The Apartment Of Hydraulic Tiles On The Wall

The Apartment Of Hydraulic Tiles

Hydraulic Tiles ? We are going to welcome summer with this apartment full of color thanks to the hydraulic tiles that flood its walls. This house located in Vietnam was renovated by the architectural firm Landmark. Which had to adapt the space for a family of seven people.

Personally, I would love to incorporate the hydraulic tiles in my house (as I had already mentioned in some other article) and I hope to do it someday. Surely, if that moment arrives, they will not be as present as on this floor. Where they are used in contrast to a totally white background and a light wooden floor, giving a cheerful and original touch to each room. This is the best hydraulic tiles of the wall.

The Apartment Of Hydraulic Tiles On The WallAlthough the first thing that catches the attention of the apartment is the colorful tiles. There are many other great ideas that inspire in this apartment. I love how the yellow lamps are with wooden slats (if you like this color, do not forget to see this house on the beach and my dining room). It is also worth mentioning how well used space. As we see with the small desk in the bedroom and with the use of even holes in the wall for boxes that serve for storage. If you look, the coffee table The living room is composed of four stools that act as footrests, seats and side table. Do not miss the rest of ideas!

The Apartment Of Hydraulic Tiles On The WallThe Apartment Of Hydraulic Tiles On The Wall

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