5 Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers Budget

5 Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers Budget

5 Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers Budget

Wedding Flowers Budget? If you inquire with a florist, you will see that the bill climbs very quickly when it comes to blooming a wedding. Between the bouquet of the bride, the buttonholes, the bouquet of bridesmaids, the flowers for the car, the flowers for the decor of the room and tables, we can easily approach the 1000$ (and yes you read correctly In fact, in order to better understand the prices practiced by florists, it is necessary to know that they take into account two things: the type of flowers and the manpower necessary for the realization.

For weddings, we often use varieties of flowers that are expensive, which explains why a bridal bouquet easily comes back to 60/70 euros even if it seems simple. We must add to the flowers the cost of accessories (supports, ribbons, foam, sometimes sprayed products on it to stay beautiful and in place all day . In the end, to save on your wedding flowers, we must choose flowers that are cheaper, and the preparation is fast.

You can discuss this with a florist and see the possibilities according to your budget. You can also order only the flowers and prepare your own compositions. Be careful, if you do your compositions yourself, do simple things that do not require too much care or know-how. This is important advice in several ways:

You (the bride) will not have time the day before your wedding to spend hours on your flowers. The best is to ask for help from your friends or relatives. Do not plan too many bouquets or compositions to do.

Some flowers or types of compositions are fragile so you may have faded or damaged flowers on the day of your wedding. Bet on resistant flowers that will hold 1 or 2 days in a bouquet.

1. Build your own bridal bouquet:Build your own bridal bouquet

Sounds complicated and risky? In reality, it is not very difficult to make a beautiful bouquet. Bet on simplicity and you will amaze yourself! Start by identifying bouquets that appeal to you (in magazines or on the internet). Concentrate on the round bouquets that are easy enough to do. Once your bouquet is spotted, print the photo or cut it in the magazine. Then go to a florist or a specialty garden center type jardiland.

On site, try to find the different flowers that make up your bouquet. It is possible that you do not find exactly the same flowers in the same colors. Indeed, depending on the season, some flowers are more or less easy to find and therefore, more or less expensive. In these cases, ask the florist or a seller if it is possible to order these flowers.

Once these flowers ordered or purchased, you will need some accessories. First, a small pruner or pliers to cut the stems of flowers. Then you need a bouquet holder with integrated foam and water tank. This the right way to find your wedding flowers Budget.

Here is what this material looks like:Here is what this material looks like

The alysee  6pcs DIY Plastic Flower Bouquet Stand for Wedding Party  Floral Foam Holder:  See this product on Amazon

This support provides a continuous source of water to your flowers and prevents your bouquet from fading as the day progresses.

Then here is a short video that will explain how to make your bouquet:Then here is a short video that will explain how to make your bouquet:

A tip anyway: practice a minimum! Let’s say a few weeks before your wedding, order or buy in the supermarket flowers type roses, callas, ideally the type of flowers that you will use the day of your wedding. You do not need to buy a lot of flowers, but just enough to test 1 or 2 bouquets and your decorations or centerpiece. This will allow you to see if you achieve a satisfactory result or not. This is the another way to find your wedding flowers Budget.

2. Use fewer flowers:

Some brides want flowers everywhere and in large quantities on their wedding day. If this is not really your case, you can limit the amount of flowers. For example, for centerpieces, flowers are not essential. You can use candles, vases or candles with colored water, small plants or fruits. See examples here .

3. Use more foliage:

Ferns, anthurium leaves and other foliage cost less than flowers and will allow you to give volume to the bouquets. In the end, you will use little fewer flowers and you will make some small savings. This is another part of wedding flowers budget.

Looking for decor and inspiration for your low-budget wedding? Follow me on interest:

4. Use artificial flowers:

Today, we can find beautiful artificial flowers for not very expensive, for example on Amazon. They have the advantage of being reusable after the wedding. You can also mix real flowers and artificial flowers to reduce the cost of floral arrangements. This is the calculation of wedding flowers budget.

5. Use seasonal flowers:

This is one of the easiest ways to save on your flowers. Exotic or imported flowers are much more expensive.

6. Bet on a beautiful reception venue:

If you have found a beautiful place for the reception, you will not need a large amount of flowers to beautify it. mind it about wedding flowers budget.

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