Travel Through Asturias By Car

Today we show you various routes to explore Asturias by car. This is a wonderful land, of good people and spectacular landscapes, capable of making even the coldest hearts fall in love. In fact, enjoying all its charms takes a long time, since they are very varied and beautiful.

We discovered Asturias by car

The eastern coast1. The eastern coast

An especially beautiful area to travel through Asturias by car is the eastern coast. There are three fantastic municipalities: Llanes , Colombres and Ribadesella.


The personality of these peoples is marked by the Asturian emigrants who marched to “make the Americas” years ago. His return to the homeland brought with it architecture and money that have been captured in the urban development of the area, with Indian-style houses that stand out in the coastal landscape.

In addition, the eternal blue beaches of the Cantabrian Sea that bathe these beautiful villages are a rest for the weary look of the traveler. Forget your stress and enjoy a unique landscape in Spain.

Peaks of Europe2. Peaks of Europe

We now drive to another part of Asturias that has amazed how many people have directed their steps there, the Picos de Europa. Of course, remember that it is not always comfortable or possible to arrive with the car to some of the most beautiful places.

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Peaks of Europe

Park your car once you are in the Picos de Europa and dedicate yourself to contemplate the local fauna. Vultures and eagles flying over wonderful landscapes. A view that will be able to remove the cobwebs from your soul. Take a deep breath and enjoy the picture, because there is no other like it in the world.

When you arrive in this area on your route through Asturias by car, remember to visit places as spectacular as the lakes of Covadonga . Come to the iron mines of Buferrera, Enol and Ercina, or climb up to the Ordiales viewpoint to know what is the beauty of the earth at its best.

Visit also with your vehicle Cangas de Onís , Bulnes or Tornín. When you arrive, you will see that everything we can say here is little compared to the magnificence of the area.

Gijón3. Gijón

We cannot make a route through Asturias by car and not get close to the big cities. Gijón is a land of culture and good food, industrial and economic engine of the region and heritage of all who enjoy beauty.


But, taking advantage of the fact that we are uploaded to our vehicle, we will not only close when we walk through Gijón. In this part of Asturias we can enjoy the region of Nora, which gets its name thanks to the river that crosses it.

Also centered in the Nora region, we will approach villages of undoubted charm such as Pola de Siero , crossing old roads. Or Llanera, with its spectacular cuisine to regain strength in the next leg of our trip.

Stitched Panorama4. Oviedo

We cannot leave aside the capital of Asturias, Oviedo . A stately city with a millenary history that is still exceptionally preserved in its streets and old town.


Here we discover a pre-Romanesque route to which men arrived almost in the dawn of time. You can climb the immense Mount Naranco, visit the impressive Teatro Campoamor, travel to the Valle del Oso or get closer to Teverga, where you can glimpse the Park of Prehistory, which recovers the art of the Upper Paleolithic.

Mining of Asturias5. Mining of Asturias

The mines in Asturias have forged the hard hearts of their inhabitants with a pick and hammer . Now they have left a deep mark on every person that leaves the Nalón river basin.

Next to the natural park declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco,  you can visit with your car the mining towns that gave so much wealth to the region: Ciaño, Sama de Langreo, La Nueva, Laviana or the famous Rioseco.

Villaviciosa and cider7. Villaviciosa and cider

Finally, we will not leave Asturias without approaching Villaviciosa, Nava or any of the towns that have become famous for the development of cider.

Remember that you are traveling through Asturias by car, so take just one well-poured glass. But before leaving, go to the Cider Museum in Nava and learn how the Roman Strabo talked about zythos, the ancestor of this drink of gods.

Think that traveling through Asturias by car has thousands of charms to discover. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Now it’s your turn to take your vehicle and find your favorite spots.

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