The Most Addictive Browser Games For Everyone

The Most Addictive Browser Games For Everyone

The Most Addictive Browser Games For Everyone

The Most Addictive Browser Games? Despite the fact that video game platforms are becoming more numerous, that smartphone games have entered the scene and that the graphics of video games offer an impressive reality. There is something that never goes out of fashion: flash games.

Most Addictive Browser GamesMost Addictive Browser Games

The games browser has spent years offering hours and hours of entertainment. Very popular in the early 2000s for the variety of titles and easy to access these (no need to buy video games or accessories, just with the computer and Internet connection). Even today they maintain their good position due to the gameplay that offer.

Some are ideal to kill the boredom of those minutes that sometimes stay hanging while we wait for something or someone. But others are really addictive and will make you spend the long summer afternoons without even realizing it. This is one of the Most Addictive Browser Games.

Today we are going to talk about two of the best flash games that exist today: Happy Wheels and Super Smash Flash 2.

Happy WheelsHappy Wheels

From the start of Happy Wheels we can choose to play or design our own level

A game defined by some as macabre and others as addictive, the truth is that it leaves no one indifferent. If you want to check for yourself who of the two sides you are in, you can play Happy Wheels for free in Country of the Games. To advance through the different levels, we will have to overcome a circuit of traps raised in different vehicles, from a wheelchair to a segway, depending on the character with whom we choose to play.

By bike, on a segway, in a wheelchair or even in a supermarket cart, any vehicle with wheels can be the protagonist of this game. This is the Most Addictive Browser Games.

The main novelty of the game compared to other titles of obstacle courses is that before reaching the goal we can see how our protagonist suffers the consequences of falling into a trap. Probably the first time you play Happy Wheels you cannot get through the first level with your character intact and lose an arm, a leg, your head, all at the same time. Part of the challenge of Happy Wheels consists precisely in this, not only in overcoming the levels but in getting to finish as full as possible.

But without a doubt the most striking feature of this flash game is that users can create levels in a very simple way, just by placing geometric figures to create the desired path. The demo version will allow us to design and play them ourselves, but we will not be able to share them with the rest of the community or save them to play in the future unless we are in the full version.

The arrow keys, the Z, the space bar, the control and the shift are the only controls you will need to use to play Happy Wheels.

This way our character can end if we fall into a trap

Start the game by choosing which level you want to play, choose a character (if that level allows it) and try to survive until you reach the goal. Along the way you will find traps like mines, demolition balls, crossbows, barbs or limpet bombs, among others.

As we have already mentioned at the beginning, you can play Happy Wheels on browser games pages like Game Country or Minigames. Not suitable for people who are too sensitive.

Super Smash Flash 2Super Smash Flash 2

The second on our list of the most addictive browser games is Super Smash Flash 2.

The gameplay is very simple: choose a character from such popular faces as Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, Goku, Naruto or Pikachu, among many others, select the scenario and let the battle begin! As in any fighting game, your goal will be to defeat your enemy without him touching you before.

In addition to the characters, the scenarios are also well known to all of us.

In the version of Super Smash Flash 2 that you can find in Country of the Games you can play in groups or alone, choosing also the option of training, event or stadium mode and adjusting the difficulty based on your experience, your ability and the hours of game that you carry on your back. This is another Most Addictive Browser Games.

Super Smash Flash 2 modes for single player

Although the fighting games have evolved a lot, it is always nice to look back a few years and recover simple modes and graphics of the most basic, where the entertainment of the player is the only thing that matters.

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