Wave V820w: Dual Boot With Windows 10 On Your Tablet

Wave V820w: Dual Boot With Windows 10 On Your Tablet

Wave V820w: Dual Boot With Windows 10 On Your Tablet

Wave V820w

Wave V820w ? I think many of us will agree that a tablet should be halfway between a laptop and a smartphone. The possibilities and comfort of a large screen without losing the mobility of a mobile phone, Apple’s iPad achieves this purpose quite well. However both iOS and Android have always lacked a functional multi-window system, rather than Windows, Mac OS X and Linux desktop distributions have been incorporated for a long time. Luckily, the advances made by Intel in its x86 (x86_64) processors of low cost and consumption make possible the dream that many of us had of a complete Windows in a compact tablet.

Today we bring you the Onda v820w, a tablet with Dual Boot Android-Windows with a really adjusted price. It is not a unique device and we have already talked to you about several tablets like this, like the Chuwi Vi8.

Wave V820w Dual Boot With Windows 10 On Your TabletDesign and materials: Designed to be used horizontally

Personally, I’ve never been a supporter of tablets with 4/3 proportions (like the iPad and its dozens of clones). Since since the digitalization of film and television, multimedia content has been tending to the panoramic format. If you have a device with an aspect ratio of this type you will not suffer black bands or have to see the stretched content to fit the screen. Also in the case of tablets, a panoramic format is more pleasant when it comes to grabbing the device when it is landscape. That’s why I think it’s appreciated that Onda has opted for an image format in 16/10.

Regarding the materials the Wave V820w is made of plastic and can only be found in white. At first glance it might seem that its design is copied from the iPad, however. The texture of the back and certain details such as the position of the camera make its design is a bit away from the Apple tablet.

Being a tablet with Windows 10 is expected that most of its use is done with the device horizontally, supported and with the ports in use. That is why the Wave v820w has all its ports located on the top edge of the device in such a way that all cables are on one side. Something very comfortable for that type of use and that together with the idiosyncrasy of the Windows system (which tends to the panoramic) will make the position of the Wave v820w tend to be horizontal.

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As a positive detail the button in the form of Windows logo that allows us to go to the desktop in Android, or open the metro interface in Windows. As a counterpoint to the design, the horrible text of “Digital Camera” next to the rear camera, something that at first sight reduces the “seriousness” of the product.

Technical specifications of the Wave v820:

Display : 8 inches IPS, 1280 x 800 (WXGA)

Processor : Intel Bay-Trail-T Z3735F, Quad-Core CPU, 1.3GHz

GPU : Intel HD (Gen7)


Storage : 16 or 32GB expandable with a MicroSD up to 128GB

Operating Systems : Android 4.4 and Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

Rear camera : 2MPx

Front camera: 0.3MPx (VGA)

Wireless connectivity : Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS

Physical connectivity:  MicroUSB OTG, MicroHDMI and Jack 3.5mm

Sensors : Gravity sensor, Ambient light sensor

Weight : 335gr

Dimensions:  20.5 x 12.0 x 0.9 cm

Battery : 4200mAh

A hardware nothing modest that although it exceeds something just the minimum requirements of Windows 10. It is more than enough to run Android. I think it’s obvious that taking into account that the Wave V820w is a dual boot tablet the 16GB version will be really tight and I doubt that it leaves free space for almost any application. Since Windows requires 10 or 20GB (32 and 64 bits respectively). So the best option is the 32GB v820w wave accompanied by a MicroSD of at least 32GB. The memory is divided into 13GB for Windows and 6 for Android.

Wave V820w Dual Boot With Windows 10 On Your TabletThe Wave V820w has a comfortable size despite having 8 inches.

If anyone is wondering why the Wave v820w has 4.4 and not Lollipop the reason is simple. KitKat has already been used again for dual boot tablets and is proven to work well. While in lollipop has not worked in conditions with dual boot for now. So, it is not a matter of lack of  concern  on the part of the brand, but to bet on what works.

As for the processor, the Bay-Trail-T series to which the Z3735F of the Wave v820w belongs is compatible with the same sets of instructions as the processors found in laptops and desktops. On the other hand the GPU of this processor is compatible with DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0. In addition , the graphics load will be diminished because the resolution is HD , instead of FullHD.

In the multimedia aspect, the HDMI connection is appreciated, since it allows us to use the Wave v820w for presentations or as a multimedia center in a simple way. Needless to say, the Wave V820w cameras will not offer the quality of a standard smartphone but will be sufficient for Skype or other video conferencing software.

Finally, the 4200mAh battery, although it might seem somewhat scarce with an average use should be able to reach the end of the day without much trouble. We must remember that tablets consume less battery at rest than a mobile, because they do not have to maintain a connection with telephone networks (unless they have 3G). But as with the performance of the graphics, an HD resolution will reduce battery consumption.

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Onda v820w vs Chuwi Hi8

As I said, the Wave V820w is not a pioneer in including Windows and Android, a few weeks ago we talked about the Chuwi Hi8 , then compare these two good examples of tablet dual boot.

As for the design, they are similar tablets, their dimensions and design are almost identical. However, the tie disappears if you look at the materials, the metal frame and buttons on this same material of the Chuwi Hi8 make this tabletwith the name of Wookie Position yourself on a higher level.

Wave V820w Dual Boot With Windows 10 On Your TabletIf we talk about internal hardware we find more differences, and although two tablets are still very similar, the Z3735F Onda v820w has a turbo speed 310MHz lower than 2.16GHz than the Z3736F of the Chuwi. However, both processors are the same in the rest of the features as well as the GPU and the processor base speed that are the same.

Another distinguishing feature of these two tablets with Windows is the screen. The screen of the Chuwi Hi8 is FullHD (1920 × 1200) while that of the Wave v820w has a resolution of only 1280 × 800 pixels, ie HD. As I said before, a lower resolution is fewer burdens for the graphics processor and for the battery, especially in games, whether on Android or Windows.

Finally we found difference in the battery, in the external storage and in the connections. The battery of the Wave v820w is 4200mAh (although some softwares of benchmarks say that it is 5000) while that of the Chuwi Hi8 is only 4000mAh. A priori they do not seem different, but the screen will make us notice a difference in autonomy. External storage is also important because they are tablets with little space for two operating systems, in the case of the Onda the maximum is 128GB and in the Chuwi 64GB, this means that  if you want to use your tablet intensively you will end up noticing it . Finally the HDMI connection, the Hi8 lacks it while the Wave V820w does include a MicroHDMI port.

So the decision is your hand since the price difference is minimal, will depend on the use you are going to give. If the tablet is going to be used intensively, without paying special attention to the autonomy because you are going to use it at home, surely the Hi8 is the best option. Although if you use it a few hours a day, secondarily and the screen is not your priority the Wave V820w is closer to what you are looking for. The difference in processor power is not especially great, since what really marks the day-to-day performance is the processor’s base speed .

To many it throws back the Chuwi Hi8 for not having the HDMI connection and they think to use the tablet to connect it to the TV and play movies or watch football through Yomvi (or similar ones).

Opinion, availability and price of the Wave v820w

The Wave V820w is a powerful and cheap tablet with windows 10 (includes 8.1 but will be updated for free) that can be found for just under  $80 in Chinese stores. Although the screen leaves something to be desired and the processor is not the most powerful of the Intel range, it is still one of the most interesting options you can find. Do not forget that we will not find premium materials, nor a great support in Spanish or anything like that, however I think it is worth investing in a device of these characteristics at such a low price.

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