War Of Hairstyles Of The Famous

Hairstyles Of The Famous

Hairstyles? I love to see the hairstyles of the famous and their changes in look, in the summer there are changes and around the same too. So we have to be careful to see what it is going to take, or what we should not copy, and what is best in terms of haircuts and hairstyles.

We start with the beautiful and even in the Olivia Palermo soup, always ideal, that although you do not risk a lot with your haircut, yes it does with your hairstyles. What do you like more with melenita with a lot of volume or with mane with retro waves? Normally I like the waves a lot, but I think Olivia ‘aviejan’ enough.

War Of Hairstyles Of The FamousPaula Vázquez changes the blonde for the redhead or reddish brown with which you stay? For my taste has been a success, those fuses did not favor, although we were used to them, the new color makes you younger and gives light to the face do not you think?

War Of Hairstyles Of The FamousBlanca Suarez with California wicks or with pink wicks? The truth is that they are starting to tire me out and the mechas Californian, although I love seeing them hehe, and good thing about the pink wicks no way … but she is cute that I can pass her hand.

War Of Hairstyles Of The FamousShakira with super curly hair or with waves? I love her curly hair, I do not know, it’s like the authentic Shakira although the hair with waves also looks good, although not that blond platinum, better in the first photo, a duller blonde.

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