We Know Live The New BMW M550i Xdrive : Its 462 HP?

BMW M550i Xdrive

BMW M550i Xdrive? The new BMW 5 Series leaves behind any possible aesthetic, dynamic and technological complex. That could stand up to its competition to present itself to us with an air of superiority that, without a doubt. It can be allowed in this seventh generation. Leave behind in many aspects to the own saloon of representation of the Bavarian brand, The Series 7, offers a range of mechanics adapted to all tastes.  It’s infinity of equipment to make life on board much more comfortable and, above all, very much more dynamic.

After getting behind the wheel of the 530i, Steptronic Sport Line variant a couple of weeks ago. Telling about you my impressions. Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet in person the one that for now, until the arrival of the new BMW M5 will be the most spicy and extreme version We Know Live The New BMW M550i Xdriveof the Bavarian sedan, the BMW M550i xDrive. And surely you are wondering the reason why the sports division of the manufacturer has put its stamp on this model.

Is it really worth bearing the M Performance denomination? Does it fulfill its purpose or is it pure marketing?

BMW M550i xDrive

Well, let’s start from the basis of what I told you in the contact with the 530i. We are dynamically talking about an authentic revolution in the segment of the premium saloons. With a very agile cornering step, An adaptive suspension that acts to the millimeter, a lower center of gravity in the vehicle. The weight distributed in the axles is well balanced and typical of BMW. The body is highly resistant to torsion. Now add to the equation a powerful M Performance Twin Power Turbo engine that develops no less than 462 hp at 5,500 rpm and a maximum of 650 Nm of torque from just 1,800 rpm.  That stretch in a generous range of revolutions.

We Know Live The New BMW M550i XdriveThe M Performance version of the 5 Series sends its full power through a specially modified 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission, playing a key role in the dynamics of the BMW M550i xDrive. The configuration of the change modes has been adapted to the characteristics of the V8 engine.

There’s also the intelligent xDrive four-wheel drive with an M Performance configuration on its chassis. Making the models of the fastest and most agile BMW 5 Series to date. Moreover, the BMW M550i xDrive not only exceeds the current BMW M5. But also is also the first performance model M that has a motor 8 cylinder M-Performance Twin Power Turbo 4.4 liter specifically modified. This V8 unit is equipped with two twin-scroll turbochargers and has a high precision injection system, Valvetronic and much more. And beware, the soundtrack that emanates from your escapes is not wasted either.

We Know Live The New BMW M550i XdriveThe unit featured several options from the BMW Individual catalog, such as the striking exterior matte paint or the upholstery in brown leather and Alcantara.

We Know Live The New BMW M550i XdriveWith such figures, the first version of BMW M Performance of the most successful business sedan in the world is capable of covering 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds. With additionally an assisted steering with specific M responses in SPORT modes and SPORT+. The steering controls give the driver the feedback needed to read the most twisted roads, while the model breaks its fury thanks to an M sports brake kit with metallic blue brake calipers.

Aesthetically, the Adaptive M sports suspension reduces the driving height by 10 millimeters. This is combined with the standard 19-inch M alloy wheels in Cerium Gray finish or the optional 20-inch M light alloy wheels in the same finish but with different design. In addition to all this, the vehicle assembles an aerodynamic kit M that includes a rear wing M in the trunk lid, the covers of the specific exterior mirrors, a specific frame of the calender, air inlet in the front fenders and a system of M sports exhaust in black chrome.

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