologies that the graphics of the Atom does not include. Turning to RAM, the Teclast X16 Power with its 8GB leaves behind the 4 of the Teclast X2 Pro , both are very good data, but more always better in terms of RAM.

Each core of the Core M, despite working with a lower frequency manages to calculate much more data.

Regarding storage, the difference is important, although it is true that the advances in flash memory have offered very good rates of reading and writing, the SSD always manage to offer better results, besides the fact of being able to change the SSD is very interesting if we want a solid disk from another manufacturer, only the limitation of capacity can be lamented, which in the Teclast X2 Pro is available in 64 and 128GB, while the X16 only 64.

The metallic body allows a better cooling and gives robustness to the Teclast X2 Pro.

Speaking of the screen, both are 11.6-inch panels with a FullHD resolution, however the compatibility with Stylus is another point in favor of the Teclast X2 Pro.

The connections of both tablets are similar, however the Teclast X2 Pro has a USB 3.0 plus, as well as compatibility with Stylus, however both have a magnetic connection for a case / keyboard.

Finally talk about the batteries, although the X2 Pro has 45000mWh, the battery of the other Teclast is 323000 mWh (eye, mWh, not mAh). Although both batteries will give us several hours at maximum performance, the Teclast X2 Pro has greater capacity , although it would be necessary to know if the consumption of the Intel Core M is as low as that of the Intel Atom, surely not.

So, while the Teclast X2 Pro offers hardware designed for the desktop and sitting games with a laptop processor and a productivity-oriented system, the Teclast X16 Power also incorporates Android allows us to use this tablet, in addition to for office work, for a wider multimedia use.

Conclusions about the Teclast X2 Pro

Although Dual-Boot tablets work very well, sometimes we miss a tablet that can offer power in the same way as a laptop  without having to pay disproportionate prices like the Surface Pro (although it is much more powerful). For this the Teclast X2 Pro approves with a note.

You can find it at around $330 for the 64GB version and for $100 more with 128 GB (I personally think it more than compensates for the 64 and opt for a SSD later if necessary). On the other hand, the Stylus you can find for just over $15 and the case with keyboard (eye, has no Ñ) for about $32 .

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