The Reality About The Versisure Alarm | Home Security

The Reality About The Versisure Alarm | Home Security

The Reality About The Versisure Alarm | Home Security

Versisure Alarm? I’m going to release the blog analyzing one of the great security systems at European level (and probably worldwide). And when I say big, I mean the number of systems installed. It’s the Security Direct alarm.

This alarm equipment is installed exclusively by said company,  Security Direct. In another post we will analyze the details of this company nationally and globally.

Note: remember that the alarms of multinationals are not the only option. Probably an alarm without quotas can meet our needs and we will save a few hundred euros. Before hiring anything, compare, decide and choose; Do not let them fool you. Read about them in the post I recently made here.

How does the Verisure alarm work?How does the Verisure alarm work?

The Verisure alarm is a totally wireless device, with radio link between the devices and the control panel or control panel. For a couple of years you already have 3G communication with the CRA, but the previous models simply communicated by GSM – in case you are not very placed in these terms, 3G is mobile internet; GSM is voice call. – Of course, 3G communication is much faster.

The sensors have a color camera, which works decently to capture the possible caco when there is an alarm jump. Keep in mind that for the transmission to the CRA to be fast, the images cannot be too heavy, otherwise it would delay the process a lot.

And the latest innovation: the anti-inhibitor system, which makes the alarm invulnerable to inhibitions! Now we will talk about this last, which has many important details.

Technical characteristics

I leave below the technical characteristics published by the company itself:

Supports image transmission

LED indicators of the state of the system

Important detail: the manufacturer of this alarm is the house that sells and installs it, which personally does not inspire much confidence. I have not got any technical sheet with more details of the equipment, as well as frequency in which it works, supervision time to all alarm detectors, etc.


We have a lot of different elements to install for the alarm : volumetric presence cameras, magnetic sensors and inertial “shocksensor” (detects vibrations in door or window to make the alarm jump before), push buttons, smoke detectors, a series of IP cameras with 1080p quality, and since 10/20/2017 the ZeroVision fog team.

The fast and wireless installation (except for IP cameras that almost always wire them to the router or switch).

Monthly quota quite competitive. I cannot say an exact figure because it changes according to some unknown factor, probably due to the customer’s age, number of alarm elements and so on.

Very complete and functional smartphone application. People I know who have it are very happy with it. It allows to obtain images, activate alarm, see status, etc. They update it quite frequently.


It is a device via radio, and with transmission via 3G. That is, nothing wired and therefore vulnerable to inhibitions. For some reason they have not yet considered selling an alarm center with an ethernet connection.

Maintenance: they send you the batteries, and you do the review of the equipment by yourself. It is simply to call the indicated telephone and they put the equipment in tests. When finished they check that the equipment does not have any failure, and that’s it. I have included it in the list of cons, since it seems to me that, in the case of a security team, the maintenance and repairs should be carried out by specialized and trained personnel.

The commercial itself (or security expert who calls them) is the one who performs the installation , and if it is at the same time you sign the contract better, so you cannot think twice.

Technical service quite scarce , so if you have a breakdown, probably take a while to go to repair it. EYE: this is indicated by own experience. I hope that big communities and capitals work better.

Securitas Direct or Verisure is the manufacturer of the equipment itself. Now I explain why I have put it against: it is clear that this gives them much more profit margin, but when dealing with a company that has very aggressive and direct selling techniques (getting clients at a new cost), I get the feeling that They do not tell the whole truth about the characteristics of the team.

Sensor against inhibitors or anti-inhibitors

Security anti-inhibitor alarmSecurity anti-inhibitor alarm

The cane of Spain! This makes up for all the contras I’ve posted. It turns out that recently (a year or two ago) Verisure is installing a device that detects if your alarm is being inhibited. I copy and paste what appears on Securitas Direct’s website:

The anti-inhibitor alarm of Securitas Direct is the only security system capable of detecting the inhibition of signals and continue transmitting alerts to the Central Receiver thanks to its exclusive ATN immune network to inhibitors and exclusive to Securitas Direct. “

Security Direct is the only company that uses its own network of transmission of alarm signals, the ATN wireless network, which is impossible to inhibit.

This network is completely independent of the conventional mobile network and the fixed telephone line, so our alarm continues transmitting signals no matter what happens, although thieves saturate the mobile network, cut the telephone line and the electricity network. Our Central Receiver verifies each alert and, in case of confirmed intrusion or sabotage, immediately alerts the police and a Security guard. This is also the system of Versisure Alarm.

Explaining the anti-inhibitor sensor of Securitas DirectExplaining the anti-inhibitor sensor of Securitas Direct

So far so good, but read this description well and I will explain very briefly the reality. The anti-inhibitor device is a sensor that carries a battery and is connected to a series of antennas with ATN or Sigfox technology. It transmits the signal through an unconventional wave type that apparently is impossible or almost impossible to inhibit. But the only signal that will be transmitted to the Securitas Direct alarm center in case of inhibition is nothing more than a: signal interferences. This signal is considered a technical alarm, so you can never send the security forces with this signal.

In case of actual theft with inhibition, CRA will receive this signal, they will call you by phone, but nothing else will happen. The alarm will not transmit anything (since it is inhibited) the communication of the panel (remember that it goes by 3G, GSM and GPRS). So we are the same. We will not be able to prevent them from stealing us by inhibiting the equipment. This is the system of Versisure Alarm.

ZeroVision Alarm

Recently we did not stop listening to the radio announcement of Securitas Direct, indicating that you cannot steal what you cannot see. I have analyzed this topic in this post, but I will make here a brief summary of what it is and what it consists of. This is the system of Versisure Alarm.

What is the ZeroVision alarm?

It is still a fog team to prevent the visibility of intruders. In theory it prevents the vision of anything at all, in this way the thief has to leave if he does not want to stay blindly locked up. The equipment sends a jet of smoke towards the place that is installed, thus preventing it from seeing anything.

How does it work?

Normally the fogging equipment that I have known and installed will trigger automatically when certain conditions are created (two detectors jump, spend some time inside, for example). But in Securitas Direct they have decided to save the complications and will only jump when there is verification by image of the intruder. This, in my opinion, delays much the jump of the fog. When they want to release the smoke, the thieves will be in their house. This is the system of Versisure Alarm.


Throw smoke if it releases smoke. But as always we read the fine print before. ZeroVision is irritating, toxic, stain, dangerous for children and adults … and this I do not say, it appears in the terms of contracting the alarm.

Also, I have serious doubts that a single smoke device of this size covers enough surface to prevent vision. At least in the necessary time, cruical factor in these cases. This is the system of working Versisure Alarm.


It is one of the most installed alarms in the world. We can see advertising posters everywhere, announcements on the radio every 10 minutes … but personally I do not like it at all.

The app works well, a simple but sufficient for many cases. But it has no double means of communication, which I consider very important in 2017.

Fame also precedes them. I think they would have to do an image wash, although I do not think it’s easy. But this is another issue. These are all about Versisure Alarm.

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