Twitter Creates Its Own Survey System

Twitter Creates Its Own Survey System

Twitter? The great ones of the technology increasingly offer more services and undertake new projects that have little or nothing to do with the type of companies that were in the beginning. It serves as an example that both Google and Apple are working on having their own vehicle. Twitter is also moving a lot in recent times and now we have learned that it is testing its own survey system.

Twitter Creates Its Own Survey SystemThe other news from Twitter


This week we learned that Instagram has exceeded in Twitter record time in terms of number of users, despite all the innovations that had included the social network in recent times such as removing the maximum number of characters, the ability to upload a video to the platform or the possibility of being able to quote the tweets.

Now comes another novelty, which is already in the testing phase, a system to create surveys.

Twitter Creates Its Own Survey SystemHow Twitter polls will work


The option can be activated directly from the message creation window, right next to the button to incorporate multimedia content. This new button will allow us to create the survey, which of course will have a vote counter and a time limit, which we still do not know if you can choose who creates the survey.

Twitter Creates Its Own Survey SystemA verified source of Twitter has confirmed to the New York Times that it is working on this issue but refused to give any other detail about it, even when you can start using.

This new way of conducting surveys may not leave the tweeters and community managers in charge of the accounts very satisfied . Until now, they used the RT system for one option or FAV for the other when they wanted to carry out a survey. In this way also achieved visibility and be retweeted easily.

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