The Most Expensive Jewels In The World For Everyone

The Most Expensive Jewels In The World For Everyone

The Most Expensive Jewels In The World For Everyone

Most Expensive Jewels ? Much has been spoken of dream jewels. For example the jewels of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, those of Letizia of USA, the royal Danish jewels, the ones collected so far by Camilla and jewels used in the most famous royal weddings.

Most Expensive Jewels In The WorldMost Expensive Jewels In The World

This time, however, I want to focus on the most expensive jewels in the world, which do not belong so much to the crowned heads. But rather to the millionaires and celebrities who spend stratospheric amounts of money to acquire them.

Next, I will talk about the precious dreams of several zeros, splendid jewels that we can afford to admire.

Because beauty not only nourishes the eyes but also the soul, especially if it is as sensitive as mine.

The most expensive diamonds in the world

Among the most expensive jewels in the world could not miss a diamond. In fact, the diamond sold by the famous British jeweler Laurence Graff in 2018 for 80 million dollars to a member of the royal family of Qatar.

The world’s most expensive blue diamond wittelsbach graffThe world's most expensive blue diamond wittelsbach graff

The blue diamond Wittelsbach-Graff   was bought a few years earlier by the jewelers at just over a quarter of the price at which it was sold. This had belonged to the Austrian and Bavarian crown. At first, the stone was 35.56 carats, but Graff reduced it to 31.06 carats to improve its beauty and strengthen the value. Which generated criticism from other jewelers.

Speaking of diamonds, among the most expensive jewels there is also the blue Winston , a ring with a 13.22 carat stone that presumes to come from South Africa. Where most of the known blue diamonds are found.

Engagement ring with blue winston dimantes

This engagement ring cost 23.8 million dollars. it would be curious to know who was the brave young man who made this fabulous purchase. I imagine that it must arrive at the end of the month without any problem.

Among the most expensive jewels in the world there is also a Bulgari ring created for the 70s with a white diamond. A blue diamond mounted on a gold ring with other diamonds.

Bulgari diamond ring

At first, the gem was bought for 1 million dollars as a gift for the wife of a European collector. But the current estimate is 15.7 million.

Among the most expensive jewels is the largest and most perfect diamond in the world , which is defined as an incomparable gem. This diamond was found by a girl in 1980 in the Congo.

Mouawad diamond necklace

The stone is 407.48 carats mounted with another 230 small diamonds on a necklace created by Mouawad, the exclusive luxury jewelry brand in Dubai. The cost? Only $ 55 million, with the primacy of the most beautiful necklace in the world!

Among the most expensive jewels in the world could not miss a diamond brooch. Which was built in Paris by Cartier in 1912 and well worth 17.6 million dollars.

Cartier diamond brooch

They gave it the name of Belle Epoque  “Devant-De-bouillette de Cartier” and it is a wonderful jewel composed of 3 larger diamonds of 34, 23,55 and 6,5 carats and then other smaller diamonds.

The most expensive pink diamonds in the worldThe most expensive pink diamonds in the world

Pink diamonds are very rare, especially if their color is pure and if they exceed twelve and twenty carats. Since experts believe that only 10% is greater.

For all these reasons, among the most expensive jewelry in the world there is the Graff Pink. A beautiful ring with a rose diamond of 24.78 carats, which belonged to the famous jeweler Harry Winston and sold in 2010 by Sotheby for  46.2 million dollars .

Pink diamond rings Graff Pink

Distinctive features? A very rare carat color and weight, of the largest ever discovered!

However, the record as the most expensive ring in the world is held by Rosa Graff. The pink diamond star valued at 72 million dollars.

This stone is 59.6 carats and was derived from rough 132.5 carats stone extracted from DeBeers in Africa. The experts were impressed not only by its size, but also by its unique beauty in the world.

The most expensive sapphires

Among the most expensive jewels in the world there are also wonderful creations with blue sapphires.

The precious blue Belle of Asia necklace  has as central stone the largest sapphire in the history of 392.5 carats.

The Super Jewel was sold at an auction in 2014 for 17.3 million dollars.

Another dream is the heart pendant made by Harry Winston inspired by the eponymous jewel protagonist of the movie Titanic. Where the necklace Coeur de la Mer   is swallowed by the ocean.

Blue heart pendant

The gemstone is a blue sapphire of 15 carats worth 17 million dollars!

Other Jewelry of great value

Among the other most expensive jewels in the world is a wonderful Cartier bracelet in the shape of a panther with the body of onyx and diamonds and emerald eyes.

Panther cartier bracelet

The jewel belonged to Wallis Simpson, the lover of Edward VIII of England who abdicated in 1930. The Cartier bracelet is one of the many gifts received from the real and was sold at auction in 2010 for 12 million dollars.

Among the most expensive jewels in the world is another creation of Cartier, The jadeite necklace Hutton-Mdivani, just belonged to Barbara Hutton (heir of Woolworth) and Princess Nina Mdivina.

Jadeite necklace hutton mdivani

The necklace consists of 27 green jadeite emeralds with a clasp of rubies, diamonds, platinum and gold.

Finally, among the most expensive jewelry in the world is the Chopard watch of 201 carats made with 874 diamonds, of which the largest is 15 carats.

Chopard diamond watch

In fact, with all this abundance of precious stones it is difficult to see the clock and the time.


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