Fine Toe Shoes Set Trend This Season

Fine Toe Shoes Set Trend This Season

Fine Toe Shoes Set Trend This Season

Toe Shoes? In the world of fashion we constantly review the classics to rescue them and turn them into trends every season. This fall is the turn of fine-toed shoes, and they come back with strength!

Toe ShoesToe Shoes

Do you remember those rooms so feminine and elegant that made the delights of styling between the 50s and 60s? Well, come back to the load! And is that currently in the world of fashion, the “retro” is a value in itself.

Thetip is thin but discreet, without exaggerations, not too pronounced. They change the lasts in that eternal imitation of past times, which is fashion. The truth is that the lasts of fine tip never go out of style, despite the great success of the platforms, which are obviously very comfortable and offer a great height with a lower inclination of the foot. Classic fine-tipped salons have never stopped wearing queens in the paradise of elegance.

How To

Combine Stilettos With Our ClothesCombine Stilettos With Our Clothes

The characteristic of the trends of this Autumn, is that you can wear your stiletto with a fine tip with a refined and elegant look , for a formal event, that combine it with skinny pants and give them a more casual look . In either of the two ways you will succeed and you will be most favored. This is one of the best toe shoes ever.

Stiletto model

In the photo you can see I appear wearing the model Stiletto , a very soft and comfortable suede room with a very nice heel. Ideal to give an elegant image when attending an event. I accompany it with the Iman 2 style handbag , the perfect complement to get it fixed.

But yes: in case you want to show a more modern look, what you can do is not combine shoes and matching bag. It is a matter of mixing the colors a bit, this always gives a more casual image and is very elegant but with an informal touch. This is another best toe shoes.

The mix is ​​a trend that does not go out of style, but if you want to mix colors successfully, you must be very austere with the accessories. Few jewels and beads not to overload! For otherwise we run the risk of leaving the land of elegance and achieve the opposite effect, ie vulgarity. You know, less is more!

As an example of an informal image with fine pointed shoes, here you can see the it girl  Miroslava Duma, with a simple but very effective style, in brown tones, combining skinny pants with black stilettos. And it’s perfect! As a trend point , look at the set of volumes of your clothes: big jersey, narrow pants … it is, once again, to mix to get the right proportions.And another point, combination of browns and blacks.

Two colors a priori not very attractive to combine, but that are not bad if they are used soberly.Model Globe As for the type of skin, the patent leather is a mustof this season, especially if you are going to choose your stiletto in black, and it is quite “dressed”, with a good heel. Get a black patent leather lounge in your shoe rack and you will have a wardrobe bottom piece that you will use many times. Both for an event and for a more carefree image. But, yes, with a heel! We talked last week about the wonderful lifting effect of heels on a woman’s body .In my new collection this year you can find the model  Globe , very elegant, with a very comfortable and flattering mold to the fullest. You can already make a trend this season!As you can see in the image, Princess Letizia is addicted to black patent stilettos and there are many occasions when she goes to them to accompany her models.Shoes of the princess Leticia. This is one of the best Toe Shoes.

Platforms Or Stilettos?

This will be a season in which platform shoes will coexist with halls with a fine toe. That each woman chooses what comes closest to her style, and of course, what more illusion does her! Fashion, among other things, is to have fun, enjoy it, and project our personality in each of the garments and shoes that we choose.

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