BMW X6M: 575 HP And 750 Nm


 BMW X6M ? It was the year 2009 when BMW presented us for the first time the high-performance SUV concept on the basis of the BMW X6. For that then it was a beast without equal that the certain thing is that it did not finish finding its hollow in the market, but already it has rained enough from that one then and the things have changed much. In 2015 came the second generation of the BMW X5 and X6 and, with them, M Performance variants much more radical if possible. The product had improved significantly compared to its predecessor and dynamically now we can define them as authentic sports SUVs.

In fact, I cannot think of a better way to define the X6M than as an ‘ iron hand in a silk glove ‘. This mammoth SUV sports court is wrapped in a beautiful carcass full of aerodynamic ornaments very but very eye-catching, as in the interior there is no lack of quality materials, important technological advances and all the amenities that the most demanding customers would like to enjoy in your vehicle, but the real highlight comes behind the wheel when you have to tame the heart that hides in its bowels. Yes, the powerful V8 gasoline block with 4.4 liters of displacement and 575 HP of power.

 BMW X6MIt is true that in no case we talk about a super sales, even taking into account that despite the various rivals that have in the market, is one of the most sensations transmitted by the wheel for its dynamism . The Range Rover Sport SVR, the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupé or the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S are some of them, although both the British model and the SUV of the Star are slightly slower and consume more, while the Cayenne Turbo S is the undisputed leader on the track but it costs about 50,000 dollars more starting than the Bavarian SUV.

As I mentioned, along with the specific mechanical elements of this version, the BMW X6M is distinguished from the other versions of this SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) for its wild exterior that integrates numerous elements of new bill more aggressive as the bumpers, the front grille, rear spoiler, double support of the rear view mirrors or the four exhaust outlets located at the ends of the rear bumper. The same happens in the interior , with various specific details, sports seats with exceptional grip and softness, the sports steering wheel with cams or the ‘M’ instrument panel.

In short, we refer to a model that is worth talking about in detail, and to put it to the test we have gone no less than the circuit of Ascari (Malaga) . Are not you curious to know it thoroughly?

Exterior design

The BMW X6M has the same characteristics as the X6 range, but it rightly adorns the set with various aerodynamic elements that give it an impressive presence. That is to say, it combines the typical aesthetic features of this coupé-cut SUV with a figure that transmits aplomb, robustness and versatility,  only that on this occasion the brand wanted to capture the sportsmanship of its high-performance department.

The original concept was already aimed at bringing together the sporty and elegant character of the classic coupes of the brand and transferring it to the successful automotive concept of the medium-sized Sports Activity Coupé. Without getting into the section of whether they have achieved or not in terms of design, I can tell you that the model object of the test caught looks and fingers where it happened.

Although the BMW X6M is based on the technology of the BMW X5M (even share the mechanics), we can say that the model pair has a unique and very characteristic sports character  and its behavior is considerably more dynamic (eye, is far from what would be a sports saloon, but if you are one of those who are looking for an elevated model but you avoid the dynamics of the SUV, this is your vehicle).

The body shapes of the new BMW X6 are sporty for being a SAV and at the same time, they express agility and robustness.

On the front, the German house has made it clear that the X6M belongs to the range of BMW X models and this is evident due to the striking shape of the double ovoid grille typical of the brand -double with chrome frame and silver finish- , the triangle formed by the large double headlights and the fog lamps, as well as the X-shaped lines of the front bumper profile whose skirt has more pronounced shapes and clearly contoured lines that converge in the area of ​​the grid.

The LED fog lights of this unit are positioned closer to the grille than in the standard versions of the X6, while the round LED double headlights  form the distribution that distinguish all BMW X models . In the upper part, the headlights are delimited by a chrome strip with which the model, together with the Adaptive Full LED headlights as standard, acquires that concentrated look so characteristic that distinguishes the BMW both day and night.

The large air intakes on the side ends and the marked folds in the front apron make the BMW X6M look great.

 BMW X6MRight under the kidneys we came across a horizontal air inlet in which a front parking assist camera is located, which was combined with a battery of proximity sensors. This camera  is part of the system called BMW Surround View  offers multiple cameras around the car that we provide real – time  a 360 or . In this case, said package is also part of the standard equipment.

Continuing with the external view, in the profile you can clearly see the lines that differentiate the X5M model. In the X6M the roof line reaches its highest point at the height of the driver’s head. From there, it descends to the end of the tailgate, accentuating the coupe-like shape. Although this fall does not harm the habitability of the rear seats, yes we can say that the model has much less headroom than the BWM X5M.

The X6 was the second BMW X model that incorporated the Air Curtain system that helps reduce the aerodynamic drag of the car. These vertical air intakes direct the air through the front wheel arches. Next, the air flows along the outside of the wheels forming a kind of curtain and ends up coming out through the “air breathers” that are in the back of the wheel arches.

The bulging wheel arches and the smaller distance between the front axle and the dashboard, accentuate the aplomb and the robustness of this Sports Activity Vehicle. The dynamic inverted wedge shape of the silhouette of the new BMW X6M is further enhanced by three lines of characteristic design. In addition, as standard the model has a contour in contrasting color that seems to frame all the  “edges”  of the body, while highlighting this characteristic blue tone that the Bavarian signature called Long Beach Blau .

Finally, the rib that runs at the height of the door handles, typical of the brand, is born in the area of ​​the front wheel arch, ascends quickly and then flows until it ends in a smooth curve in the back that connects with the rear optics to give a unique and unmistakable presence to this beast of great dimensions.

The X6M has a length of 4,909 millimeters, which means that it is only a few millimeters longer than the X5M. But it is also a few millimeters less tall with 1,689 mm. The width reaches 1,989 mm and the wheelbase of 2,933 mm does not take it far from the X5M. Its turning radius is 12.8 meters and its aerodynamic coefficient is 0.37.

The side view was completed with the striking tires that equipped our test unit. These are attractive  double-spoke M-wheels with graphite contrasts and a size of 21 inches – $ 3,000 – that fitted Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in dimensions 285/35 ZR21 104Y on the front axle and 325/30 ZR21 108Y on the axle rear.

It is in the back where the BMW X6M gains greater personality, with a few muscular forms and differentiating elements with respect to the standard version. The curved line that begins to descend from the front seats dies in the lid of the trunk with a marked spoiler that, in turn, generates the same existing line in the old “false three volumes”. As a curiosity, the model lacks rear wiper due to the inclination of the gate.

 BMW X6MThe large gate had a series of electric opening and closing as well as a camera located in the license plate holder. Optionally, our unit had the comfort access system that thanks to a movement under the vehicle, made the boot lid open automatically, while the doors can be opened and closed with the key in your pocket -1,265 € -. At both ends of the rear we came across the pilots of  LED technology in the shape of an L.

Being a high-altitude model, the cargo area is really high, which  undoubtedly makes it difficult to load the vehicle but at the same time makes the design much more robust. At the lower end, not a marked lack diffuser housing and winding the two twin tailpipes rounded appearance, while on the roof found a shark fin antenna type and sunroof practicable optional 1597 $.

Interior design

If the aesthetics “half coupe, half SUV” of the X6M does not convince you, maybe the interior captivates you. Once you get into this SUV you will find a very spacious and comfortable interior available from the basic units that in this case add extra sportiness to the set. In the quiet interior we will find some finials with high quality materials with incredible padded surfaces that cover even the lower part of the dashboard and are lined as standard with leather. Of course, in this case, Merino Silverstone leather upholstery with the roof in Alcantara have an extra cost of no less than 5,749 euros.

Regarding the design, the horizontal projection of the dashboard emphasizes the width of the passenger compartment. In combination with the Professional navigation system as standard, the front view was really technological. The ergonomic orientation of the board is accentuated by the asymmetric console. The high position of the comfortable sports seat with electrical adjustments, lumbar reinforcement and heating facilitates access and also optimizes the visibility of the driver who will have an easy and intuitive control over each and every one of the features of the model, which are not few.

The multifunction sport steering wheel ‘M’ with aluminum cans and the instrument panel also signed by the sports division of the brand are some of the elements that highlight the exclusivity of this model and put the icing on the cake to the passenger compartment.

The ambient light included in the lighting package that equips this test unit, enhances the appearance of the vehicle at night. The environment generated by this ambient light is in charge of LEDs that offer different colors and intensities for all tastes. Although it seems silly, driving with a little ambient light at night tires much less the driver’s view.

 BMW X6MThe grip of the seats is remarkable both on the bench and on the backrest, with an extremely sporty design and the ‘M’ logo embroidered on the headrests. You will hardly be able to find your ideal position in them.

On the other hand, the layout of the lines and the trim strip of the dashboard extends into the linings of the front doors and projects towards the linings of the rear doors. The trim strips included in this test unit were carbon fiber simile with piano black in contrast and, although I am not very fond of this material for its delicacy against stains and scratches, the truth is that the combination between the light leather of the seats, the contrast with black leather surfaces of the dashboard and these materials form a really sporty combination.

The large 10.2-inch screen with multiple functions presides over the dashboard, followed by the four-zone air conditioning system -600. Below, in the center of the console is the control knob on the iDrive control system as standard, easily accessible from the two front seats. To the left of the gear lever ‘M’ we find the commands of the M Drive with adjustments to regulate the hardness of the steering wheel, the suspension and the management of the engine (three hardness modes to choose: Comfort, Sport and Sport +) ; the controls of the camera system, the deactivation button of the traction control, the descent control or the electric handbrake, among others.

Beneath the wide double central armrest with a lid covering a storage space, there is a housing provided with a USB port and AUX-In connection. In terms of habitability and, thanks to the exterior dimensions, passengers occupying the rear seats will be extremely comfortable and will be able to access the interior of the car more easily because the doors offer an excellent opening angle and have a generous length. The truth is that I cannot fault the interior of the BMW X6M although perhaps some emphasize the outdated, or rather, continuous design of it.

Behind the ergonomic front seats there is now a greater space for the legs and a greater height, so it is more comfortable to travel occupying the two outer seats. The rear central square is as always, uncomfortable; however, the width of the vehicle affects the occupant of the same trip in a comfortable way.

Unlike other SUVs, I have to praise the work that the engineers have done, who have endowed the model with a spectacular interior space, as well as a ride comfort worthy of mention. The trunk of the BMW X6M, meanwhile, cubes 550 liters, expandable up to 1,525 liters thanks to which the backs of the rear seats can be divided and collapsed in relation to 40:20:40.

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Undoubtedly the highlight of the BMW X6M is its mechanics, which increased the relationship between performance and consumption with respect to its predecessor and makes this SUV a complete missile. Its powerful 4,400 cc V8 petrol engine features BMW TwinPower Turbo technology with the manifold shared by the two banks, TwinScroll Bi-Turbo overload, High Precision Injection direct fuel injection, as well as the VALVETRONIC system.

In short, we talk about a model capable of developing now a not inconsiderable 423 kW / 575 hp available between 6,000 and 6,500 rpm, while the maximum torque raises to 750 Nm between 2,200 and 5,000 revolutions per minute. There is nothing. Thanks to its power, this model is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.2 seconds, even with Launch Control function.

According to the brand, the BMW X6M homologa 14.7 liters / 100 km in the city, 9.0 liters / 100 km on the road and 11.1 liters / 100 km in combined cycle. Then I tell you the reality that, surprisingly, does not stray from the official way.

Although it declares a high weight of 2,340 kg , its power overdose means that this motorization is capable of moving the model with extreme ease in all possible circumstances, but beware of consumption because, despite being inferior to its rivals, you will not be able to get it down from 11 liters to 100 liters on the highway if you drive quietly, raising this figure in the city to 14.5 liters and around 12 l / 100 km in combined cycle .

With its generous power, its spontaneous reactions and its extraordinary capacity for recovery, this engine is the wildest thing that exists in the world of high-performance SUVs, staying stuck to the seat in every acceleration. On the contrary, if you want to move around quietly it is a really docile car, which allows you to use it on a day-to-day basis without excessive complication with respect to the more rational versions of the BMW X6 range.

This model also has a sporty automatic M Steptronic eight-speed gearbox with Drivelogic . It is a gearbox that works in a very similar way to double clutch boxes and offers accurate and accurate reactions, with very fast gear changes. According to the German house, this automatic transmission with converter harmonizes perfectly with the new turbo engine of greater torque and means a giant step compared to the box of 6 gears of the previous generation.

This eight-speed transmission combines great comfort with perceptible dynamism and greater fuel savings. You can also manually change gear with the selection lever.

In addition, it is the first automatic transmission with converter that allows advancing at very slow speed if requested by the driver (Low Speed ​​Assistant) and change through the cams. Perhaps we are talking about one of the best gearboxes in the market, as it allows a more favorable gear change and driving, thanks to the shorter exchange rates and lower regime jumps.

Motor:  V8 4.4 liter BMW M TwinPower Turbo

Cilindrada:          4.395 cm3

Power: 575 HP (423 kW) @ 6,000 – 6,500 rpm

Pair:       750 Nm @ 2,200 – 5,000 rpm

Weight 2,340 kilos

Dimensions Lar / An / Al mm       4,909 / 1,989 / 1,689 mm

Trunk Volume:  550 (1,525) liters

Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h        4.2 seconds (includes Launch Control)

Recovery 80 to 120 km / h            ND

Maximum speed:            250 km / h (electronically lim)

Consumption :  14.7 / 9.0 / 11.1 l / 100 km (urb. / Extraurb. / Comb.)

CO2 emissions per km: 250 g / km CO2

Starting price:   140,900 euros

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If there is something for which stands out the BMW X6M is for its ease to shoot quickly. At first glance it may seem that your mammoth appearance will penalize you in the dynamic section, but the truth is that this SUV moves like fish in the water on highways, twisty roads and, above all, on the circuit. This is achieved, among other things, thanks to the xDrive permanent all-wheel drive system that also equips the rest of the X6 range, which acts according to the conditions of adherence of the asphalt, allowing a distribution of force in each axis up to 100%

To increase the dynamism, the torque is concentrated in normal conditions on the rear axle, while this system is complemented on the rear axle with the Dynamic Performance Control sports differential that distributes the torque between the rear wheels independently to ensure maximum stability in curve. It is clear that in a model with similar weight-power ratio, the help of electronics is essential to keep everything under control.

On the other hand, the stability control of the X6M has three operating modes: DSC on, MDM (M Dynamic Mode) and DSC off. While with the «DSC on» mode the brakes intervene specifically to oppose the tendency to understeer or oversteer, the «MDM» mode allows for greater slippage of the wheels suitable for drivers who prefer a more dynamic driving style, up to point that you can make the car skid slightly in a controlled manner. In addition, additional functions have been added to improve active safety (activation of the function of the brakes on hold, activation of the pads to dry the discs, support system in case of loss of brake efficiency due to «fading ») And, also, comfort (assistant to start the car, parking brake with Automatic Hold function ).

The agility of this model and its maneuverability is explained by the balanced distribution of the weight in 50:50 ratios between the two axles, by its chassis and by the electromechanical power steering.

With this set of technologies, the X6M enjoys an extraordinary dynamism , although it is also true that it will not transmit as many sensations as other ‘M’ models of the BMW range. What’s more, even if you circulate “light” the sensation of speed is quite reduced and, at the first clue, you’ll have a nice souvenir photo courtesy of the DGT (quiet, it was not our case). Another of its strengths is the pneumatic suspension with automatic adjustment of the height of the rear axle, which has more rigid springs and a body 10 millimeters lower, in addition to the Dynamic Drive active system. Together they efficiently reduce the movements and lateral inclinations of the body.

Regarding its use in the city, you must be clear that its measures are considerable and its consumption is very high. You can ride with it as with any other SUV of similar size and incorporates various assistants to facilitate maneuvers, but clearly is not their natural habitat.

If we add to this entire fast, precise and variable hardness direction, the result is a powerful SUV with an amazing ability to link curves in twisty sections. It is effective in its work and allows you to run quickly with confidence, confidence and safety, although you have to be aware of what you have in hand and everything has a limit. Really in this case the limit is very high, but it is not a treacherous model, it will warn you with a slight understeer long before things start to get complicated.

Special mention deserves the brakes, powerful, dosable and effective in equal parts. Getting them to show symptoms of fatigue is complicated, as it has been chosen to introduce a braking system of high performance composite materials. At the front, the fixed jaw is six cylinders, while in the rear has been chosen a floating jaw with a piston. Compared to the brakes of its predecessor, the surface of the pads has increased by 50 percent, while the weight has been reduced by more than 1.5 kg. While it is true, carbocerámicos brakes would not come at all bad.

Finally, and with respect to its capabilities outside the asphalt, the BMW X6M could easily overcome easy roads or sliding surfaces thanks to the xDrive traction, but because of the profile of the tires, their dimensions and their price (it has to be said), the goat on the mountain with him is not recommended. Even so, it offers an angle of attack of 25º, an angle of exit of 22.5º, a ventral angle of 20º a depth of wade of 500 mm and a distance to the ground of 195 mm .

Price and equipment

The BMW X6M part of no less than 140,900 euros and comes very equipped as standard compared to the other versions of the X6, yes, it is easy to considerably increase the bill at the time we began to add optional. In the case of this unit, we go to a final price of around 165,000 dollars.

Among the most outstanding options of this unit are the 21-inch wheels, the four-zone climate control, the advanced technology Bang & Olufsen surround sound system with 16 speakers and a power of 1,200 watts or the electric sunroof.

The sporty exterior package, 20-inch wheels, Adaptive Full LED headlights , gear lever knob in aluminum and leather, center console in chrome and leather, chrome and leather doors and chrome and leather dashboard; automatic dual-zone climate control, full-color Head-Up display , memorized settings of the exterior mirror and steering wheel, leather and front seats of the sports driver with electric adjustment (six electrical settings), thermal, memorized, memorized and two-way electric with memorized adjustment of the backrest, memorized adjustment of the inclination of the bench and manual adjustment of the bench seat; Bluetooth, camera for crosses without visibility, audio equipment of 9 speakers with AM / FM radio, CD player, RDS, CD player for MP3 and DVD on the color screen dashboard, data browser via internal memory / 20 GB hard disk and 10 color screen , 2 “with information in 3D and with voice, control by buttons / potentiometers and traffic information or the Surrond View 360º system , among many others.

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